Is it really important to take hair spa before wedding

 Is it really important to take hair spa before wedding

Wedding is about being in the spotlight. It is the one day where you will be the star and people will want to click pictures – no, race to click pictures beside you. Hence you will have to look perfect in all of them. However looking perfect in your wedding pictures will not be happening unless you are glowing from within. This is why brides take care of themselves, especially of their skin, before the wedding. They will have to get that natural glow because in the Indian homes, every eye is going to be on the bride’s appearance. It will be the talk of the talk long after the wedding has ended. You can also read the article to know how to look perfect on your honeymoon.

Is it really important to take hair spa before wedding

It should also be the case where the groom is barely able to move his eyes from her. This guy will be looking forward to see his bride and you will want to grab his attention as much as possible. Amidst all of this you must be wondering about budget cuts too. Hence you are trying to get rid of all the unnecessary expenses, I know. But don’t you ever think that hair spa isn’t important before your wedding.

You don’t want frizzy hair on wedding day

If you have got a hair spa before, you know how much difference a hair spa can make. You know that getting a hair spa can change the entire look of your hair. Now let’s fast forward to the few days of the wedding. You are a lovely bride that has all her things settled. There are things that still need your attention. On the day of the wedding you barely slept, but now there are thousands of ceremonies and preparations that you have to attend to. The effect shows on your skin – and on your hair. You don’t want to walk into the room with frizzy hair, do you? It become must if you are planning to keep your hairs open on your wedding day.

Hair spa has long lasting effects

Getting a hair spa will ensure that not only do you look wonderful on the outside, but it remains that way for a long time. With a hair spa you will be able to get just the right amount of shine and brightness and also a good massage that will relax you completely. Trust me, you will thank us for recommending you a hair spa – if you have some gossip to go with your friends or if you want to spend some quality time with your mother before the wedding, this is your chance to make the moments count. Bring her to get a hair spa with you and enjoy these moments together. It will be a treat she needs too. Please read the article to know the different hair styles you can do on your engagement.

Not sure yet?

Only half a month to your wedding and you are not sure if hair spa is that important after all. Let us tell you the core benefits of hair spa. Basically the idea here is to give you an experience within this short frame of time which often takes years to show on your hair. So hair spa is your shortcut to getting better hair in no time. These are the benefits of getting hair spa in general:

  • When you take up a deep conditioning treatment, it nurtures your follicles and strengthens your roots enriching the scalp. It will promote hair growth and if you have fragile hair, you will be very happy.
  • Massaging the scalp will promote relaxation that will give you relief from the stress of the D-day. Also, it will naturally activate the glands for oil secretion on your scalp.
  • When the hair spa professional runs their fingers through the scalp and through the temples, the blood circulation through that place gets amped up. It can make your mind work better – this is an advantage when you are trying to sort things out during your wedding.
  • After the oil massage is done, the impurities in the skin are washed away when the hair is washed. Also, the pores of the skin open up during the wash enabling a better wash. The scalp is then cleaned and the re-growth of hair is much healthier. This means that you have healthier hair from this point onwards.
  • Then they will use hair masks and gloss. This will improve the texture of your hair giving it a smoother finish. Hair spa can do wonders on your hair. Aroma oils make sure that the hair has a nice breeze to it.
  • During the events leading up to the D-day, a lot of damage is done to the hair. Usage of styling gels, hair spray and straightener leave the hair very rough and damaged. The damage repair is done nicely by the hair spa.

Please read an article to know about How to use curry leaves for hair growth, weight loss 

Also, if you have dandruff then start from 6 weeks before your wedding day as it will be the perfect time to get rid of it. Go for the olive oil and lemon therapy, it will totally get you rid of your dandruff.

The era of malish and champi seems to have long gone because technology has advanced, the stylists have found out a new way. These new methods help the hair grow back from the root. It not only adjusts the scalp hair growth but also the texture of the hair. The hair texture which we often lose in this era of pollution needs to be corrected. This is what hair spa does to you and on the one day when you absolutely have to look your best, you must not step away from getting a nice hair spa done. Please read the article to know what are the things a bride must eat before her wedding.

What hair spa treats?

One of the things about hair spa is that when you get a hair spa done, the effects are seen immediately. This is one of the reasons that you must get it right before your wedding – because the hair spa effects will stay and show for a long time. Each of the hair spa treatments are aimed at making your hair more rich and your roots stronger. So you can be assured that even after the wedding, you are not going to lose that glow on your hair.

One thing you must remember, no two hair spa treatments are alike. This is why you must choose the hair spa sessions with a lot of care. A detailed explanation on the type of hair spa that you need is given towards the end.

Each of the hair spa treatments will last for about 2 to 5 sittings over a span of a few months. The idea is to enrich the scalp and to give it a round of treatment that encompasses all types of hair problems. The earlier you start the hair spa treatment, the better your hair will grow and the longer the effects will last.

As already mentioned, each person will require a different type of hair spa. It is essential to consult your hair therapist to know which type of hair spa you need.  A person with frizzy hair will need one type of hair spa while the one with damaged ends will need another type.

Here will have enlisted different types of hair spas for different people:

Serial No. Types of hair Treatment
1 Frizzy hair Protein dose
2 Unruly curls Keratin treatment
3 Hair fall and dry hair Ozone
4 Dandruff Refining

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