Jaimala –Latest designs, flowers and songs: A detailed list

Jaimala –Latest designs, flowers and songs: A detailed list

Jaimala – the single most essential element in any Indian Hindu Wedding requires a lot of detail to be constructed. It is not just a wedding garland, it is the final ritual that seals the fate of two individuals and ties them into holy matrimony. This is why this is one of the most important components of the Indian weddings.

Jaimala –Latest designs, flowers and songs: A detailed list

You will see in different Indian weddings, different types of garlands are formed. There are colorful ones that strike the eyes. This is because the garlands are basically formed with multiple flowers of different colors. The most common flowers used for this purpose is the rose and the Rajnigandha (tuberose). However, these flowers are not chosen randomly. Almost all of this has a special meaning in them. Albeit some of it is done for the purpose of gracefulness.

What flowers in Jaimala signify?

The flowers in Jaimala are mainly genda (marigold), rajnigandha and gulaab (roses). This is because all of these three flowers have special meaning in the Indian customs. According to the Vedas the color white signifies piousness and purity. Therefore by tying the flowers of white colors and making the Jaimala out of them, it is being signified that they consider one other with utmost respect.

The red roses signify the love between the couple. Hence the Jaimala itself is a symbol of the bond that exists between the couple. It is a bond of respect and love and therefore by tying the Jaimala the couple states that they have accepted one another finally with love and respect, into their lives.

Now that you know the meaning of the Jaimala and the different colours of the flowers, let us find out the designs which you can choose from.

Types of Jaimala Flower Designs

  • Minimalist: Let’s start with the minimalist Jaimala design. This is the design where there is just one or two red roses tied at the ends of the garland. It is a must to tie the red roses – without the red roses, the garlands will not be completed. Hence, you must have the red roses, but in the minimalist design there are just 2-4 red roses that are pinned at intervals. This is also cheaper compared to other garlands because there are fewer flowers used of less variety. But it is still considered valid in the customary rituals.
  • Traditional: The Jaimala itself is a traditional garland, but the traditional garland in these terms is the ones that have a good number and equal proportion of both the flowers. You can also choose to have genda flowers in between. But all the flowers in equal proportions make for a very pretty garland and it also is in line with the traditions.
  • Designer: The Designer Jaimalas are ones that you can notice from a long distance. They are huge in size and they can be almost very intricate in the way they are tailored. Some people prefer Jaimala in designer terms because these are the outstanding pieces of decoration that will finally complete the look. Other than that there is no special significance in terms of tradition. This type of Jaimala will be more expensive than the most. But at the end they can be the perfect element for all your wedding photographs. The Jaimalas of this order make for a grand statement of acceptance for the bride and the groom.
  • More red and less white: There are two types of garlands basically – one that will have more red towards the neck and the base with white flowers in the mid region, another is this one. In this type of garland, you can easily look a standout because the colors are awe striking. If you think that you and your would-be share a very passionate relationship, then define it by going redder in your garland. It will have a very meaningful significance. Plus, they look richer in color. It can go well with your clothes too.
  • Go exotic: Who said you have to stick to just reds and whites? Bring orchids and lilies for your wedding. They will still have the same color. Plus, they may be more affordable given the season you are planning your wedding in. It is a good way to state that you are a tad bit different than the rest – it is your day after all.

Songs for the Jaimala event

Any Indian wedding is incomplete without songs. Yes, it is true that you need a song for every event in the Indian wedding – even the Jaimala! And what better way than to have Bollywood songs gracing the event for you. These are the songs that will totally make your Jaimala memorable for years to come –

  1. Wah Wah Raamji
    This is a classic one that is loved by one and all. Right from the previous generation to the Gen Y, everyone has memories associated with this song. When this song plays at your Jaimala, you can expect some eyes to get wet. Practically, this song speaks about the time when you looked perfect as a couple and when can this song better be sung except from your Jaimala moment?
  2. Taare Hain Baraati
    This song from the movie Virasat is yet another beautiful one that you can shake a leg to. This song tells about the time when you were perfect as a couple. It is also one of the songs that will completely change the environment. It will give you both the impetus to really feel the moment, in between the hustle bustle that is going on.
  3. Khuda Jaane (instrumental part)
    The initial part of Khuda jaane song that has instrumental tunes in it are perfect for the event. It can give you a glimpse of the song and the lyrics that are about to come and they are just perfect for the event. It is also yet another way to start the event.
  4. Tenu Leke
    This is the song from the Salman Khan Starrer film that will give you a real prep up. The song has a very funky vibe to it and listening to it during the end of the marriage ceremony which is often marked by the Jaimala and the pheras will give you all the energy for the customs. The song can be started right from the moment the boy puts the garland around the girl’s neck. Then you can switch on to the female version which brings us to our next song.
  5. Teri Ore (instrumental part)
    Teri Ore has a very mesmerizing initial part which you can play for this event. This part will match with the coy bride’s demure demeanor. Play it right when the bride is about to put the garland around the groom’s neck.

Here is a detailed list to help you find the songs in the right albums –

Song Name Movie Release date Starring
Wah Wah Ramji Hum aapke hain kaun 1994 Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan
Tare hain baraati Virasat 1997 Anil Kapoor, Tabu
Khuda jaane Bachna Ae Haseeno 2008 Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone
Tenu Leke Salaam E Ishq 2007 Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra
Teri Ore Singh is Kinng 2008 Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif

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