Latest Banna Banni Songs for ladies sangeet

Latest Banna Banni Songs for ladies sangeet

Indian weddings are incomplete without the fun sangeet ceremony. Previously the wedding Sangeet used to have female relatives from the bride’s side who sang all night. They teased the bride and it was just an all-female wedding event. But nowadays the events also accompany the groom’s family. Together the families celebrate together and dance performances are held. You can also read an article to know about how to Prepare Ladies Sangeet Ceremony Anchoring Script

Latest Banna Banni Songs for ladies sangeet

Both the bride’s siblings and the groom’s siblings and cousins perform. The event is filled with a lot of fun and grace. But apart from the modern performances(romantic couple dance), the traditions are also kept intact. According to Indian tradition, banna and banni songs are a must during the weddings.

But are you tired of the same old banna-banni songs? Here are the latest songs to dance to –

  1. Mehndi Ni Mehndi
    This song emotes the feelings of the bride after she weds and goes to her husband’s house. Surely it is a big step for her whereby her whole life changes in an instant. This song therefore is for the “banni” as it reflects her thoughts and feelings post marriage. Elders can sing this song during the wedding as it will surely be one that keeps up the traditions. You can also follow Mehndi Songs playlist 2017
    There was a rock version of this song in the film ‘Patiala house’. If you feel the original version is too mellow or too sad, we would recommend you go ahead with it to bring life back to the party. Or you can start with the traditional version and then move back to this one. You can also read an article to know about the 16 Best Songs For Mehndi Ceremony
  2. Gal mithi mithi bol
    This song has the latest beats from the modern world. This song can be one to lighten the entire situation. The elders of the house can perform a musical with this song as the theme as well. It is a perfect modern-day banna banni song. The song is sung in a male voice while there are tidbits of girl’s vocals. So it can be the perfect song for both the bride and the groom and it would also compensate the cause of today’s joint sangeet ceremonies.‘Gal mithi mithi bol’ has become an anthem for the weddings. You can hear this song whenever you go at the sangeet. So don’t you want to include this hit song to your wedding list too? If this song is too modern and out of touch for you, read on as we have a whole collection of well accounted for new songs. To skip to the album part, scroll below at the table. This can be the best song for indian mother Son or father daughter dance. 
  3. Phulla di Bahaar
    Phulla di Bahaar is the song where the friends of the bride jokingly tease her about her new life. Nowadays the elder ladies and relatives of the bride do this. It is a customary tradition where the bride is teased and her anticipation for her new life is amplified. This is a classic gidda which is performed in the Punjabi houses before marriage.This can be used during jaimala.
    One of the best ways to sing this song is by pacing it up with fast beats. If you have a DJ ask him to incorporate this song into one of his tracks and then see the magic that unfolds with this music at your wedding. There are many track changes during the song when the bride waits for her husband to come home and the ladies tease her about that. You can incorporate a fun mixture of choreography to it too.
  4. Kala Sha Kala
    Kala Sha Kala is hands down the most fun song you can perform at the wedding. Yes, this song has been doing the rounds since decades, then why did we include it in this list? Well, simply because it never gets old. The song is also ideal for these times when people are fighting back against racism in the country.The song speaks about the bride telling her mom that she doesn’t want her to go looking for a fair and handsome groom. She is pretty happy with her dark groom. The song says that dark skinned people might actually have good hearts, which at the end of the day is what matters. Don’t we agree?
  5. Madhaniya
    Madhaniya is a song that will speak to your soul. This is one of those songs that you sing to set the tone down. So right after the party tracks, when everyone is tired, you can pick out this song. It will also be a very emotional song. So instead of keeping it for the last you can keep it for the beginning and then pick the tempo from there. It is one of those songs which you either begin with or end with. The soulful voice of the singer does the talking and you won’t have to do much.
  6. Boliyaan Giddha-1
    This is yet another song from a Bollywood film for you and you may not have heard of it because the movie vanished right from the theatres. But listen to the song, you might actually like it. It is quite the song for the wedding events. Plus when you play this song or perform to this song, no one must have heard of it so you will stand out in your sangeet performance. You’re welcome!
  7. Baari Barsi
    Want a song that involves the whole crowd? What better way than to sing this song. If you are thinking this is the same old Baari Barsi, then you are mistaken. The lyrics will take you by surprise as the singer asks the bride’s mother to do ‘tango’ with her. It is definitely new twist to the old tales and perfect for the ladies sangeet event. So get ready to groove.

A tabular overview

Name of Song Singer Album or Movie
Mehndi Ni Mehndi Harshdeep Kaur Patiala house (Rock version)
Gal mithi mithi bol Tochi Raina Aisha
Phulla di Bahaar Kaur Sisters Kaur Sisters Vol II
Kala Sha Kala Annamika Bollywood experience 2
Madhaniya Neha Bhasin Single Track
Boliyaan Giddha-1 Rdb featuring Nindy Kaur Aloo Chaat
Baari Barsi  Labh Janjua, Harshdeep Kaur, Salim Merchant Band Baaja Baraat

Apart from that here is the list of traditional Banna Banni Songs of different states.

You can also follow our page to know more about wedding song collection.

Traditional Banna Banni Songs

In India there is a custom of singing songs for every occasion. When that occasion is as joyous as wedding, the songs are even more celebratory.  But not all songs are happy. There are Vidaai songs also, which speak about the emotional aspects of leaving your maternal home forever. Thos is why wedding songs, which are also known as Banna Banni songs because they relate to the bride and groom, are so much important traditionally. They help you emote and they speak the words which your mouth cannot. Let us check out the different yet beautiful Banna Banni songs of different regions of India –

Marathi Wedding Songs

  • Aaga Aaga Patlacha Paru by Rishikesh and Pallavi
  • Aaga Chandrakala – Pallavi
  • Nanda Chauthe Bhara by Rishikesh and Pallavi
  • AAie Mi Jaate by Pallavi
  • Aare Aare Ladkiyan Majhe by Pallavi
  • Gomucha Lagnala by Sanjay Pandit
  • Mayeche Mayibap by Madhuri Patil

Tamil Wedding Songs

  • Kummi adi : Sillennu Oru Kadhal.
  • Kummiyadi : Chellamea.
  • Idicha Pacharisi : Uthama Puthiran.
  • Iru Vizhiyo : Pirivom Santhipom
  • Ithu Thaana : Saami.
  • Anicham Poovazhagu : Thandavam.

Gujarati Wedding Songs

  • Vevai Ne Mandave
  • Ae Mitha Vagar Na Anvar Lagn Fatna
  • Kadja Kero Katko Maro
  • Koyal Udi Re Gayee
  • Vevai Ni Jaan
  • Dikari Pakri Thapan

Bengali Wedding Songs

  • Palkite Bou Chole Jay – Mita Chatterjee
  • Laje Ranga Holo Kone Bou Go
  • Aaj moynar gayeholud
  • Hathe mehndi sajawo go
  • Bajau dhol bajau shehnai
  • Tora Ailo Sakhi

Telugu Wedding Songs

  • Gowri Kalyana Kamamulalona
  • Sree Rasthu Shubhamasthu
  • Seetha Kalyanam chudam
  • Andala Bommaku
  • Kalyana Vynhogamee
  • Kalyana Vynhogamee Nade

Punjabi Wedding Songs

  • Aadi Kudiye Jaandi Kudiye
  • Ghori Chariah Veera
  • Giddah
  • Kadh lae Jawai Naal
  • Kadma Kalra kyon Aaya
  • Mein Challi Piya Pakre
  • Shava Ni Hun Jago Aayia

Kashmiri wedding songs

  • Mahraza ho
  • Maenzi Doolis
  • Yaro Mye Dillas
  • Swargitch Main Laag
  • Hay Achiedaer
  • Pakh The Bron Kun

Bhojpuri wedding songs

  • Dulha Ramji Lala
  • Beli Chameli si Sajan Bade Kar Hay
  • Kaun Nagariya Se Ayile Barat
  • Saasu Nihaarat Damaad
  • Senura Lagai Dulha Kaini Dharmava
  • Sone Katorva Kaanch Hridaya
  • Chum Chum Chumava Shiv Shankar Hari

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