How to choose the right photographer for your wedding

How to choose the right photographer for your wedding

Shadi a.k.a celebration, right? Of course it is, but the most unfortunate thing about wedding is that it is only one day. Well in Indian context, may be a few more days, but still, it ends anyway. I this case what is your best deal? Well, fortunately we have someone called “Zee Photographer”. Uhmm *nods head*, the right photographer can make you re-live those precious moments of you life all over again. Even a single photo can take you back to the happiest day of your life. From pre wedding shoots to vidaai everything depends upon the right photographer. The is among the common problems happen during wedding.

Now that we have established how absolutely important it is to have the photographer, make sure you pick the best one. Worrying how to find one? Do not fret, this article help you exactly with that. Things to keep in mind.

How to choose right photographer for your wedding



consider what you will be left with after the big day is over. a research has shown that one of the regrets that married couples have is that they wished they had spent more money on their wedding photographer. Which is why, photography is that one thing that you most definitely want to spend graciously. so set aside some good bucks particularly for this.


The very first thing that you need to know is your style. if you know it, you have pretty much short listed your list by half, which is great! It saves both your energy and your time. knowing your style will help you sift through the options. in case you do not know what style, use the internet for style recommendations. there are plenty of amazing websites out there.


unlike most of the wedding features, photography is one that you will only truly see once the wedding is over. That means a lot of prior research and wading through a whole bunch of prospective photographers, before you find the right one. The best photographers book their schedule way ahead, which means if you do not search asap, chances are you will not get your hands at your favorite photographer.


one great way to locate the best photographer is to ask your friends and family who have recently gotten married. Good photographers have a reputation which means they are well known and getting in touch won’t be an issue. Go to their Facebook page or website if they have one, read the reviews, but most of all, be the judge yourself, look at the pictures and judge if you would like them to cover your wedding or not. Remember, a popularly known photographer does not necessarily mean that they are the best for you, so never seal the deal in a hurry.


once you have picked up your favorite style, browsed through dozens and dozens of websites and have made a list of potential photographers, it is time to sift. keep in mind what you want and what they offer and eliminate anyone who does not fit.


this step will help further short list your list. you can have interviews with your potential photographer to reach at the final decision. You can discuss fees and packages that they offer, in detail. see if they are available on your day. in case they are not would their assistant be able to cover or if they can recommend another photographer with similar style and a lighter schedule. moreover, use the interview to the best of your ability, discuss every possible details. Or make aa list of the questions you may want to ask.


do not base your decision only on what you see on a photographers page or website. look for full portfolios. our potential photographer will bring along some or you can ask him/her to. this will give you an idea of what your own wedding portfolio would look like. this would also give an insight into their editing and/or Photoshop techniques. You must also have to check how creative wedding album they have made in past.


Professional wedding photography means that the photographer has been to a bunch of weddings and has basically become drained of those emotions. however, empathy is the key. some of the best photographs come from photographer who understand the significance of the moment for the couple. this may not be the first thing you should look while finding a photographer but should definitely be one of them. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice, since they will be shadowing your every move in order to get organic and natural pictures. this is also why it is recommendable to not hire family, since most of us are not so comfortable getting all cozy with our partner in front of them.


This is the key. Never go for amateur photographers just because they are cheaper. Remember cheap photography also means less professionalism and in some cases, not so great pictures. Always opt for season photographer with solid experience.

you can find out how many weddings your photographer has covered during the interview. they may have been photographer for a long time but may have only been doing weddings for a year, and you do not want to risk your wedding like that. remember, wedding photography is very different from other forms of photography.

Moreover, a professional photographer has it all covered. a true professional has it all covered right form the way they take photos to how they present it to you. So never compromise on this important step.


Many big photo studios have more than one photographers and unless you specify, the lead photographer may not be available. So make sure you know exactly who you are paying for. Every photographer has his/her own style, so make sure to ask for the photographer who you interviewed.


ask your photographer if you should have another photographer covering the wedding. it can be a good idea to give a different perspective. some of the top photographers have their own assistants as second shooters, but if it is not part of the deal you may ask for one. then main benefit of this is that you will get twice the coverage. When one of the photographer is busy taking pictures of you, the other can capture the rest of the family and guests.


now that you have met with a number of photographers and know their packages etc. you are in a better place to compare the packages and choose the best one. however, it is difficult to point out the exact difference in the amount until you know exactly how many albums and portraits you want and where your photographers are based. of course it will cost you more if you are bringing a photographer from out of town. some photographers have set ranges other charge for individual services. also, ask how many hours will they spend with you. last but not the least, do not forget to ask when should you expect to get the pictures back.


Now that you have a photographer, make sure to have them visit your venue beforehand. Make them have a good look at it and find out potential spots that could be used for taking pictures. Please follow the link to know how to choose the right venue for wedding.


it is a nice gesture to tip your photographer, but it is okay if you cannot. you have already invested a great deal of money into photography so if you cannot go further ahead, trust me, it is totally all right. on top your photographer is not expecting it anyway. So you are good.


ask you photographer if they can schedule a test run. since most of us are concerned whether we are going to look good in our wedding photos or not, a test run would be a great idea. an engagement shoot is always a good idea. this will help you get to know your photographer and help you get comfortable before the final shoot.


Many of us skip this step, but it should absolutely be one of your last parameters in choosing the perfect photography for your wedding. It is this step that separates an amateur photographer from a professional one. it usually takes months for the photographer to come up with finished images. in this whole process you can ask the photographer for editing details or any custom touch up that you may want. Some will offer to create beautiful albums and even custom and digital painted backdrops while other will hand you out the pictures as they were taken. to make sure you have the best outcome, participate in this very important step.


Having checked everything on your list and gone through the legal details, feel free to sign the contract.

This is one of the major thing a wedding planner forget to budget for.

In retrospect

Choose within your range go for someone totally out of your range, just because someone suggested
know your personal style. it is okay if it is not so contemporary., tryst me, you will hit a dab with it

plan good 6 months before


again, listen to your gut. do not choose a style just because everyone is doing it. Listen to your gut
plan good 6 months before it is okay I will plan it. there is still 2 weeks to the wedding
put all your energies into your search for the best photographer book the first photographer you get your hands on
how seriously they take their job is the key Don’t worry if they call themselves a photographer, they can do it. do not waste your energies here
compare prices to get the best deal who cares. I’m getting a photographer that is all there is.
visit the venue to be able to locate great spots it is okay we will find them in the day, what is the rush?
Test run if you can what is the rush. all is well.

Following these steps will definitely get you the best photographer. Make sure after all this effort you fel right about your choice.

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