Indian Mother Son or Father Daughter Sangeet Dance Songs

Indian mother son or father daughter sangeet dance songs

Wedding songs are something else. On the Sangeet night, the bride and groom usually prepare a piece to perform for their friends and relatives.We also have an article Latest Romantic Couple Dance Songs for Sangeet Sandhya for this. But one custom that has not changed is the custom of parents’ dance. So until and unless the parents of the bride and groom come to the dance floor, the wedding will remain incomplete. So we have assorted some of the best songs and dance ideas which you can incorporate in your Sangeet to redefine ceremonies once again.

Indian mother son or daughter sangeet dance songs

Songs for Father – Daughter Dance

You can prepare a father and daughter dance showcasing that you are your father’s precious child. Ask your dad to collaborate with you. If he refuses, you can also coax him since it is your wedding and you will be gone after that. But make sure the steps are easy because his age might not be able to do heavy steps. Here are some of the best songs for this cause –

  1. Gallan Goodiyaan (Dil Dhadakne Do)
    This song can be choreographed in a straight manner as there is a male voice that leads the female voice. The Ranveer’s vocal part can be played by your father. It doesn’t have a lot of tempo so you can let your dad take the beat at the end.
  2. Say Shava Shava (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham)
    There’s nothing like the voice of Mr. Bachchan in the movies. Your father will feel glad you chose this song. Plus, the mellow tune will help coordinate the movements with ample detailing.
  3. Papa Ki Pari Hun Main (Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon)
    Does anything say “father’s daughter” more than this? I don’t think so. This song will totally give the message to the audience that you are leaving your most beloved father to go to the groom’s house.
  4. Tu Jo Mila (Bajrangi Bhaijan)
    This speaks more about the sentiment of the father for his daughter. We suggest you start with the third song on this list and then play this song back to back to change the mood. It will have both peppiness and emotions at the end.
  5. Meri Duniya (Heyy Baby)
    Meri Duniya is once again a song that has the sentiments of the father. If you want to go with this song, then pick the right notes. We suggest you make a mix of all the songs on this list and keep the emotional ones at the end.

You can also opt flash mob for wedding 

Songs for Mother – Son Dance

Choreograph a mother-son dance that you can perform at the event. Show your mom that she is special too. The plus point here is that mothers are often very enthusiastic to dance at their son’s wedding, so you may not have to coax her that much. Give her funky steps that she will love to perform. Make her the center of attention. These songs should do the trick –

  1. Rock N Roll Sohniye (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham)
    This is where the groom grooves with his mother. You are asking your mother to rock and roll with you. The song can also be a good son-father alternative. But it is a nice track to play anyways.
  2. Laung Da Lashkara (Patiala House)
    Laung Da Lashkara can be a mellow song that tells the saga of your love to your mother. Your mother can then mouth the lyrics and match the footsteps to show her happiness for the event.
  3. Ainvayi Ainvayi (Band Baaja Baraat)
    This is for the fun mother and son duo that are talking about his love affair with the bride, recalling that “tu toh ainvayi ainvayi lutt gaya.” The beats are fast so ensure your mother is able to catch up the steps.
  4. Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)
    Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye is yet another beautiful song that you can dance with your mother. But cut it at the part where the female solo sings because in the movie that part is for the bride and not for the groom.

These are some Beautiful sangeet song those will force you to dance till end

Songs For both parents to dance to

It would be a crime for the other two parents not to dance. So when it is the turn for them, let them grab each other and bring them to the dance floor. These are the songs which the parents can dance to at their wedding –

  1. Punjabi Wedding Song (Hasee to Phasee)
    This song says that the woman loves Punjabi wedding songs. It can be sung and danced to at any sangeet event. It is not just a Punjabi wedding song per se. It is quite a good song to dance to.
  2. London Thumakda (Queen)
    This song has been named ‘the wedding song’ for the year in 2014. It is 2017 now and it still rocks wedding houses. Just like in the movie, this song can engage the entire household while you dance to it.
  3. Navrai Majhi (English Vinglish)
    This is a song the mother of the bride and the groom can shake a leg to. This is in fact, their song. The song talks about a Maharashtrian wedding saga. The lyrics are sung in a female voice, so perfect for them.
  4. Maahi Ve (Kal Ho Na Ho)
    The entire extended family of the bride and groom can dance to this song and dedicate it to the bride. The song typically expresses how well looking the bride is. So the lyrics can also decipher that part. It is overall a nice song.
  5. Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge)
    This song has been around for decades now – so long, that now it is a ritual to play this song at the wedding ceremonies. So typically you cannot miss making your elders dance to it.
  6. O Meri Zohrajabeen (Waqt, 1965)
    Your parents can engage in light romance with this family friendly song. It is also a part of the previous song.
  7. Kyun Aage Peeche Dolte Ho Bhanvro Ki Tarah (Golmaal Returns)
    An alternative to the previous song, this song can be sung and danced to. The parents can mirror the romance between the would-be couple

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