Indian Wedding Latest Outfits for Sister and Brother of the Bride and Groom

Indian wedding latest outfits for sister and brother of the bride and groom

Wedding is just not for the bride and the groom. It is an event where the bride’s sisters and the groom’s brothers and friends also display their “eligibility” by being trendsetters. Although today it is done for the sole purpose of fitting in, traditionally the eligible women and men would dress up to show their beauty to the opposite sex, declaring they are next.

Indian wedding latest outfits for sister and brother of the bride and groom

No matter what, dressing up for the occasion is a big deal because you cannot overshadow the bride and the groom and you still want to look presentable for the wedding. So the idea is to downplay the accessories. Now if you downplay the accessories, you must wear a gorgeous dress so that your clothes make a statement. You can also read an article to know Pros and cons of wearing latest indo western dress for bride

It is not at all easy. In case you have been hopelessly wandering with your buddies, we have the right suggestions for you. So the friends and siblings of the bride and groom listen up – this is solely for you. Pick the right outfit and get ready to rock the wedding in style.

For the Bridesmaids

Are you “always the bridesmaid never the bride?” No, don’t let that happen. Walk the wedding in style. Whether it is mehndi or cocktail party, Sangeet or the Shaadi – these clothes will keep you trendy and will have eyes following you around –

  1. Fusion Gown: The fluffy base fully made of net give a very feminine appeal. But the real work of art is the golden bodice. These are also good to wear during engagement ceremonies. It makes the sister of the bride stand apart from the crowd and is indo-western in appeal.
  2. Saree: You can never fail with a Saree. Team it up with fashionable crop tops from different online sources. Make sure that the crop top is displayed enough to make you a style diva. This outfit is for the wedding day when the final countdown has begun. You can also read an article to know Latest Saree Draping Style Technique Idea step by step
  3. Gorgeous Lehenga: Net lehengas are making heads turn this season., Team it up with your superior abs. Nothing says “bridesmaid” like a lehenga. So make sure you get that right. Raw Silk lehengas are easier to carry and they enable you to rock the eve and carry out your bridesmaid duties side by side. You can also read an article to know about Pros and cons of wearing crop top lehnga in wedding
  4. Modern Anarkali: Anarkali can be worn in many ways. Depending upon your body’s strengths and weaknesses you choose whether they will be V-neck or shoulder embroidered. It is a good outfit for pre-wedding events like engagement.
  5. Dhoti with Suit: A dhoti style pant and a stomach hugging suit outline your body’s shape perfectly. Due to the nature of the dress, it is perfectly suited for Sangeet night. It has a unisex appeal.
  6. Fusion Pant Style Churidar: Pants are the “it” garments this wedding season. The ones with heavy embroidery at the bottom look gorgeous and they also cost the most. Simply pair it up with a half-sleeve upper garment and you are done.
  7. Back-revealing, Body hugging A-line: Full sleeve A-line churidars look best – but only when you add the deep back to it. If you are very thin, go with this design and pick a very gorgeous kameez for the evening.
  8. Jacket Style Azraars: A jacket style churidar or Azraar gives your upper body the definition it deserves. If you are bottom heavy, these are what you need. Plus, they make the DJ nights even better.

For the brothers and friends

You are the one who is sent to do all the chores. The wedding house needs you like a seed needs water to grow. Amidst this entire hustle bustle, don’t forget to get ready in style because some gorgeous eyes will be waiting for you. Dress up in style we have some cool ideas –

  1. Sherwani: A classic Sherwani goes with a good statement for the wedding. Pick the one that has gold work on it as it tends to draw much more eyes. You can also pick the right one for yourself browsing online stores. You can also read an article to know about Ways to Search for Sherwani for Grooms
  2. Velvet Bow Suit: A Velvet Bow Suit is a good alternative to an Armani suit (see below). It is budget friendly and gives a very pompous look to the extroverted best man at the wedding. So it is subjective to personality.
  3. Plain Kurta with Statement Accessory: Wear a simple black Kurta with an elongated broach near your chest. This will make a classic statement. Plus, it makes you look really regal with a head cover.
  4. Armani Suit: Armani suit needs no introduction. It is hands down the sexiest suit that a man can wear – if he is confident enough. Girls go gaga over this look. But it is also an expensive look so look out for other options too.
  5. Emraan Rajput Design: the Emraan Rajput designs are usually worn in Muslim weddings. But now cultures are mixing so people of diverse tastes are choosing it. They are very manly but they have a subtle desi vibe to them.
  6. Simple Kurta Pyjama: When we say “simple” what we really mean is “simple and gorgeous.” The Jacket style Kurta should have some glitz. The Pyjama can be in a supporting role here. The jacket and Kurta should stand out.
  7. Indo-western Suit: An Indo-Western suit is a normal suit on which Indian embroidery is done which is often golden in color. You can match it up with a pant of contrasting colors to complete the look.
  8. Modern Dhoti Kurta: If you are tired of the same old dhoti and Kurta, prep things up. Wear a silk Sherwani and then top it up with a dhoti. Make sure the Kurta you wear underneath the Sherwani is gorgeous.

So hopefully now the girls and boys will have enough options to choose from. Get ready in style and make sure that you complement your bride and groom during the dressing period. With these choices, you can never go wrong. Keep your body shape in mind when choosing the right clothes for you.

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