Choosing the Perfect honeymoon destinations according to zodiac signs

Choosing the Perfect honeymoon destinations according to zodiac signs

Well, the very moment a wedding is planned, the would be couple starts to dream about their holiday and honeymoon destinations. It’s true that we just love to visit different places to spend a few days and regain the energy for our daily work. And when it is about the honeymoon, nothing can be more special than that. So couples really become choosy about the different honeymoon destinations and packages. That being said, in this article we are going to show you what places are going to be perfect for your honeymoon according to your zodiac signs. Let’s have a look! They can choose their honeymoon destination in India, They can choose honeymoon destination outside India, even some of the couple tried to make hazel free stay at home honeymoon. In below you can choose your honeymoon destination  as per your zodiac sign.

Choosing the Perfect honeymoon destinations according to zodiac signs


In the 12 zodiac signs, the Aries are considered to be the super active, identical to kids. They are really very adventurous. The Aries shall not usually complain about the problems, so you can plan a trip that is full of fun, adventure, if you and your partner are both Aries. For adventure filled honeymoon, Kenya can be a perfect destination and if you are looking for a place in India, then Manali can be a really great place for fun.


The major two fundamentals of a Taurus are planning and management. They just love to plan each every detail. So, if your partner is Taurus, then don’t offer them surprises. Taurus just loves to dig on foods. And this is why Italy can be a really great place with its mouth watering dishes apart from the sightseeing. Udaipur and Bikaner can suit the best place for a Taurus in India. Please read the article how to look perfect on your honeymoon.


Gemini loves to gossip and have fun. It’s like as if they are just born to talk and engage even to strangers. They love to interact and this is why Europe can be a really aesthetic and romantic place to make your honeymoon. While if you are planning for India, then Ooty can be a great option for its botanical gardens, tea plantations and lakes.


A true Cancerian is really emotional. And they just love to make experiments with different locations. Actually they do not love to travel much because they prefer much more within the comfort zone. But if they travel at all they would like to visit the developing nations so that they can have a connection between them. Lakshadweep Islands in India or the Canary Islands in Africa will be definitely liked by the Cancerians.


The Leo just loves to travel and that too with his near and dear ones. But the choice of destinations is a bit different for the Leo. He/she always love to choose royal destinations and meet up with royal people. Class is the perfect definition for a Leo. Dubai will be a pretty obvious place for a Leo, and in India, Rajasthan is the place a Leo would like. Please read article to know how to have stress free honeymoon.


Travelling with a Virgo is just like travelling with a really compassionate friend. But the Virgo loves to learn or get in touch with something new while travelling. And this is why they are super calculative and make proper plans while travelling.  For a Virgo, Egypt is a great destination internationally and in India, Jaisalmer is an ideal location.


A Libra is a really comfortable and enjoyable personality to deal with while traveling. They really want to socialize and also a Libran is very much romantic at heart. This is why Switzerland is going to be a cool place when you are planning honeymoon destinations with Libra. And Indian, opt for Kerala as your honeymoon spot.


The scorpions are the most intense individuals. They prefer any destination with certain X factor in it. They just love to learn the language of the place, some arts style and habit of that area too. Spain is really a great choice for international honeymoon tours. And for India, Jammu and Kashmir would be a perfect spot. You can also read the article how to define your wedding date as per your sun sign and moon sign.


A Sagittarius is very much fun loving and it thrives on experimenting on new things. They want to have their own story so a package tour might not be okay with them. They can easily gel with strangers and this is why Paris is going to be a good spot. And within India, Lonavala can be a really great choice.


A Capricorn is really punctual about his/her works. Before planning for a trip, you need to make sure that your partner has finished all their pending works. Otherwise you will find him/her thinking about the pending tasks throughout the trip. If the place has any historical background, the Capricorn would find it the most interesting. Thus, you can opt for the places like Thailand. And in India, Rishikesh, Kovalam and Kerala can be a really good choice.


They are sent by god to enjoy life to the fullest. They don’t wait for you to join them; they would set out on their own for the party. They would put on the best outfit, and walk straightaway into a party. They want to have a partner that does all the planning for them. On an international level, you can opt for Prague and on an Indian map, you can go for Goa. Just the perfect place for the Indians to party hard.


They are the most secretive but one of the most sincere sun signs. Pisces just love to travel to different locations that have a romantic touch on them. They might apparently seem really quiet from their personalities but they really have an intense nature. And this is why while travelling with them you need to have a great deal of patience and trust. Venice is a great location that Pisces are going to enjoy and Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India with its killer beauty are the perfect options.

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So here are these honeymoon destinations that matches perfectly with the different sun signs, hope you guys have enjoyed the article. Spread the love by sharing this article with your friends as much as you can!

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A tabular overview about the travelling habits of Zodiac signs

SL NO Zodiac Signs Types of tours they love to make
1. Aries Places with lots of people and companions
2. Taurus Travels slowly and enjoys the experiences
3. Gemini All around the globe
4. Cancer Trip with family
5. Leo Be the centre of attraction while travelling
6. Virgo The organizer
7. Libra The balance creator in the trip
8. Scorpio Locations off the radar
9. Sagittarius Looks for a deeper meaning of life
10. Capricorn An achiever
11. Aquarius Non planner
12. Pisces Loves to visit peaceful places

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