Hrishitaa Bhatt Tied the knot with Anand Tiwari

Hrishitaa Bhatt Tied the knot with Anand Tiwari

You remember the lady who made her debut in 2001? Let us jog your memory. She featured opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Asoka. She played his wife and a supporting actress in the film. Hrishitaa Bhatt who has several such movies to her credit went on to become a famous actress. But it seems like wedding bells were ringing for this actress.

Hrishitaa Bhatt Tied the knot with Anand Tiwari

Jab they met

She has tied the knot with 34-year old UN Diplomat Ankit Tiwari in a recent ceremony. It was a long day at Delhi when the two decided to finally tie the knot. She seemed happy and the media was abuzz at the event.

Hrishitaa Bhatt claims that the she and the senior diplomat struck a chord instantly when they met. Therefore it took them only six months to tie the knot. Their families also gel well together. Yes, of course, it is an arranged marriage. It seems like Hrishitaa Bhatt’s family decided that it was a ripe time for her to get married. Therefore they arranged a meet for the duo and thankfully these two stroked the chord. It was only a matter of time then since the ceremonies began.

Wedding and Work

However, the actress seems to have kept on well with her career. She has tied the knot this year but she did a film in 2016 called 30 minutes. It is unclear if she would like to continue doing films even after marriage.

When asked about the wedding Hrishitaa kept it short and curt. She said that it was a low key affair with only friends and family. Recently, Yuvraj Singh also got married in a low key ceremony. His family claimed that the ceremony would not go grand. However, it took place in a destination (Goa). The party was quite grand. Keeping up the tradition, Hrishitaa’s wedding too was a grand affair – even though she mentions that it was only low key.

Wedding Dress and Bragging

Of course like all excited brides, Hrishitaa too took to Instagram to share the pictures of her wedding. She shared some of the gifts she received. The trays were filled with chocolates and accessories for the bride. Her excitement reflected in the several hash tags she accompanied with the pictures. However, unlike most other brides Hrishitaa took to Instagram and Twitter only after the ceremonies ended. She must have been very busy with the day.

On the wedding day, she was dressed in a beautiful red lehenga with a golden colored dupatta that adorned from her head. She looked mesmerizing and the groom complemented her perfectly. The outfits were designed by Preeti Singhal and Premal Badiani.

On her engagement day she was seen wearing a beautiful Pink Anarkali. She surely topped it up with big earrings and a huge maang tikka. These accessories are a rage now. Fashionista Hrishitaa made sure she flaunted all of those at her wedding.

Return gifts and more

Hrishitaa Bhatt and Ankit Tiwari made sure the guests felt the warmest welcome. They made customized drinks for each and every guest. There was a unique floral art that encapsulated the venue. Celebrity Designer Shrishti Kapoor was the brains behind the beautiful decoration. Hrishitaa made sure that her venue looked stunning and the guests felt at home.

To take things up a notch they also designed wedding jewelry and tiaras. For the girls, floral tiaras were made which they could sport at the wedding. The males were welcomed with wedding jewelry of sorts. These were handmade and designed to look stunning.

We also saw Hrishitaa herself sporting a tiara and a bahubandh made of flowers at an event. She shared a picture of herself on Instagram of the same. The entire wedding ceremony was closely associated with flowers and floral artistry.

The Bride’s Style

  • Dupatta Style: We have talked a lot about the dupatta style of the brides. Hrishitaa Bhatt herself sported a double draped dupatta. This means there was one dupatta attached to her shoulder while another, of a lighter color, was tied to her head. This made her one color wedding cloth appear glorious. It added a tinge of glamour to her overall appeal. Please read the article to know about Double Dupatta with Bridal Lehenga and Draping Styles
  • Maang Tikka Style: Hrishitaa Bhatt sported a full forehead maang tikka. This type of maang tikka is usually worn by those who have a broad forehead. We say Esha Deol sporting a similar maang tikka at her wedding and she too is an actress with a broad forehead. Please read the article to know about Latest Style Maang tikka with Side Strings

On her engagement, she decorated her hair in a way that covered her hairline. This is why she did not need to sport a single line thick maang tikka. She just went with a broad and large one which complemented her long face. It was a nice trick on the part of her designer which gave her a complete look.

  • Mehndi style: The mehndi style which she flaunted seems like Rajasthani mehndi. It adds a regal touch to the entire mehndi style and it is indeed one of the best. She made sure the mehndi stopped right under her elbow. It is not clear if it was a black mehndi but it surely made its appearance known. You can follow our page to know about latest mehndi design for shaadi.

The Groom’s style

The groom was dressed very modestly. He was wearing a white sherwani and a red turban. Both were exuding a classic appeal. He also coupled it up with white shoes. Hrishitaa was dressed in bright colors and the groom in very plain white which is why they complemented one another. The post wedding pictures looked stunning.


What she will wear in her reception is yet not known. She might be seen in something completely different now. She has already sported an Anarkali and a lehenga. It only means that she might try something else at her reception. The reception is all set to take place on 10th March at Delhi.

The reception will take place in two parts. At first it will be held in Delhi where the groom and all his friends and relatives will be present. After that it will take place in Mumbai where Hrishitaa will throw a bash to all her friends and film industry insiders. It remains to be seen who attends her reception event.

She currently lives in Mumbai but will shift to Delhi after her marriage. She will have to constantly travel between Delhi and Mumbai for work. Hrishitaa Bhatt is known for movies like Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar, Haasil, Ab tak Chappan Miss Tanak Puri Haazir Ho and Page 3. Her last successful movie was in 2016 titled Junooniyat.

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