Kapil Sharma Wedding Plans with Ginni Chatrath

Kapil Sharma Wedding Plans

Kapil Sharma recently took to social media to reveal his love life. The comedian turned actor who kept his love life well hidden until now was all abuzz with sweet confession. He mentioned that “she completes him.” To some it comes as a shock while others nodded as they knew it all the while. Kapil has always been linked to three women – Preeti Simoes, Sumona Chakravarti and Ginni Chatrath. It turns out that one of them was always his lady love. Yes, it’s Ginni Chatrath.

Kapil Sharma Wedding Plans with Ginni Chatrath

Kapil Sharma Public Announcement

Kapil’s love knew no bounds when he announced his relationship status on Facebook. He wrote that it was his wife. This shook some of his fans who thought Kapil had secretly tied the knot. But that was not the case. It was his friendly remark in which he also joked that he will not miss Deepika Padukone anymore.

Some people thought Ginni was Kapil’s heroine in his next film Firangi. They thought it was a big fiasco related to Firangi’s promotion. But the man came forward to clear the air about it. He mentioned that Firangi was releasing in time. This special mention has nothing to do with his film. But it is rather true – Ginni is the love of his life.

However, Ginni is not his wife secretly, like people believed at first. Rather Ginni is his girlfriend right now. No, they have not got engaged. Kapil mentioned that they are just dating right now. He also cleared the air about his future plans. He will marry Ginni in 2018.

Kapil’s fan refused to believe him

Kapil seemed rather surprised that people did not believe him. He said that he knows he has been flirting with Deepika Padukone. He wishes to settle down now and he is “happy with” what he has got with Ginni. Kapil mentioned that they knew each other for 10 years. Kapil knew Ginni since they both studied in Jalandhar.

His mom’s blessings are with him. He mentioned that he fell in love with Ginni at first, but later his mom fell in love with Ginni. This was when Kapil thought it was best to announce it to the public. Kapil said that he used to go to Ginni’s college to do standup comedy. Apparently that is when the duo met.

Kapil and Ginni’s marriage plans

Ginni, whose real name is Bhavneet Chatrath, performed in Hans Baliye with Kapil in 2009. But Ginni did not want to pursue standup comedy. She chose to do MBA later. But Kapil put all speculations to rest. When asked if Ginni was to be a part of his production house, Kapil denied. He said that Ginni is busy with other things now and will not be a part of his K9 productions.

When asked more about how Ginni is as a person, Kapil was all praises for her. He said that she is a simple girl who believes in charity. She helps orphaned children and works with them closely, reveals Kapil. She continues to work with them in future as well.

It is clear from this that Kapil Sharma is smitten and is all set to tie the knot with his lady love in 2018. However we are yet to see when and how that happens. For now we know that marriage is on the cards since both the families are happy with the relationship. Kapil’s mother is over the moon. Ginni is currently helping her father with work, whether she will continue to do so after marriage is yet to be known.

Marriage on the cards in January 2018?

Speculations and rumors suggest they will tie the knot in January 2018. Since the couple has revealed their relationship status to the public, they won’t take too long to tie the knot. Apparently their parents too have blessed them. So we can expect the wedding bells to ring soon enough.


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