How to hire a celebrity singer for wedding

How to hire a celebrity singer for wedding

Wedding singing nights are a grand affair. You need no less than a celebrity to make it a hit. If you think in the same lines then we will tell you exactly how you can get them. However remember that there are some bands and singers who wouldn’t do it at all. So you might badly want Lata Mangeshkar to do the honors but she doesn’t sing at events like these. Like here there are many celebrity singers who do not like to perform at weddings no matter how much you are willing to pay.

How to hire a celebrity singer for wedding

Apart from them, there are actually many good singers who would not just sing at your wedding but also thoroughly entertain you throughout. Having a popular singer at the wedding really completes the whole affair. Here’s a complete guide to hire a celebrity singer.

Know who’re in demand

The ones who are in demand will definitely charge higher prices. Right now Arijit Singh is the one who is the most in demand in almost all events. There is also another chance that the popular ones do not have dates for you – but we will come back to that later. In-demand actors and singers will keep changing from time to time. To know the best rates for each of them, talk to some event management company.

Know the price rates

Event management companies have a list of all the singers who are available and who are not. They will also give you a price estimate. But make sure you talk to one too many companies, compare the prices and then make an informed choice. You can also take help of the internet. Major event management companies have an online presence which will help you get a quote and an estimate with the click of your fingers. So you definitely have an advantage there.

This way you will only get an assumption of the price rates they are charging. If that is no bar for you, simply ask the agencies if they can get you in touch with the singer you are particularly asking for. Once you find out the rates, you have to make sure that you are doing this the right way, which brings us to our next point.

Book them early

Chances are that everyone has an eye on the singer you have been eyeing. Booking them early is the best way to get ahold of them. So take at least 8 months prior time and talk to the event management companies. Make sure they have signed on the dotted line. Also, there is fair chance that they will charge less for off season bookings. So the earlier you book, the more the ball rolls in your court.

Make special arrangements

There is a chance that even though you have booked the right singer for the wedding, they have arrived late or have had some disruptions while reaching you. Go the extra mile and pick them up from the airport. If you are booking via any event management company, make sure that they stay on top of it. On the day of the arrival you have to be extra cautious about the procedure so that everything goes according to plan.

Is it still hard to get a celebrity at a private event?

Many stars don’t do it because it won’t give them press. So the allure of fame going out of the equation the only other way you can get them to do it is by offering them a lot of money. This is a simple equation which will help you land your favorite singer at the party.

Another move is to hire the entire band. Sometimes celebrity signers have their own bands like Shankar Mahadevan. The small bands are hungry for exposure of any kind. Hence hiring the band along with the signer might cost you lesser than hiring the singer alone. These are tricks that will help you save cost while hiring your favorite pop-star.

Watch out for local gigs and shows

This is where you will find the right event management company to contact. Let us tell you the truth about event management companies – not all of them are as handy as they appear to be! So the best way to find out the right ones is those that have proven themselves. If any local party or event has got ahold of your favorite star, chances are, they are keeping in touch with them for the most part. For you the best move will be to hire them and talk to them about the prices.

But always begin your search by talking to your friends and family first. Know if they have any suggestions regarding the agencies. Young people, studying in colleges, might be able to help you out with this selection as their college events and functions require a lot of such arrangements too.

Will I have to break the bank?

It depends upon how popular your star is. It also depends upon their availability. If a star is a major hit like Arijit Singh then you can expect some lump sum amount to leave you. In the year 2016 Arijit Singh charged around 80 lakh rupees to attend a private event, including shows at colleges and fests. This means that it depends upon your budget.

A best way to approach is this –

  • Contact the agency with your budget and send them an official mail regarding the details of your wedding, like the date, the venue, event time, city, engagement or office party, etc.
  • Once they send you a reverse mail stating the list of choices that you have, ask them about the prospect of getting your favorite singer on the line. If he or she is already mentioned then don’t hesitate to book.
  • Before booking ask about discounts and other offers. Also verify two or more websites and options and see how assuring the chances of having your favorite singer on board sound.

As a thumb rule if you are willing to break the bank, there’s a solid chance you will get that celebrity you have been eyeing.

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