Ideas and Quotes for Indian wedding Diary Planner

Ideas and Quotes for Indian wedding Diary Planner

A wedding is more than just a bonding of two people – it is almost considered to be a sacred ritual in all regions of the world. In India, weddings are a grand affair that include not just the bride and groom but highlight their families as well.

Ideas and Quotes for Indian wedding Diary Planner

It has been said time and again – an Indian wedding is more than just romance and love, it is the union of two families. Therefore the wordings and quotes for the weddings here have to be a tad more inclusive.

That being said, marriage is about love and it needs love to sustain itself. When you look back to these diaries, it will bring you closer to each other. Hence, we will give you some quote ideas of all types that you can incorporate on your wedding planner.

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Ancient Indian Quotes and Ideas

Indian weddings have Vedic shlokas in them. These shlokas actually have a deep meaning in themselves. These, when put into today’s verses, can develop into highly meaningful messages.

  • “Dharmecha, Arthecha, Kamecha, Mokshecha… Naati Charaami!!” This means that the groom is saying “I will never walk away from my wife”. It is one sort of serious proclamation that will be ore family friendly.
  • “Sakha Sapta Pade Bhava, Sakhayau saptapada bahbuva”: This is actually the shloka that is uttered after the bride and groom take the last of the 7 vows around fire. They tell each other “we have taken the 7 vows around sacred fire. Now let us be friends”. It is the greatest declaration of lifelong commitment.
  • One step each quote: you can also paint a picture that has 7 steps and on each step you can write each of the vows in a single line. The vows can also be your own created. For example – “I vow to protect you from harm”; “I vow to stand by you at all times”. Each of these quotes can be depicted by a single step.

Romantic love quotes

  • “Where there is love, there’s life”: This is a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi himself. This quote is very simple, but it sums up marriage in one single line.
  • “A happy marriage is one long conversation that always seems short”: This quote is again a lesson in marriage and how to keep the marriage going. It can show how strong the bond between the couple is.
  • “I didn’t marry her because I can live with her. I married her because I cannot live without her”: This is the perfect way to start the invitations. This is one of the best additions to the diary of the groom. Similarly, the bride can change the quote a little bit and add it to hers as well.
  • “When the king and queen are in love, all homes become a castle”: another beautiful quote for the love birds that are going to start their marriage.
  • “Once in a while, on our search for happiness, we discover a partner by our side and realize that our happiness has come beside us in our search”: This literally sums up the entire notion of marriage, love and happiness.
  • “A successful marriage requires just one thing – and that is falling in love with the same person over and over again”: This is just the beginning of the blatantly romantic love quotes.
  • “I would rather spend this whole lifetime with you than wander thousand lifetimes alone”: There is literally no other quote than can beat this one in terms of romance.

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Planner Ideas

So now you have the quotes, the quotes have to be nicely placed to make them more effective. Here’s what you can do –

  • Night photograph: An iconic picture would be of the two of you in a romantic pose in a grand outing. The walls would be decorated with lightings and everywhere there would be snow.
  • Hand holding ritual: Among Indians there is a common ritual where the bride holds the girl’s hands on top of the sacred fire. This ceremony is often taken a close snapshot of. You can do the same and click pictures to make the planner.
  • Rings: The two rings can be kept side by side and taken a picture of. Rings symbolize union and marriage. The custom of exchanging rings is fairly common. A ring also symbolizes vows. You can put your quotes atop the picture of the two rings.
  • Faded picture: The two of you can totally be in the background. A faint ray of sunlight can peek from between the two of you. In this lighting you can place the quote. It will become a perfect metaphor for the ceremony.

Funny Quotes

Now there are quotes that are downright funny at the end of the day. These quotes can be used in a casual manner because marriages are not grim events. A little teasing and cracking jokes are acceptable at such events.

  • “Shaadi ke laddu…” This one very famous quote that says that marriage is like an Indian sweet called laddu – whoever eats it regrets and whoever doesn’t, still regrets.
  • “There’s still time to run. Run while you still can”: This is the groom asking his men to run away because marriage can be quite weird at times. But this is to be taken in fun spirit.
  • “The best marriage is when two imperfect people come together…” It means to say that marriage is not about perfect people making lives, but two imperfect people coming together to create a new life.
  • “We go together like naan and dal makhni, rajma and chawal, samosa and chutney…” This is the best way to arouse some appetite in your guests. If you and your spouse are foodies, spread the love by posting this quote.

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Marriage and commitment

  • “I just wish I can be your favorite hello and your toughest goodbye”: This quote is perfect for the bride although the groom can also put it in his planner.
  • “Today, I marry my best friend – the one that I laugh with, dream with, live for and dream with”: There’s simply nothing more that you can say about your spouse that’s more beautiful.
  • “Love is just like life – not all turns are easy, not all turns have happiness in store for us. But if we don’t leave life, then why should we leave love?” This is actually a very popular quote translated in English from the movie Mohabbatein. It works well to show the depth of your love.
  • “Happy marriage happens when you marry the one you love, but happy life happens when you love the one that you marry”: This quote is self explanatory. A lot of these quotes might sound familiar. They have been used by people in their ceremonies too.

These quote ideas can be quite fun when they are taken into context. Almost all kinds of quotes are being used nowadays. This shows that people are being more comfortable in sharing their talk with their spouses.

Tabular overview

Serial No. Romantic planner Traditional planner
1 Under the starry sky Mehndi hands
2 In the meadow Dulhan’s ghunghat
3 Looking into eyes Garland exchange

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