Keeping Hairs open on your wedding day: Good Idea or a bad idea

Keeping Hairs open on your wedding day: Good Idea or a bad idea

Bridal season is here and the makeup artists and the grooming experts become really busy! One has to devise the schedule and decide on the time available for making the bride pretty and beautiful. Several fashion trends have emerged and the brides are now trying to take up the look that falls in line with making them looking class apart.

Everything matters, from the footwear to the dress to the hairstyle because the overall attire goes into constructing the proper look of the bride. Several notions float when a bride wants to get ready for her wedding day. Some want to make it go trendy while mostly want it as the blend of modernity and tradition. So, overall what matters is choosing what gels up well with your personality. Please follow the link to know what are the different dresses a bride can wear on her wedding

Hairstyle matters a lot in that category because it is only through your locks that you can look unique and distinct. Wedding day remains in our memories for a long to come and the photographs always remind you of how prettier you look! Please follow the link to choose right photographer for your wedding

Keeping Hairs open on your wedding day: Good Idea or a bad idea

What’s the trend today?

Several things go into making you a stylish person you need to know what suits you and what’s not. Deciding on your dresses and accessories remains a priority with the stylist. In that category, hair styles matters a lot so in this guide we shall check out what can be the most suitable thing for you as a bride.

Open hair are always the clear favorite when you are out for some formal occasion. But for a special day like your wedding, you should go for the safer options instead of becoming too experimental. The dresses are really heavy be it for any wedding from any faith, so naturally good-looking styles should be adapted to for turning it out a better day a for you! Please follow the link to know different hairstyle you can make on your engagement

Why not to go for open locks?

Long locks with flowing tresses are clear favorite and in that sense, what matters is that deciding that will it go well with your wedding day? As aforesaid, the wedding dresses are heavy and with a headgear it becomes eventually impossible to carry for longer hours. The wedding occasions lasts for longer hour’s generally whole day or nights.

  • It does not matter that you look good with open hair, but it is the look that you have to carry for limitless hours. As a bride you have to get involved and be a part of numerous wedding occasions. So, messy it may be with a heavy embroided dress or a heavy gown that is why it is always better to be systematic and organized in approach, as told by our moms and grannies.
  • Let’s talk about the Indian brides where tucking the lovely dupattas is possible only with a bun. Not only from a aesthetic point of view, but also keeping in mind the health of hair, it is recommended and preferable that hairs should be arranged in a bun.

Excessive hairstyling needed for open hair!

Keep your hair open on your D-day and invite the mess, well, that is an easy call to the troubles because who would handle you flowing locks? Are you ready to repeatedly style them while you are in your ceremony, no of course! That is why it propagated by the eminent stylists that a bride should always prefer to tie her hair in a bun to support the heavy accessories.

The necessity today is to be as organized as possible, but with open hair that is a remote possibility. You have to be a bit rational in considering this fact that because of the busy lifestyles and most of us being working, we really do not have much time to make ourselves go for long grooming session in the pre-marriage phase. As an easy escape mechanism, you have the option to arrange and streamline your hair in a way that you are able to hold on to the pressure of ceremonies for a long time.

Taking care of your hair health!  

The hair bun used also incorporated the usage of false hair, this gives a strong foundation to the heavy headgears that a brides carries. At times, when hair is not protected, it leads to heavy loss of hair later on. To protect your crowning glory from such a mishandling, buns are promising options.

The emergence of several new hairstyles has led to fashionable buns that enhance the beauty of the bride. You can go for the ornamental options in order to enhance the beauty of your look. Even at times it not possible to get proper grooming of hair done and in that case a bun completes the look.

Escape the hair coloring sessions!

The hair colors are the real favorites for many of us, but do you think it can gel up well with every style of your dress that too on your wedding dress? Well! Think and decide that what you will do when your marriage gets fixed for a due date and you do not have the time to go for removal of hair color.

Colored hair can be a real trouble when you are getting marriage on a near date. Simply, open hair will not give you a desirable look because as a fact of matter, the dress is a bit gaudy. Also, what if it does not go down well with your in-laws, in such cases it is always better to be safe than sorry.

You can escape such a situation, with a lovely bun hairstyle and make it a bit decorative and ornamental with the additional accessories that are available now. You just have to get in touch with your designer before marriage and reach a consensus as to what is going to be in your favor.

How it can your spoil look?

With a little thought, just think that how open hair can kill your look in the photographs. If you have a day-time wedding ceremony, then environment factors are surely going to be the spoilers. The photos may get spoiled because of the flicks and also if you wish to carry a heavy duppatta, then open hair can defeat that purpose.

When you have to show your jewelry off then also, it is troublesome as open locks can hide the accessories you are carrying. So, it should be judicious choices on your part that what kind of attire and looks you want to carry and whether it will suit you as a bride or not.

Pick a good stylist who can guide you throughout and help you make your wedding day the best day of your life with the lovely memories that you can cherish forever!

Here are few do’s and don’ts before you choose to open your hair.

In order to look beautiful and grab the eyes of the guests would be bride must try to use herbal based cosmetics. She should avoid exposure to sun as the harmful rays of sun could make her hairs frizzy. It is always advised to use keratin plus shampoo before getting bridal hair style, as it makes hair smooth and shiny.

One months before wedding On the Wedding Day After Wedding.
Eat lots of green vegetables for long hair. Avoid harsh hair gels Use yogurt to remove the hair-setting gels
Use egg white for long hair. If possible try to avoid, artificial hair color. Wash hair with vinegar for shiny look. Get proper hair treatment from renowned beauty expert.
Do not keep your hair open before going to bed as it can cause split ends. Get a proper hair tarsal that could suit your open hair. Use olive oil to message the scalp.

All the above tips will not only help you to keep long and beautiful hair but it will also assist you to give any style to your hairs on the wedding day.

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