Indian bridal eye makeup step by step

Indian bridal eye makeup step by step

When it comes to doing bridal makeup, you have to be absolutely impeccable. You cannot make any mistake. One foolproof way of ensuring you don’t make any error is by focusing on eyes. You can also follow our page bride makeover to know more about bride style.

Indian bridal eye makeup step by step

Do the eye makeup right and your whole face will glow. Even for normal makeup sessions experts suggest that focusing on the eye makeup will enhance the overall effect. So here is a step by step guide to do this right –

  1. Getting the essentials.
    If you have smaller eyes choose a darker shade and if you have big eyes always go for lighter shades like white and the likes of it. You will need – 1 pair of fake eye lashes, 1 eye shadow palette, 1 waterproof kohl, eye lash glue, eye liner, eye lash straightener, blender, brushes and primer.
  2. Complete the basics
    Wash your face and neck and apply a concealer over your dark spots and circles. Cover your eye bags with a proper concealer. Blend everything and apply a foundation over it. Make sure the concealer matches your skin tone perfectly.
  3. Apply primer
    Now is the time to apply a primer. Okay, some women may suggest that you apply the primer before applying the foundation. But I do so after applying the foundation – it helps my eye shadow stay longer. You can try it out. On wedding day, you cannot take frequent touch ups you will be very busy. After applying the primer, make sure you blend it and then apply loose translucent powder on it. Make sure the powder does not have any residue on your eyes. With a tiny brush, take off the excess from your eye bed. Only after completing this step you can follow the next.
  4. Eye shadow time
    Now is the time to open the eye shadow palette. Play with colors – it is your wedding after all. But if you ask us, we would suggest that you pick a dark shade for the outer corners of your eyes. A lighter (I prefer grey) for the region above the eyelids. Lastly, pick a shimmery shade for the exact eye bed. Apply a glimmer golden eye shadow – stop till the outer corner of your eyes. We will apply another shade there. Simply paste the eye shadow color on your eyes. Now take a brown (or any other darker color of your choice) shade and apply it on the outer corner. Simply draw it over the golden shade so that it looks like the colors just transformed from one to another. Don’t blend them! These colors are to stay. You will just glide the brush over the golden color and make them stay. This is how you apply the colors right above your eye. Now take a brown-ish (because we took a brown shimmer color at the outer corner) color and apply it at the top – over the two colors. Simply carve out an arch and define the eyes. This step is done to add definition to the eyes.
  5. Blend, blend, blend
    Although we said that you don’t need to do a lot of blending, you will actually need to do blending if you are following this third step above. The colors are almost always a contrast and it should look like they are gelling and transforming. Keeping this in mind you will blend the outer corner edges to the region above the eyelids. Do not touch he golden eye shadow. It is the only one which is set to stand out.
  6. Apply eye liner
    Why did we apply eye liner after eye shadow? Because the shimmery eye shadow tends to fall on the liner and dulls its shine. This is why we always apply the liner after applying the eye shadow. You need really steady hands to do this, or you can ask someone to help.Now, if you want to add extra drama, go for the prolonged cat-eye or winged-liner look. To do this perfectly, you will need a thin strip of paper. Just tear a piece of news paper. Fold it like a triangle. Apply the longest portion of the triangle in line with your eyes. Draw the eye liner along the straight line of the paper. It works for me every time. It will give you the perfect wings on both ends – just make sure that you hold the paper similarly at both the ends. Otherwise one will be at 45 degree angle and another at 60 degree. Keep the lines at par.Make sure the inner corners of the eyes are thinner. If you are going with a winged-liner, you will have to make the outer corners broader. So inadvertently you will have to make the inner corners thin. They make your eyes look bigger if you have medium to small eyes.
  7. Time to apply Kohl
    Usually we advise against applying strong kohl at the lower eyelids when you have gone for a winged-liner look. It gives off a very strong makeup look and this isn’t suited for every occasion. But since it’s your wedding you can apply the kohl in the whole lower eye lid. Just apply it as you usually do, because we are going to add fake lashes to enhance the darkening effect. So you don’t need to darken it yourself much.
  8. Add some Mascara
    Now is the time to use your eye lash straightener. An eyelash straightener will make sure that when we fix the fake eye lashes, the lashes are straight. Plus, we have to dab that mascara on as well. So without further ado, start removing some of the eye shadow if you see them landing on the eye lashes. Sometimes glittery eye shadows tend to fall on the lashes. Remove them then straighten lashes. Then add the mascara to the lower and upper eye lashes carefully.
  9. Fake lashes
    Apply the fake lashes with the help of a eye lash gum. They are actually available along with the lashes – if you buy it from online stores. The procedure to apply the fake lashes is that you have to put your head up (look at the ceiling) and then drop it horizontally. If this seems difficult, then you can add the eye lashes at a 45 degree from your eyes. Repeat this process and stick the glue at the beginning firmly on the lashes.
  10. Fixing those brows
    Tweeze out the strays and get on board with the eye brows. Never apply eye shadow at the inner corners of the eye brows. Simply cover those areas which tend to peek from between your brows. Indians already have thick black eyebrows. So for an Indian bride, a brown-ish (or grey-ish) eye shadow is best recommended. Apply it with a brow liner as you carve the angles out. Now for the lower part, to highlight the eyebrow, don’t forget to add a white eye shadow at the portion where the eye shadow ends and the brow bone begins. Apply only a thin frame and blend it out.

For the final touch-up, add some eye shadow under your lower eye lash and you are done. You can add the golden shimmer and brown shimmer – only in a thin strip.

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