How to choose right lighting designer for weddings

How to choose right lighting designer for weddings

Weddings are one of the most important and memorable events in one’s entire life time. It comes once in a life time. So it is very important to make it special and to have a perfect wedding without any flaws. The lights, the catering, the wedding theme, etc. all sum up to a successful wedding reception or a wedding party. These memories will remain forever and one will cherish them. So it is very important to go through every detail and leave no stones unturned in putting up a grand wedding party. The lighting designers play a very important role in doing the lights for the wedding party. So to choose the right lighting designer is a major task.

How to choose right lighting designer for weddings

  • Make your mind at first what theme you want in your wedding: First of all, as it is your wedding or wedding of your loved one, there are always some priorities on how the wedding is going to be. Whether it is going to be a beach wedding or an outdoor affair in the garden. Or the wedding will take place in an indoor grand hall. One must make up the mind, what type of wedding party they want. So after making one’s mind clear, then only next steps of hiring wedding experts for lighting or decoration are to be done. Please follow the link to know more about different wedding themes to make your wedding awesome.
  • Look for a professional lighting designer for wedding: Wedding is a onetime affair which is to be cherished for lifetime. So you do not want to ruin it by handing over the tasks of lighting and decoration to some rookie. It is very important in the first place to hire a professional expert who has some field experience in doing the lights of some weddings. A grand wedding reception is never going to happen without an experienced lighting designer with years of skills. The professional ones would first listen to your views and requirements and respect your ideas before doing any implementation. They will perform according to your desire as will elaborate the entire design for your approval.
  • Hire the lighting designers who are updated with latest technologies: The lighting technology for event parties like marriage reception is developing day by day. Daily, several new technologies are coming in the market and replacing the old technologies. So make sure that the lighting professional you hire is aware of the latest market technologies and trends in the lighting department. You do not want your marriage being illuminated with pale looking old technologies whereas we have bright LED light and other new technologies in the market. Also there are several other illumination technologies available in the market, which your hired lighting designer must be aware of.
  • Asking the wedding manager for lighting designers: The person who has all sorts of contacts right from a good florist to a caterer or even a lighting designer is none other than your wedding planner.It is also important to choose right wedding planner. They work with various lighting designers in several weddings here and there. So they have a set of good recommendations ready for you that will solve your requirements for lighting department of your wedding. You can talk to them and ask for the contact details of the lighting designers. Or you can also tell them to arrange a meeting with the lighting designers. After all, they are going to work together. So proper co-ordination among the event management team and the lighting designer is a must.
  • Getting family reviews on lighting designers is very important: Marriage is a family affair. Then why not taking some help while hiring a lighting designer for your wedding. There have been several marriages in the past in your own family. So it is very important to discuss the matter of hiring a lighting designer for your wedding with your family members. They might have some sources or recommendations about the best lighting designers for wedding in the city. They have vast experiences in these fields. The family members will also get involved in this process of event management for marriage which is very good.
  • Choose the right lighting designer by asking your friends or neighbors: Friends as well as neighbors can be very helpful when you are going to select the best lighting designer to be hired for your wedding. You do not want your wedding party to be organized by a rookie and inexperienced lighting designer. So it is better to take expert reviews and all sorts of information about all the lighting designer operation in your town or nearby towns. Friends understand your feelings well than anybody. So why not involve your best friends in the process of finding and appointing a good and skillful lighting designer who will do the lighting works for your wedding and make it memorable.
  • Internet and social media can be a place to find lighting designer for wedding: Internet is a good source of looking for some professionals in lighting design who does wedding parties. Many reputed agencies have opened up their own websites which carries database of their previous works, their expert ideas, their designing rates, etc. They also have numerous latest themes and ideas to choose from. They provide their services through internet so that they can reach to customers not only from local areas but also other states. One can easily put queries about their requirements and fix a meeting anytime.
  • Set the budget at first for lighting: Wedding is always a costly affair. To put up a grand wedding, one has to spend all the savings he / she have done so far. So, every aspect of wedding comes for a hefty price tag. Be it elegant lighting, or booking charges for the reception hall or florist charges or catering costs. So know your budget at first before going to a lighting designer. Because in general these are the things a planner forget to budget for.A professional designer will always ask for your budget and then will offer you his ideas within your budget. So it is very necessary to strike the right chord and get a feasible deal from your lighting designer for your wedding.
  • Co – ordinate with your lighting designer: After you have decided your lighting designer for your wedding, there must be coordination in work between you and the designer. Remember, it is your wedding. So you must be the one whose dreams and desires are to be fulfilled at first. No compromise must be done as wedding is a onetime affair and will be cherished by the couple for life time. Before implementing a particular design, you must visit the place of wedding along with your lighting designer so that you can discuss about the lighting elements, room features, lighting fixtures, etc.
  • Make sure the lighting designer is not overwhelming the event: Your wedding reception party has a selected theme. And the lighting is just a prop to make soothing to the eye. The lighting must go as per the theme requirement and over enthusiastic lighting is a strict no-no. Your wedding party must not turn up to a laser light show or just a UFO party. The main aim to hire a lighting designer is to amaze the guests and to blend in with the space or the décor.

Some Lighting techniques used in wedding these days:

Sl. No. Lighting techniques Working idea
1 Gobo This results a lighting projection on the wall or on the floor. The projection may be some writing or a sign.
2 Pin Spot Dimming the overall lights and putting focus on to special areas like wedding cake, flowers, wine, etc.
3 LED Newest in technology where by putting one single light, one gets different colors.
4 Color wash Gives a dramatic effect by bathing an entire wall or ceiling with a specific color.
5 Up lighting The projection of lighting columns upwards through the pillars of the walls.

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