How to look perfect on your honeymoon?

How to look perfect on your honeymoon?

Well!!!! You are going outside India for your honeymoon. After the humdrum affair of a wedding, the couple is tired and seeking some solace. The bride has the pressures of making it the perfecting honeymoon for both of them. You have to keep looking stunning. This is one of the things that you must worry about right from the time you are told about your wedding. Honeymoon comes much later, at first you will have to look like the perfect bride. But tell you what, once you start with that journey, it is much easier to get into the perfect look for your honeymoon too. One of the biggest things that concern brides during these is that they will not be able to find the right element to make they look flawless. We say, if you stress about it, you lose a bit of glow already. So, Let’s find a stress free way of doing it, shall we? It is imporantant to know how to plan stress free honeymoon. After all, half the glow is going to come forth by staying cheerful and enjoy with your new hubby. Make him have fun too and look your best. This is what you can do to look better

How to look perfect on your honeymoon?

  1. Stay toned
    Yes, stay toned. Don’t cut back on the exercises now that the ceremony is over. Hit the gym ad stay in shape. Remember that you can gain weight very easily after you have married – like most women do, because they stop talking care of their bodies post marriage. Don’t become one of those brides and stay in shape – for your hubby, if not for yourself. Also, you need to stay in shape to carry off that garment that you bought for your honeymoon. So don’t forget that and ensure that you are hitting the treadmill. Please read an article to know the things a bride must eat before her wedding.
  2. Stay minimal
    To keep it real after your wedding you will have to go minimal. This means staying on less make up and wearing nude shades, etc. it is therefore extremely essential to keep a clear skin, especially since you have eaten so much oil and sweets on your wedding. Go on cleanse. It will not just keep your skin glowing, but will also aid you in keeping the weight off. Also, staying minimal after the bright and peppy wedding will be a fresh welcome for both you and your hubby. Give your skin some time to breathe. Your hubby’s compliments will keep pouring forth.
  3. Go smokey eyes
    The smokey eyes look very sultry on a new bride. Wear them on quiet evenings and after returning from office. You can also go with a bold shade of lipstick that suits your skin tone. The nude lips don’t suit every woman and that is where you have to draw the line between minimal and attractive. While it is okay to spend some extra time when you are going out for a romantic dinner, make sure that you are the coolest bride with the most naturally beautiful looks. He will be won over all the way. Trust us!
  4. Plan your wardrobe cautiously
    You know you are on your honeymoon and you have chosen the location quite carefully. You can choose to wear keeping the mood and ambience of the holiday location. You can wear shorts and flowing dresses – that make you look like a sensuous Goddess, if you are planning to visit a beach. You can also choose to wear something very light in fabric when you are at home. The night wear is very specific and is all that you will need to dazzle your husband, so choose that with care. You know what he likes best.Please read the article to know what can be the different dresses a bride can wear on her wedding.
  5. Maintain core hygiene
    Maintain core hygiene by putting up different sorts of clothes. Even if you are wearing the best of clothes it will not stick up if your hygiene quotient is not up to the mark. It is quite natural to get a bit lazy, but pull yourself up and ensure that you are taking extra care of your hygiene now. Your bodies are mingling and there is going to be a good share of bacteria, scientifically speaking. So extra care needs to be taken now to maintain a good physical health.
  6. Surprise him
    Make sure that he sees a side of your that you have never shown him before. For doing this you will have to heavily rely on your wardrobe. You can notice what you usually wear and then try something totally new but yet sensuous. Yes, as you might have already guessed, sensuous is the key here.
  7. Don’t underestimate the power of a good perfume
    Wear a really attractive perfume. Men have heightened sense of smell. Make a good use of it to your favor and put on an irresistible perfume that will lure your hubby out of the hiding and make him notice you immediately.

Wherever you go whatever you do but it is very important to have stress free honeymoon.These tips are also applicable if you plan stay at home honeymoon. Please follow the link if you want to plan your honeymoon in India.

Simple beauty regimen for honeymoon

Let’s face it – during your honeymoon you will neither have the time nor the energy to go on one beauty regimen. After the drill that is the wedding, you may really want some spare time from taking care of that glow. But you do have to look good. That is the deal. You will have to find the right balance between beauty regimen and having fun on your honeymoon.

This is why we have brought some easy tips that any new bride can follow. Beauty rituals to get an effective glow on your honeymoon are as follows:

  • Body toner: Tone the skin of your body too. Just like your face, your body needs you now – more than ever. Make sure that you have got the chemical quotient right by getting the pH level leveled. It is safe to assume that you will b visiting different places that might be little harsh on your skin and might cause the pH level fluctuations. So tone your body. This is among one of those things a bride must carry in her emergency kit.
  • Moisturize: Moisturizer is your best friend when you are on your honeymoon. Keep a facial moisturizer and a body lotion with you when you are traveling. It will give you that natural glow and keep things looking fresh.
  • Drink enough fluids: Drink water enough. Not drinking water could make your skin go pale and dry. Don’t let that happen – at least not on your honeymoon. To ensure a great skin, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. You will be able to see the results instantly.
  • Get your beauty sleep: Ok this might be a tough one – but do try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day even on your honeymoon. Your face will look pale otherwise – also you will look tired on those pictures you will post. So get enough sleep.

Finally, just let go. It is your honeymoon – the perfect time to bond with your mate right after your big day. So if you have taken stress during those last day rituals, now is the time to unwind. Remember, that the biggest gift you can give to yourself and your hubby is quality time. Also, if you feel happy from within, you are going to look beautiful too. Si just let go and enjoy these days of your honeymoon. It is your first!

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