How to plan a luxurious wedding with an unexpectedly small budget

How to plan a luxurious wedding with an unexpectedly small budget

When an industry becomes as huge as $50 billion, one should know it is the real deal. Guessing what industry it might be? Well, it is our very own big fat Indian wedding. Unlike many international cultures, our desi Indian wedding is much more pompous and over-the-top. Prolonging over at least a week, the celebrations are something to look forward to. Right from days of sangeet to haldi, from mehndi to the wedding day, all the way to the reception is a carnival in itself. Please follow the link to know the best mehndi artist of your town.

Having all these occasions may seem fun initially, but can all of us afford it – is a million dollar question. Nevertheless, this article aims precisely to help you plan your dream wedding within an unexpectedly reasonable budget. How cool is that?


A huge chunk of your budget will be wasted yes wasted, if you go for a five star hotel. However, if you hold the wedding at your house given there is enough space, will be warm and fun. If that is not an option then maybe at a relative’s place. Both ways you will be able to save a lot of money and use it for something else that would make your wedding perfect.  You can also consider an open space; provided it comes with wedding service or else except for the space everything will be expensive. Please follow the link to know what are things you need to consider before selecting the wedding venue.

Indians are foodies. So if you intend for people to remember a wedding, it should be your wedding and the way to it is food. Instead of going over the board without down playing it, have an exotic vegetarian only menu. This would help you save a lot of money. Make sure there are a lot of paneer dishes on the menu. So instead of having one or two chicken dishes, cater the guests with a number of vegetarian delicacies. If you still think non-veg needs to be served, limit them to appetizer or cocktail hour instead of the main course.

If the guest list is sizeable, try preparing the food at home or have a family member who is into the business do it. It will most definitely save you a lot of money. If these are not the options, hire some desi cooks and have them prep the menu at home.

Drinks are an important part of any Indian wedding, and it is also one of the things that can give a major blow to your budget. Here is how you can save yourself from it. Try not to serve alcohol at the pre – wedding celebrations, say sangeet and mehndi. Keep it only to the actual wedding day. There are some do’s and don’t while serving the drinks.

Make sure you ask your guests to RSVP every single person coming to the wedding. So you can plan accordingly. However we cannot ignore the fact that it is an Indian wedding, so have a backup ready, be it food, extra seating arrangements etc. Please follow the link to know how to decide the number of guest to send invites.

Try DIY where possible. The decoration department is definitely where you could use it. The ritual of friends of the groom making the ‘saij’ is not a new one, so why not take it another level. Your friends and family will feel happy and accomplished to help plan your wedding. So make as much out of it as you can. The centerpieces, the stage background and the photo booth, all can be covered. Please follow the link to know the different themes for wedding.

DIY your invitations and/or thank- you notes. You can get super creative with them. Plus the bucks you will save will make it worth it. Again there are do’s and don’t before finalize the invitation card

Indian people have literally herds of extended family, which means you have a lot of cousins. So just put them in charge of the music. Trust me the DJ does not play instruments himself sitting behind his table. Just get the stereo you use at home or ask a friend to lend it ask and blast your favorite Bollywood music and keep them dancing all night.

Hmmmm!!!! Very important part of wedding. There are several dresses a bride can wear on her wedding. Now that you have saved some good money, you can invest it into your dress. However, spending way too much on a dress you will only wear for a day or for a few hours, for that matter, spending too much is silly. You can even rent it.The best deal you can thus have is to buy your dress off season. If you buy the dress just a few weeks before your big day, you will end up paying double. So buy at least 6 months ahead. Even best way is to have your mom’s wedding dress as your wedding dress. Just get it altered add a little modern embellishments, and bam you are good to go. It is the warmest way to go about it (heads up: may be difficult if you have a sister). On the other hand, If you have a favorite designer buy the dress after the new collection is out. It would be cheaper and the new designs will not be too different, anyway. Another good option is renting a dress. Even though the trend is not so big in India, you could still find a few places in your town that do it. Keep your search steady.

Dolling up is hands down the most loved part of the wedding. The top-notch makeup artists tend to raise their prices during the wedding season, but you can always look for their packages or hire an artist that can visit you at your place. It is way more convenient and most of all cheaper than the salon. Moreover, look for a friend who has the expertise. The 21st century is big on makeup, so chances are you will find someone who could help you.


People might suggest you to go for a low-key photographer or have a friend or a cousin cover the wedding, since almost everyone has a DSLR nowadays. But hold on, the only thing you are actually going to have after the event is over, is the photos and the videos. So please, do not hesitate to spend a little extra on this absolutely important aspect of your wedding. Ask for suggestions from friends and family for recommendations, keep your own research on and chances are you will find a good photographer. But since our job is to help you cut down the cost, I suggest you do some barter trade. Offer advertising in return for some discount. Trust me there is nothing wrong in trying. Please follow the link to know how to choose the right photographer for your wedding.

If you do not know what we are talking about, go ahead and watch ‘dawat e ishq’. Say no dowry. It is the best way to cut down your wedding cost, dramatically. Plus, a great way to eradicate the menace, so be vocal about it, you are only doing the world a favor.

Your wedding planning will be food or not depends upon this vital step. The venue of your choice, the dress of dreams all depends upon your pre planning. This will help you have a broader view of what may and may not go wrong. Make your calls way ahead so you have time to negotiate and get yourself best deals

Furthermore, you can always ask your friends to help you to the wedding as wedding gift or favors. So in a nutshell

Spend less on the venue, if you chances are it will take almost 25 – 30% of your budget. So spending reasonably will help. Want people to remember your event just give them food. Don’t worry if you have to spend some money here. Go for it. This is the one thing that do not want to compromise on
As for catering, you can prepare the food at home but for the serving and stuff you definitely need caterers. You can both spend less or more. The key is you figure out the options depending on your budget. Great food with bad service may not be a good idea, so look for some decent service providers, because then again you want people to enjoy your wedding to the core.
Drinks are expensive, not to say spend less precisely, but serving it on the big day will help be easy on your budget. The perfect wedding dress is the dream of every bride. So even if you go a little over board will not hurt you much.
DIY the decorations and invitations. This is your best chance to save money. Try not to hire a wedding planner. Like I said, photos and videos is your only chance to re live the best moments of your life. So do not hesitate to allocate some good amount there. You will not regret it.
Hiring a DJ for something your high on music friend could do is not a wise idea. So let them have the charge.
Look for a reasonable makeup service. If no then ask a friend who can do it or a friend of friend. There is a high chance you will find someone who would do it for you. Needless to say, say no to dowry, period!
And, most importantly, plan ahead. Know your budget, know your options, plan accordingly and you will have a great event.

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