kundli matching is necessary for marriage or not

kundli matching is necessary for marriage or not

Marriage is such an event in our lives that happens only once in a lifetime, at least we wish it to be happened once in our life. We all want to live happily ever after in our marital lives. Be it a love marriage or arranged, the partners wish and pray for a better and happy married life. One of the most important parts in Indian wedding is horoscope or Kundli matching. According to some people, by matching the horoscopes of the bride and the groom you can predict their future married life and if the match is not going to work then they should not get into any relationship.

It is true that Astrology is a science and it can tell you whether your stars are compatible with your partners’ stars or not. On the contrary some people believe that to have a happy married life all you need is trust, love, understanding and acceptance not the stars and moon.  Some people say, it is necessary some don’t bother to even have one. It is all-in-all a belief that anyone can have. So it cannot be said that whether kundli matching is necessary for a successful marriage or not and how many gunas needs to be matched for successful marriage.

kundli matching is necessary for marriage or not

What is horoscope (Kundli) matching in marriage?

Astrology is a science. Horoscope is a result of astrological research. Depending upon birth date, place, time and details a horoscope is created for each person. Mainly in any horoscope details about life, career, health and other things are mentioned. In marriage, horoscope plays a significance role as it has few Gunas or Kootas that show whether the match will be a success or not. Please read the article how to define your wedding based on moon and sun sign.

There are 36 Gunas or 8 Kootas in a single Kundli that have to match between the groom and the bride. Not always all the gunas get matched.

  • It is said that if 18 or less Gunas match, the possibility of a failure in married life is higher.
  • From 18 to 24 matches show that the marriage can be a success but can have major issues at times.
  • From 25 to 32 matches explain that you will have a good marriage
  • 32 to 36 Gunas matching depicts that the marriage will be a super successful with minor or no issues that can affect the relationship in a bitter way.

All these Gunas explain the mental, physical and emotional compatibility between the two people who are ready to get married. All the stars, planets, moon and Sun and their places decide whether the match will bring happiness in future or not. Even there are so many people they plan their honeymoon destination based on their zodiac sign.

Horoscope match in Arranged Marriage

Horoscope match gets the best platform in arranged marriages. As in case of arrange marriage you don’t get to know your partner really well like the love marriages, so here the Kundli plays the game. Parents and elders come together with the astrologer who sit back with two horoscopes (one from bride and another from groom) and start matching the Gunas. Generally in arranged marriage bride and the groom don’t get along as much as the partners in love marriages. So it is easier to give immense importance to the horoscope who tells whether the partners will make a good pair or not. Whether their stars help them to live happily ever after or leading to create a longer queue outside the court struggling with divorce.

Horoscope match in Love marriage

The least important role the Kundli gets in love marriages. The boy meets a girl, they fall in love, they get into relationship for 5 years, 10 years or something and then decide to get married – this is called the pure love marriage where Kundli does not get any chance to perform. In long love relationships the trust, understanding, mental, physical and emotional compatibilities get already a green signal so one may not take help from the astrologer for any assurance.

What will you do if the Kundli does not match?

It is not necessary that your Kundli will match with your partner. Ask your astrologer if there is any way to get out of the issues. Also let me tell you one thing that some of our Gunas are very strong. If few of the strong points get matched, you don’t need to match 36 out of 36 Gunas to get a happy life. Above all the happy life depends only on the person who is living the life. If you want, you will definitely get a prosperous life.

Loopholes in horoscope matching

It is said that Astrology is a science but astrologers are not scientists always. You must be careful while creating your horoscope and matching it with your partner’s as you never know the astrologer is authentic or not.

Even if you know him and trust him but you need to know one thing that a well known astrologer’s daughter’s marriage didn’t work and she had to gone through her divorce. As per Hindu mythological beliefs no one can predict about three things in life, Birth, Death and Marriage. So whether you match your horoscope or not, it is not possible to say what will be our future with our partners?

The horoscope is created on the birth time, place, year, date and so on. But not always the exact time is recorded. Mostly the minutes get changed as it is not always possible to record the exact minutes of the birth. For instance if someone’s time is recorded ad 7:05 am does not always mean this is the exact time. It could be 7:04 or 7:06. With the change in one minute it is highly possible to change your stars and moon’s place.

Final Verdict: Kundli is necessary or not

Kundli matching is said to be a mathematical calculation that can only show you possibility of your future. It does not guarantee you anything. Basically no one can guarantee your future. We can only plan, but we don’t know whether it will work or not. Horoscope matching in marriages is no different from it. We can only plan or predict, but we cannot guarantee whether it will work or not.

But as I believe that trusting in horoscope and matching Kundli’s make a person mentally weak. Rather than trusting on stars one should trust in himself that he / she will make an awesome life with his / her partner. I personally believe that nothing can beat true love. If you love your partner, you will trust her/him, if you trust your partner, you will understand him/her, if there is understanding, there cannot be anything wrong in between you two.

If you are heading for arranged marriage, then rather than matching your Kundli’s, match your likes and dislikes, meet your partners’ friends and family to know more about the person you’re selecting to spend your life.

If you believe in horoscopes then go for it and satisfy your heart. But make sure that you are dealing with an educated astrologer who has the proper mathematical knowledge of the subject.

Do’s and Don’ts while matching Kundli for marriage

Do’s Don’ts
Make sure your details like date, time, place, year, day of your birth is correctly recorded Go to any flying Pundits who call themselves astrologers
Make sure the astrologer is authentic and educated If you are into relationship and want to marry your partner, don’t match your Kundlis
Check the Gunas properly, some Gunas are said to be so strong that even lesser match can make a better life Don’t make any moves by just reading the “Probability” in Kundli, try to think logically and take the decision.

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