How to make your Wedding Entertaining Without Music

How to make your wedding entertaining without music

Alright, so we all are big on having the perfect wedding, but sometimes, it feels like we have had enough, one of the first thing that a lot of people want to straight away cut from their wedding is music. I have to say it is not very common unless you are kind of little abnormal or an elderly couple. Lol. Just kidding.

But yes, even if you are low on budget you might want to cut down the DJ part. So in that case what could be your best deal? Don’t worry, following are some of the things you could possibly do to cover up for the music and even if you would not want music at all, this would still be a great help. How cool is that! This is something a planner forget to budget for.

How to make your Wedding Entertaining Without Music


Outdoor wedding like if wedding has been planned in farm houses or especially arranged at a scenic spot can prove to be a good way to divert the attention from the music part.  Your guests will have a lot more to enjoy and the beauty of the scene or just the open air event itself would set the mood. Plus when the guests will have each other to talk to music will go unnoticed.


An outdoor plus day wedding is all you need to cover up the music vacuum. If it is beautiful spot, the day light will enable the guests to view it all and no one would complain about music. Plus, who would want to hit the floor in daylight anyway.


This may not fulfill the traditional Indian wedding plan, but I cannot stress enough how important this one is. Away from the eating area or the sitting area, create a “hang-out” space where guests can mingle after dinner. I mean think about when you host a dinner party at home, you do not sit around the table after you finish eating. Everybody kind of mixes around, change places; some sit, some stand, some would go to the lounge etc. Make your wedding the same.


If you are planning on an outdoor wedding, you can totally skip this step, if no then keep reading. Keep the arrangement of the wedding lose romantic one rather than more of a night club. Keep the lighting to soothing pastels instead f harsh neon lasers and disco balls (kind of reminds me of mehndi or Sangeet function, but who cares we are talking about the ultimate day). Please read the article to know how to choose right lighting designer for weddings.


If you want to keep the guests engaged and not want them to miss the music, arrange for your catering staff to bring out the trays of appetizers like nachos, French fries or even pan. You could even serve fresh drinks or margaritas. If you stick low-key food like this your guests would wish the party never ends. But still there are some do’s and don’t of serving drinks.


Almost all of us like to have our own touch to our food and the amount of masala. Of course the caterers would not put the entire red chili powder packet in the biryani just because you like it hot. In this case, what could be better than a chance to put together your own food? I mean you cannot take part in live biryani cooking, but you can definitely put food options in the menu that the guests can put together for themselves. Pasta or salad bar can be a great choice for customized food however, if that is a little out of your theme, pan bar never goes out of Indian wedding trend. Please read the article to know how to use vegetables for decor.


Plan out different activities thorough out the wedding to keep your guests engaged. Although mehndi is impossible without music, have your girls get mehndi tattooes or make flower jewelry etc. brainstorm on similar ideas so the guests would not even notice the music. You can keep your guest dancing all night without music by playing dum sharaj.


Nothing stops a party faster than guests heading for the door early. To keep this from happening and to make your wedding fun, you and your partner can sing a song or end the wedding with fire work show or light hot lanterns et. Just figure out what you enjoy and what would make your big day truly memorable (a little dance routine with some music won’t hurt either *whispers and winks*). Please follow the link to know how to make perfect end of your wedding day.


Have your friends and family put on a show. Prepare special wedding songs to sing. To give it the perfect Indian blend, play antakshree. Boys and girls could have team of their own and can compete. This would most definitely fill in for the DJ and will be way more fun.


Toasts can be fun and emotional and loved by all of us; after all we all want to know the unknown facts about the bride and the groom. If you do not have music, well now worries, we have toasts. However, make sure you do not keep it too long, toasts may be wonderful, it is still about quality over quantity, so keep it short!


This is a de-brainer, but hey, we cannot overlook it. Well-thought-out seating arrangement leads to great conversations and thus a lot of fun. Sit your school basket ball buddies with college athletes and so on. This is also a perfect way to hook your best friend with one of your husband’s friends or a cousin or anyone you want to. All in all, this is a winner.


Now this one might come as surprise, but let’s face it, if you take the music away, we ARE left with games. And honestly it is not such a bad idea. You can have Frisbee for guys, nail art booth for girls. For kids you could have face painting, bubbles, coloring books and a nanny etc.


The bride and the groom could try to have part of their photo session at the venue, if not all. This would give the friends and family a chance to stay engaged too. A photo booth and props would be the perfect way to make it even more fun and creative. This will also help you to make your wedding album creative.


Have a flashback session, where you show your guests the crazy photos of when you were kids (naked childhood photos work the best) and photos you took together may be at your engagement or at dates. If your friends are smart they should make a lovely video of the couple and show it to the audience. Trust me; this will give that edge to your wedding that you secretly wished for.

Outdoor wedding will help divert the attention from music Serve appetizers throughout the night Activities to engage your guests, mehndi, nail art, flower crafts etc
Day wedding again will help in the purpose Keep an interactive food station, ever heard of making your own sub? Give your guests not just literally tying the knot, but something they would to remember, paper lanterns, fireworks etc. would be a great way to go
Create lounge area for hanging out after dinner and even before Serve a lavish dinner so all they remember is food and not the missing music Entertain your guests by singing songs, showing little dance moves or even playing antakshree
Keep the lighting non-disco to avoid dance vibes Thank you and emotional thoughts are lovely but sometimes boring; it can be great to cover up for music but do not make it too long
Seating arrangement should be done thoughtfully as this will be a great way to trigger those juicy conversations and, to hook up who you want to hook up! Games never get old; give your guests something to remember if they cannot dance.
Photo booth is a must!
My favorite part, play the flash back card and share your moments with your loved ones

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