Lace Glove Henna: Revolution in the field of Mehndi

Lace Glove Henna: Revolution in the field of Mehndi

Wedding itself and everything related to wedding is going through a change. It effortlessly reminds me of when they say: nothing is absolute, but change. Yes, if you want a dream wedding you have to oblige to the changing trends. Mehndi is one such thing that may seem like a minor detail to weddings; however it is going through an interesting phase of innovation. Now Mehndi is not just about checking the things-to-do box, it has become nothing less than a statement accessory. Sounds weird? Well, not really. Remember those cool vintage lace gloves that brides used to wear with their wedding gowns, well the fashion trendsetters of the east have made it into Lace glove henna! It is also necessary to know how to keep your mehndi for long lasting.

Lace Glove Henna: Revolution in the field of Mehndi

We all know that henna is no more just an eastern thing, the west is head over heels with it and some brides even wear it on their weddings with their glowing white gowns – yes! But we have to also agree that the world has become fast and so has the fashion trends too. Just like we like we change into new dresses in the blink of an eye, women now want to do the same with their henna tattoos, and thus to save the day, the lace glove comes quite in handy. Please follow the link to know what can be the different dresses a bride can wear on her wedding.


Easy to remove/change: 21st century women are mostly working and while some of us are okay with going to the office with Mehndi tattooed hands, most of them (us) are not! So what could you rather do? Go for lace glove henna, it come in various patterns and colors and thus, gives you a wide, instant option to choose from.

Pattern for each day: Since we are talking about big – fat – extended – over – a – long – period Indian wedding, you could pick and choose varying design for every single day of your wedding, i.e. a separate pattern for Mayon, ladies Sangeet, Mehndi and the big day, of course.  Please read the article to know about peacock Mehndi design: a symbol of love.

Match the dress: If you are a true eastern-er you should/would know the art and the obsession of having everything matched. A lot of brides go for lace gloves to match the dress. Others go for it because they do not want the color of the Mehndi to cover the skin in tan. Both ways, your call.

Talking about henna and not cover the real henna tattoos, not possible. The Ancient Mughal tradition has grown into a necessary custom for south Asian brides and the innovation of new motifs and patterns shows how much of an industry the henna market has grown into.


Lace glove henna designs are very intricate and almost give the illusion of wearing a sheer lace glove. As mentioned before, lace henna is a modern and contemporary take on the traditional henna and can be modern brides best bet, if they want a fusion look. You can also follow a link to know about Latest Engagement Day Mehndi tattoos

Here are a few things you should know before you dive in:

  • The color of the henna, black, brown or auburn
  • Length of the pattern; till the arm, the wrist or just the fingers
  • the key is intricacy
  • A talented Mehndi artist

Here are a few Mehndi patterns you could follow:

Split Madala

A split mandala could be used as a central focus with a tikki split on both hands in the middle. The design plays on a beautiful symmetry, with lace pattern spread over the rest of the hand.

The Crafted Cuffs

A nice net pattern with floral borders will be nice to start at the wrist ending in the center of the back of the palm. The main focus of his pattern is on the wrists that comprise of intricate and highly detailed pattern. It can also be extended separately on the pinki finger to execute completely. Please read the article to know more about Moroccan Mehndi design

The Checkered Pattern

Checkered henna design is great to break the monotonous block of art and to give an impression of lace glove. Check pattern is also great for extending a design and to make a regular motif look modern and top notch.

Minimalist Pattern

Lace glove design are primarily based on minimal design and basically extending it outward with jaali to give it that boudoir look. This is kind of pattern is focused mostly around either fingers or the wrist area.

What else could you do?

Mix the Pattern

Remember Mehndi is an art and so there is no hard and fast rule to it. if you love the intricate Indian or floral Arabic designs but still want a sheer look like that of a lace, just mix the motifs from all your favorite designs together to make the perfect design. Make sure you try it on a paper a few times, before you go ahead with in on your hands.

Color Contrast

Mehndi comes in various colors, which gives a wide variety for the artist to choose from not only I terms of patterns but to elevate the design by choosing different light and dark shades. As the art of Mehndi has evolved, the artists have agreed that even an ordinary design can be bumped up through the right shading and right use of colors.  You could even use glitter and beads to make it prettier. You can also add some colored stone in your mehndi to make it unique.

 For the color

Mehndi is all about the color first, even if you have the most beautiful and/or intricate design, if it lacks color it lacks everything. To get maximum color make sure you leave it on your hands for a long time, even overnight. You could also put sugar syrup or oil to add the extra something for the best color. In case you do not like you Mehndi too dark, leave the oil and sugar syrup, leaving it for a long time alone will do.

Personal opinion, you might want to get darkest color, because they say: “the darker the color on the hands of the bride, the more the mother-in-law loves her.”

If you only want to don the henna a day, go for the glove. If you want to go for real henna, you have to follow these steps: Split madala or tikki that splits in the middle, half on each palm with the rest of the motif spreading from it is a great lace pattern Additionally what you could do to make it the best is you could mix various patterns and incorporate it with signature lace design
You can have a separate pattern for very day of your wedding Pick the right color or a mix of color and of course, a good quality Mehdi cone Crafted cuffs is hands down the most popular design when it comes to lace glove henna design Using various mehndi colors to draw and shade the mehndi is the wisest thing to do when applying mehndi. You could even add beads and glitter to make it extra cooler
You can pick the color you want and basically match it with your dress Pick the pattern, try it out a few times before you are sure Lace is all about net and checkered pattern, put the design of your choice and end it with check To get the best color, leave it for long. Apply mustard oil or any other available. You could also put sugar syrup
Lace pattern screams intricacy Minimalist pattern are the key but you have to choose the right spots to put those minimal motifs at and then ending it with net to execute it
Make sure to hire an artist who has intricacy as their prime game

So it is safe to say that lace glove is the most contemporary and modern style. This latest trend isn’t merely a fad, but it actually does add a beautiful, up-to-date look to the whole attire of the bride.

Well too much about this design it is important to search a best mehndi artist.

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