Indian Christian Wedding Tradition

Indian Christian Wedding Tradition

An Indian Christian wedding is a special occasion that is held throughout many parts of India among those who are of the Christian faith. In such a wedding, a man and woman are united through God as the two are treated as one in the eyes of Jesus. Many friends and family members will attend such a wedding.

Indian Christian Wedding Tradition

There are a number of rituals that may be held at such a wedding with many key steps leading the way. A few of these traditions are especially prominent for being relative to the Indian culture that many people live with while in India. Still, the process for an Indian Christian wedding is distinct in terms of how it is organized and what people may experience during such a special event as this.

Planning the Wedding

Plans for a wedding have to be made with care. This includes figuring out the church that a wedding will take place at plus the specific honors that will be given at the church. This includes honors relating to who will be invited and how certain people will be alongside the bride and groom throughout the entire way.

A bridal shower and bachelor party may take place. These are events where the bridge and groom celebrate separately with other women and men. A Haldaat ceremony may take place to paste the bride and groom with turmeric and sandalwood but that is optional for a wedding in the Christian faith.

The extensive planning is critical for ensuring that the wedding goes as well as it can. A great wedding will entail plenty of romance while it shows the beauty of the moment. Still, the effort for making it work properly should be checked with care. This is to see that it goes properly. After all, it is a moment of a lifetime and deserves the utmost attention as it is being planned and set up the right way.

Before the Wedding

Before the wedding, several things must take place:

  • The church or other place for the wedding must be set up. Although there are many churches that perform Christian weddings around India, it can take months for anyone to get a reservation secured at such a church. This is especially due to the extensive planning needed for getting a church up and running for the event.
  • The friends and family members of the bride and groom are to be seated. They are typically divided up with the bride’s party on one side and the groom’s on the other. While family members are typically invited, the process for finding friends who will attend can be rather extensive.
  • The groom will have to send a car to pick up the bride. As she arrives, the best man will provide her with a bouquet of flowers. The car can be rented and may be a rather fancy vehicle that is designed especially for such a festive event as this.

What Fashions Are Needed?

A typical groom will wear a fine formal outfit for the event. This is often black although other muted colors may be used just as well. For the bride, she will mostly wear a white gown in that it is a symbol of purity and has an elaborate look to it. The bride could wear a saree if she prefers as well. This is all based on how comfortable the bride is with a good outfit for the wedding.

Mehendi art is not required for the Christian bride. She can still ask for it if she prefers. This would go on the hands like with any other Mehendi art treatment. The process will entail an elaborate look that will stand out and offer a calm look that is attractive and intense in its look.

The Proper Ceremony

Several events will take place during the actual Christian wedding ceremony:

  • The couple will meet at the altar at the Christian church. The bride and groom are brought out separately by relatives. These are often accompanied by the bridesmaids and best man respectively. These are key representatives for each party and will participate in honoring the moment at the special wedding.
  • A priest will read many scriptures from the Bible. This includes words that are about the importance of marriage and how the couple is uniting in the eyes of God. A sermon on the marriage may also be included as a key part of honoring this special moment in their lives.
  • The couple then asks each other’s hand in marriage. In most cases the church is the one that writes the vows. This is different from what many think in that the bridge and couple are not necessarily responsible for writing them.
  • Rings are typically exchanged between the bride and groom although a Thali or Mangalsutra may also be placed around the bride’s neck. This could offer a comfortable look for the bride to enjoy.
  • As they exchange rings and kiss, they are honored as a fully married couple in hand forever. A proper register is also signed to ensure that the marriage is legal and fully registered within the state.

One thing many people aren’t aware of what it comes to an Indian Christian wedding is that it’s not necessarily as short as many thing. It can take about an hour and two for the ceremony to go through. Much of this is thanks to the solemn nature of the concept of marriage. This may also be to allow the couple to savor their time together and to enjoy their new lives with one another as they come about.

What Is the Unity Candle?

A unity candle is not required for a wedding but it is an appropriate feature that may be included. This can be lit at some point during the ceremony if it is included. The unity candle is a symbol of the new life that the bride and groom will spend together. It is a true symbol of the beauty of marriage and the strong link that the bride and groom have with each other.

After the Ceremony

As the newly married couple leaves the church, they are showered with confetti or rice as a symbol of fertility. The bridge typically throws her bouquet into the crowd. It is said that the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next one to be married. The couple will then drive off to the reception.

At the Reception

The reception is an event that is filled with many Christian traditions. It typically entails dancing among the couple, their parents and the best man and maid of honor among others. A proper toast and the cutting of an elaborate wedding cake are also included at such an event. This marks a special occasion as the couple celebrates their new life together.

The excitement of a Christian wedding is especially amazing. The beauty and elegance of such a special event is clearly on display as a bride and groom will express their love for each other at such an event. This makes for a very important occasion that all who is interested in seeing such an event will be intrigued by.

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