Latest Bhai Dooj Special Mehndi Designs

Latest Bhai Dooj Special Mehndi Designs

The bond between a brother and a sister is sometimes really sweet and sometimes really sour. They can get on each others’ nerve but they love each other like anything and can protect one another from harm always. Along with the celebrations of Diwali come the Bhai Dooj celebrations when the brothers and sisters bond gets revived. Surely, she will ping you for gifts but she will also give you that elusive ‘tilak’ that will keep you out of harm’s way all the time.

Latest Bhai Dooj Special Mehndi Designs

Nowhere in the world is there such an extensive ritual to celebrate the bond between a brother and a sister. It is the one day when a married woman gets to reconnect with her siblings once again. Of course there is Raksha Bandhan to feel the bond, but just when you start to think that all the festivities have come to an end, you have Bhai Dooj to make you reconnect with your roots.

While you are placing the auspiciousness on your brother’s forehead, there has got to be ways you can redefine your hands as well. Your hands will be the center point of attention right from the moment you pick up the aarti till the moment you apply the tilak. So why not beautify them? Here we have the most exclusive range of mehndis for Bhai Dooj exclusively –

Swan Design: The Swan mehndi design is one that stands for auspiciousness and it solely meant for the brother. Let him know that you have drawn the swan mehndi on your hands to add some extra good luck on his path this Bhai Dooj. It is known as the ‘may his career soar high’ symbol. You can draw it on your feet and ankles also. When girls paint their feet and ankles with swan design it is known to exude confidence and increase wealth.

Mandala mehndi: The Mandala mehndi design is mysterious at its best. It is known to have connections with the mystic patterns of the Universe and drawing them on your palms signifies the interconnections of all things. Mandalas are very powerful and make sure that you draw them calling in all positive energies, to get the true benefits of this mehndi style. Usually they are associated with good luck and happiness. With flowers around the Mandala symbol, you can experience true joy. When you do the rituals with these Mandala drawn hands, you will be exuding positive energy into all things.

Owl motif:If you have a brother who is about to sit for his board exams, or simply a brother who wishes to pursue higher studies, draw owl motif. Owl is often associated with wisdom and he sits at the feet of Lakshmi – bringing abundance. Owls are known to be the wisdom keepers. They bring clarity, intuition and insights – all of which are best for the student life. If you feel like your brother is in need of any of this then draw the owl motif along with paisley and other motifs on your hands for this Bhai Dooj. You can also tease your brother and say that you have actually drawn them on your hands!

Dream catcher: Those women that have recently went for a Karva Chauth Mehndi and want the best for their brother but cannot get another extensive mehndi – can go for Dream catcher. It is really very time saving. It takes up little space on your hand, it is not very elaborate and it can bring a lot of auspiciousness to the event too. The dream catcher is the symbol of aspirations, good luck and fulfilled ambitions. By drawing this symbol on the palm of your hand, you are signifying that your brother’s ambitions may come to fruition. You are wishing that he gets what he aspires to. You can also read the article to know 10 Mehendi designs for Karva Choth

Lace circle mehndi design: The lace circle mehndi design is yet another pretty design. The bonds of the lace signify the bond between a brother and his sister and the intertwined design signifies the destinies you two have shared together till now. By delicately drawing butterflies around these motifs you wish your brother good luck and wish a great future for him ahead. These beautiful decorations all get meaning with the new Bhai Dooj day. It is quite an uncommon one so you can try it.

Floral symbols: The floral symbols are the epitome of a long and healthy life span for your brother. By drawing this symbol you wish that your brother will have an aromatic life ahead. You could either go completely floral or you could use the floral designs along with the other mandalas and lace circles to give a much more vibrant meaning to the mehndi.

Sun God on the back of the hand: You must have seen girls drawing a dark circle at the back of the palm. It is the symbol of the sun God. This type of symbol is drawn to make the design simple. But it also has a deep meaning. It means that you want your brother to be free from any evil eye. You can also draw it as a protection symbol. It is very effective for and it is drawn across many cultures around the world. If this Bhai Dooj you feel like your brother could use some protection from evil eyes then you go ahead and draw them on your hands.

Flora and Fauna: The vivid design resonates well with the autumn season and it also symbolizes abundance which you wish for your brother throughout his life. The fragrance of the floral season resonates with the bond between the brother and the sister. Plus, it looks great on your hands on this occasion and it the sanctified relationship of the siblings is caught well on this mehndi design.

Peacock symbol:The peacock is the symbol of the feminine charm and it enhances the beauty of the woman. Peacock is also the symbol of the nourishment that you want in your brother’s life. Has your brother been recently married? To wish him good luck, there is no better way than to draw the peacock symbol on your hands. The peacock is a mysterious animal and it stands for a lot of things – it was the favorite of Krishna and has a lot of qualities. Drawing the peacock symbol for Bhai Dooj would be the perfect way to bless your brother a great life. To know more about it you can also read an article Peacock Mehndi Patterns – A Symbol of Love

Traditional patterns: The Indian Traditional patterns and motifs stand for togetherness. It has forever been a symbol of unity and harmony within relationships. This is why on every occasion we draw mehndi on our hands. For Bhai Dooj what could be a better way to celebrate the bond than by going perfectly traditional? The intricate designs tell the tale of how you are bonded with your brother and how you two are significant in each other’s lives. It is one thing you shouldn’t miss.

Make sure that your brother knows that you have drawn these designs just for him. Also make sure he gives you enough gifts for your efforts! Enjoy.

No. Significance Symbol
1 Luck, peace, unity Dream catcher, swan
2 Wealth, harmony, abundance Swan, peacock
3 Wisdom, protection Sun symbol, Owl

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