Karisma Kapoor’s Ex-Husband Sunjay Kapur Getting Married Third Time to Priya Sachdev

Karisma Kapoor’s Ex-Husband Getting Married Third Time to Priya Sachdev

Karisma Kapoor’s former husband Sunjay Kapur is all set to tie the knot again.  Yes, he is getting married for the third time. This time it is with socialite Priya Sachdev. It was only in June last year when Sunjay and Karisma were granted mutual divorce. It marked the culmination of their turbulent marriage. Priya has made small appearances in movies like Neal N’ Nikki. But she is mainly known to be a socialite.

Karisma Kapoor’s Ex-Husband Sunjay Kapur Getting Married Third Time to Priya Sachdev

Meanwhile Sunjay was already dating Priya Sachdev. Since he is a free man after his divorce he is all set to go ahead and tie the knot once again. In fact, Sunjay and Priya will reportedly tie the knot this April. The friends and family have not said anything regarding the matter. However, a close friend of Sunjay’s allegedly said the family won’t comment on the matter. The divorce for the second time has not gone down well with the family. Hence they don’t want to make this public any more.

Love life of Priya and Sunjay

For those who don’t know, Karisma tied the knot with Sunjay in September 2003. They were together for 13 years. But Karisma officially got divorced last year in June. She had previously moved into her Mumbai flat with her two kids. Apparently, there was a big legal tussle over the custody of kids. They have two kids Sameira and Kiaan. They started having fights soon after having their first daughter Sameira. Karisma wanted to move to Mumbai but her husband wanted to live in Delhi. Hence, they decided that they should separate.

Priya and Sunjay have apparently been dating since 2013. Now since they are both single and Sunjay too has got the divorce, the couple are taking their relationship to the next level. Priya is a socialite cum fashion designer. She too was married earlier. However, her previous marriage to Vikram Chatwal ended acrimoniously. Since then, Priya has been single. Until recently she met Sunjay and the duo started dating. Priya and Vikram ended their relationship ten years ago.

Destination Wedding but Intimate

It will be a destination wedding. But since it is the second marriage for the bride and third for the groom they will keep it low profile. That will not stop them from having their marriage in a grand style. Apparently the bride and groom will get married in New York. The wedding will follow a reception in India. But very few guests will be called at the reception too.

They will conduct a Sikh marriage ceremony. Since both Priya and Sunjay is Punjabi they will conduct the marriage following the Sikh ceremony. Only very close friends and family of the couple will be present at the ceremony. If you believe rumors then Priya’s sister Charu is already at work. She has begun the preparations for marriage at New York already.

Karisma-Sunjay Divorce Issue

One hears that Sunjay bought bonds worth 14 crores which fetch Rs. 10 lakh monthly for the children. Before getting divorced, Sunjay and Karisma had their fair share of brawl. Sunjay accused Karisma of using the kids to demand more money. He also went on to say that Karisma did not let the kids meet their ailing grandfather. Randhir Kapoor spoke up on this issue and said that Sunjay has been living with another woman. He accused him of infidelity and also added that entire Delhi knows what kind of man Sunjay is.

Right now Sunjay is spotted at family events with Karisma. Apparently he still comes around for family gatherings because of the kids. Meanwhile there was a rumor that he got really angry seeing Karisma with her boyfriend, Sandeep Toshiniwal. Sandeep is a Mumbai-based businessman who is currently seeing Karisma. With Karisma and Sunjay both moving on it is clear that they are letting bygones be bygones.

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