King and Queen Mughal Mehndi Design

King and Queen Mughal Mehndi Design

The mehndi designs are the most crucial parts of our wedding ceremonies. Not just for the bride but the relatives too. Even married and unmarried women get their hands decorated with motifs and if someone has a busy schedule, they make sure to get at least a little bit of it on them. Most women love Mehndis’ and weddings are the time when they can have elaborate mehndi designs on their hands.

The bridal mehndi designs are taken to another level with king and queen paintings on them. The king and queen paintings although not exclusive to the Mughals, are quite common in this design. The best part of this mehndi is that it captures the true spirit of the bride and the groom on D-Day. Indeed every woman and man feels like a king and a queen on their wedding day and the union of these two is shown in the mehndi design. It is quite special but it takes a lot of skill. So if you are getting it done, be sure to check with someone who has an experience in this matter.

King and Queen Mughal Mehndi Design

Whether you apply mehndi on the feet or hands is totally up to you. However people don’t usually get the king and queen mehndi design on their feet because it depicts two people and doing so on the feet would be disrespectful to those icons. India is a land of diversity and therefore we have a lot of traditional mehndi designs taken from a lot of different cultures here. For example the king and queen from the Mughal design.

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The King and Queen Design Significance

When you are going to be someone’s queen it is obvious to want to carve a king and queen on your hand. A mehndi design is in general considered a very good omen and carving the king and queen on your hand is no less. It is the start of the very auspicious life of the couple. But most of all, it sets the bar high so that you see your husband to-be nothing less than a king and such that they see you the same way.

However, if you are getting the king and queen design you must know that this design comes under the Mughal style. Since in those days the king and queen were the epitome of the ultimate relationship in the state, such artworks were done on hands. The details are very important when it comes to this type of mehndi design. The detail would tell you whether you are able to get the right design work done.

It tells the history of your romance

Do you believe in star crossed lovers? There is no better way to show the world that yours is the best pair than getting a historical mehndi design done on your hand. Obviously there is the connection to the Mughal Era, but you can make it your own by decorating it with motifs that are not similar to the Mughals. This way the tale will be yours to tell. It is the perfect way to showcase that the bond you have is beyond time and history. People do the king and queen mehndi design all the time but when you look at the meaning behind it, it can be depicted into something more grand and alluring. But of course you will have to get it done with the best in the business because painting a man and a woman on the palms with a mehndi tube is not easy. It takes years of practice and skill.

Types of motifs that can go with the King and Queen Mehndi Design

So now that you know that you can recreate it with different motifs, what are those motifs? Here are a few that will look superb with your king queen design. These are usually traditional, but you can modernize it by using these methods:

  1. Using Peacock Motifs :
    The Peacock Motif around the King and Queen Design is an amazing idea. It can be drawn with feathers around the king and queen designs and looks amazing when completed. Sometimes the peacock motifs are drawn at the end of the arm. The feather motifs are drawn in the arms but if you are drawing it differently it could be included in the fingers too. You can also read the article Peacock Mehndi Patterns – A Symbol of Love
  2. Color them!
    Nowadays the colored mehndi is very much in style. It is being done from 8 to 80 – all ages alike! The colored mehndi takes it a notch above because it differs from the rest of the girls in the house. It clearly shows that you are the bride by being the most radiant mehndi in the wedding!  You can even make it unique by adding some coloured stones on it. The idea of coloring the king and the queen cannot be ignored. What if you gave your king the color of the dress your groom was wearing? What if you shaded the queen with the colors that you are wearing? It would be phenomenal!
  3. Asymmetric motifs
    The Asymmetric designs are most common with those brides that have said “no” to following traditions. These mehndi designs will bring out the best because it will say something about you.  Combining the king and queen mehndi with asymmetric motifs will give an edgy vibe off the mehndi. It will show that this is a couple that loves to live it up and not bound down. It will also be unique because not many people think of doing it this way. You can also read the article to know about  Moroccan Mehndi design
  4. Floral Patterns
    The floral patterns are the most common ones when it comes to mehndi designs. You can see it in almost all brides. It is also very easy to draw. Mostly it is found in the Indian and traditional styles of the Indian subcontinent.  What the floral pattern does to the mehndi design is – it makes the design more prominent. Almost any design can become prominent and pop more with the floral motifs. This is one of the reasons you should get it done with your king queen design if that is very special to you. You can do a mehndi design with the king and queen of the central theme and then you can work around the floral design to make the design look better.
  5. Murals
    Murals are one amazing designs to go with the king and queen mehndi design specifically because in the original Mughal design also you see a lot of murals being carved. So this is one of the things you will definitely love when you are doing the Mughal mehndi design.  Think about murals for a second what does it make you think of? Its tall architectures, perhaps the ancient monuments. It will go perfectly with your historical theme and the king and queen will look nice and happy in their monumental thrones on your hand. You can also raed the article to know about Arabic Mehndi (Henna)design- Can be a good option for bride


There is always a scope to change the design. For example, you can add color to the mehndi and then keep it under the murals so as to make the design pop. You can also add the peacock motif on your arms or conversely on your palms.


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1 Traditional Mughal
2 Best Style Murals
3 Best idea for coverage With colors and glitter
4 Best suited for Bridal

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