How to choose an engagement ring for a girl or a boy

How to choose an engagement ring for a girl or a boy

Hmmm! so, you want to “put a ring on it”, huh? Been listening to too much Beyonce? Just kidding. But I bet choosing the perfect ring for your partner is not a joke. You want to make it perfect and the best day of their life. It is like you want to make their dream come true through you. Well, this article might just be what you needed. If not all, it will definitely give you a heads up before you go shopping for the ring.



Feelings matter more than any thing

One thing you have to understand is no matter how expensive or inexpensive the gift may be the most important thing is the feeling behind it. I mean, if I want a ring even I can save up and buy myself a ring, but that would not mean much to me. Since, I buy my grocery too. Obviously, a potato I buy myself will mean much less than if the love of my life buys it for me, what say? Okay, I know that was lame. Any who coming back to the point, just be brave and confident about the ring. Your confidence will have a reciprocal effect on your partner, trust me. And, if he/she is truly the one, they will love it no matter what.

Keep it a secret

If you really want it to work, KEEP IT A SECRET! Things like this become naturally awesome when you are least expecting it, but you want it the most. So you want to keep your partner thinking and even over thinking. To be honest, just let them think you will never buy one (sounds sadistic? Actually, it doesn’t), and when they have almost lost the hope, present the ring. Your partner would love it more than anything. Take my word for it.

Take your time

Never rush, never! If you are planning to present the ring or pop the question (which is probably why you are buying it in the first place) on a national holiday or on Valentine’s Day or their birthday or any other special day, but you don’t have the ring ready, do not rush. Do not fret if you cannot present the ring on that very day, since the ring itself is special enough to make any regular day the most special day of your partner’s life. Sounds like a deal? Hell yeah.

The budget

This is thing a bride can forget to budget for.So now we come to the real deal, the budget. Okay, so, the very first thing you have to keep in mind is the money. Some would suggest you go for installment plan rather than lump sum. Since generally the rings are expensive and you may not be able to afford it in one goal, it is a reasonable option. But I am here to give you some buddy advice, so I would say you do not go for any installment plan, at all.

Normally what the installment plan tries to do is not serve you but it self. So even though it may seem appealing to the buyer when it says “pay only 1000 rs. as down payment and pay the rest over a time period of so and so” it is not! These companies would ask for as less as 1000 – 1500 rs. as down payment and increase the installment period for over 2 – 2.5 years, and you will basically end up paying double the amount the ring actually costs. Which leads us to the conclusion that even if you have to go through the pain of saving out of your meagre salary, just do it. It will take you longer but trust me it will be worth it. In addition, look out for the sales girls and boys. They are always an added advantage.

Girls: we already have one eye on the sale. So you are good there.

Boys: you need to make an extra effort if you want to save some of those extra bucks.

The size

Alright, so of course you will not go buy the ring without even knowing the size of the finger of partner. Well, like we have already established, keep it secret and go, I assume you probably would follow it. So how do we know the size?

Girl: as for a girl, the guy’s job would be easy. He can just keep a close watch on which ring his girlfriend wears often and when she is out or not around take it to the jeweler and get the right size.

Boy: now for the girl, getting the right size would be a bit difficult, but do not worry, I have a solution, print off one of those size guides (its available all over the internet) and size him up when he is asleep. Just remember, keep it secret.

The stone

Looks like we have come a long way on the planning, we are on the stone selection, yay.

Girl: let’s face it, us girls definitely like big stones, or do we not? Make sure you do not go out of your budget trying to get the biggest stone. The right cut can make even a small stone look bigger and brighter. Also, it is not necessary you pick only diamond; zircon could be a great alternative. If you are into colors you can even pick sapphire, opal or emerald, the list goes on.

Boy: guys you should stick to smaller stones. I mean, a guy rocking an 18 carrot stone, walking around town will NOT look cool. So you do not even want to think about that, the smaller, the decent, the better.

The 4 C’s (exclusive to diamonds)

The 4 c’s are a universal thing. You have to look at each one both while choosing for a girl and/or a guy. What does the 4 c’s mean? Let’s see:

Carrot: weight of the diamond

Cut: the reflective property of diamond

Color: color of the diamond or the lack of it, as we like, the lighter the better

Clarity: amount of inclusion that occur naturally within the stone and how visible they are to the naked eye

You want to keep all these factors and not just one of them. This is what the rarity of a diamond is based on

The Metal:

Moving on, we have the metal. Well there are two popular metals, one is white gold and the other is Platinum. Since platinum is pure metal, it will scratch easily and quickly, but will not lose its color. As for white gold, it will not scratch easily, however, it might lose its color over time. Moreover, in our part of the world we have an inclination for yellow gold, so you can have that option too.

Girls: for girls all three the above mentioned options are open. So boys, feel free to buy whichever metal you like for her.

Boys: Sorry boys, you can have whatever metal you like, but honestly do not go even close to yellow gold. Girls, we agree white is for men, yea. So, buy only that.

The insurance:

So, we come to the last and the most important step i.e. the insurance. Well you are investing into something that is eating up a lot of your savings. So you obviously do not want to lose it. In that case, be wise and get it covered before you lose it in the sink or the toilet or taken away by an apocalypse.

You can also follow the link to know how to plan a luxurious wedding with unexpectedly small budget.

Let’s sum it all up

Keep it a secret boys We believe in surprises
Do not rush Do not rush
Do not go over the budget – look out for sales Do not go over the budget – we are big on sales
Size is exclusive Size is exclusive
Small stone usually colorless Go big and play with colors
White on white is appreciated for the boys Color on white and yellow metal, both would work
Get it insured, you might lose it during gardening Get it insured before it hits the sink while doing the dishes

Last but not the least, feelings always comes first. Even if your partner could not get you as big a diamond as Kim Kardashian, you should be alright and love him for his love for you, because true love is richest than all the riches.

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