Different Ideas of Making Flower Jewelry on Mehndi Ceremony

Different Ideas of Making Flower Jewelry on Mehndi Ceremony

Floral jewelries have been in the Indian culture since the times of Shakuntala and Menka. Floral jewelries make women look fresh and austere in general. However, these have been out of trend for the longest time and now if you decide to sport them you will be doing something bold and unique.

Different Ideas of Making Flower Jewelry on Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi is the best time to try something like this. On mehndi you will be with your friends and family and usually mehndi is a quiet celebration with only close relatives. Also, during mehndi you are not allowed to move much with the mehndi being done. The aroma of the mehendi combining with the freshness of the flowers is something that will take this to yet another level. So here are some fun ideas for you to try floral jewelry with:

  1. Fresh flower jewelry: the natural freshness of flowers adds the zing to the mehndi day. You can go and match them with your clothes. One of the things you will have to make sure is that they are freshly picked – otherwise they will start to become dull and that can hamper the mood of the event. Also, you can add some of your own spray on your sides to complete the feel and freshness of the look. Please read the article how to pick right outfit for sangeet ceremony.
  2. Handmade jewelry: One of the other ways to make sure you add some zing to your look – and we say this because flower jewelries can sometimes be less shiny and this can worry the would-be bride. Don’t be worried if you find yourself not having the shine, you can always combine the jewelry pieces with the flowers. You can add motifs, pearls and beads to the flowers to make them entwined with the original jewelries and they will look even more glorified with them. Please read the article to know how to make mehndi unique by adding some coloured stone on it.
  3. Beyond hair: When we think about floral items our usual way is to think about the hair and the places where we tuck it into. However, it is time to move beyond floral head gear and think about the different things we could do with them. In fact, you could totally get rid of the floral head gear and wear a dupatta on your head covering up other parts of your body with floral jewelry parts. Therefore it is one of the best way to get a large area covered up by spending little amount.
  4. Floral jhumkas: How can you ignore the floral jhumkas? The best part is that if you are having a Christian wedding, these are the best for the bridesmaids to adorn. Floral jhumkas however need to be made with special care – too large and they look shabby, too small and they can go unnoticed. Hence, you have to find just the right assortment to make it look interesting and also get the color right so that they match with your clothes. You can also read the article Satlada a must wear jewellery for Indian bride.
  5. Natural flowers: When we are talking about flower jewellery we are mostly talking about natural ones. These are freshly picked and hence can last for about 5-7 hours straight. However check with your florists for the exact figure since each flower has its own time limit. Natural flowers can be adorned in any way possible. You can best match them with your pearls as they will make the pearls look really beautiful.
  6. Artificial flowers: Let’s face it – we cannot ignore the fact that the artificial flowers are going to be there too. So what we do is make the artificial flowers look as real as possible. The best part of this is that they are not going to be droopy no matter how long you adorn them. Just make sure to spray perfume on them before you get out so that they have a natural aroma.
  7. Floral dupatta: This one’s for the bride that does not stop her creative side from running free. A floral dupatta is something that will make heads turn at the event for sure. it is something not many brides dare to do, so if you want to take a risk and be the eye grabber of the event then go for it.
  8. Floral hair clips: Nowadays bobby pins are also available with floral chippings. You can add them on your hair to get a nice look. Floral hair clips can be sued to create different designs on your hair. In case you are thinking of quitting the maang tika, this is a good way of getting back the style with a different take on it.
  9. Bajuband: Many women want to get a bajuband of the same order. This can add a lot of oomph – a floral bajuband is where tradition and ethnicity meets.

Things to keep in mind when wearing flower jewelry

When you are trying out the floral jewelry you will have to make sure that you follow some steps. This will ensure that you have the correct ornaments and that they don’t let you down at point. So to master the art of wearing floral jewelry, always make sure that:

  • The flowers are freshly picked: we cannot stress this enough. If you are going for fresh flowers then get an estimate of the ceremony. Make sure the flowers will last till the end of the event. Make sure you get what you want and nothing short of that with the vendor.
  • Tie them tightly: flowers are heavier than other pieces of ornaments this is because flowers tend to protrude outside. Therefore it is an absolute must to ensure that they are in their place. Use bobby pins, make them stick to the other jewelry if you are wearing one and never forget to use the clips where necessary.
  • Use matching flowers: If you are going to wear yellow and red lehenga for your mehendi, make sure that you wear yellow and red flowers atop your head. This will bring out the best colors and will make you look like a real life princess. You can also read the article what can be the different dresses a bride can wear on her wedding.
  • Go with pre-embedded jewelry: Pre embedded necklaces and maang tikas are good for D-day but you can also try them out for your mehndi if you already have plans for your wedding jewelry. These look extra gorgeous that’s for sure and usually they come with artificial flowers, so they won’t need much care taking too.


Serial No. Types of jewelry What works best for them
1 Necklace Mae sure it is light weight
2 Belts One sided belts look really nice
3 Bajuband Bajubands need to be tied properly
4 Maang tika Plain or beaded works best
5 Earrings Light weight and embedded

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