Latest blouse designs for kanjivaram silk saree

 Latest blouse designs for kanjivaram silk saree

Every time Kanjeevaram silk sarees are referred to, the next word striking your mind would be ‘grandeur’. Indeed the fabric is very gorgeous and the sari hugs the body, of any woman, very well. These sari look more pretty with a complimenting blouse. This kind of sarees are generally wear during south Indian wedding rituals  Here are some references to help you design your own blouse for the same.

Latest blouse designs for kanjivaram silk saree

No two bodies are the same and no two women have the same fashion style. Each is different, so are the blouses bound to be. Some of the latest blouse designs are mentioned below. You can also read an article to know about Latest Saree Draping Style Technique Idea step by step

Net blouse

Net blouse pieces come in a number of ways. Some have thread embroidery and some have embellishments. It is totally dependent on the kind of choice and preference you have. They look real nice if got stitched considering the body type in concern. Full sleeves to short sleeves to sleeveless, all look very nice.


The fabrics in the market with sequin work on them come in a number of ways. Halter necks, tube blouse and the Maharani blouse, all look gorgeously awesome with kanjeevaram saris. The fabric of the sari is shiny and the sequins will add to the light and shine. For instance, if work on your sari is pure golden, you may opt for a slightly antique golden look of the blouse.

Closed neck

Closed neck blouse are the latest patterns used for all sari types. The traditionally used patterns or designs used for neck were square/sweetheart shape/circular. Closed neck look very nice. No matter whether the fabric is printed, embroidered, embellished or plain, the design will surely compliment your kanjeevaram.

Collar neck

Collar neck is one pattern that can really be played with. It may be blended with halter necks, if stitched in a creative way or simply collar necks, all closed up; it will give the look of which is just an extension of closed neck. You may go in for 3/4th sleeves or full sleeves even. It has to be totally proportional to what you can pull off with grace.

There have been some designs, for instance, for collar blouse, you may go in for printed fabric for the sleeves and the collar, rest of the blouse can be made with plain fabric. This too is a creative way to wear the blouse in.

Boat neck

This is not very commonly used neck patterns to make sari blouse, especially for kanjeevaram saris. Adding a little bit of gold work, at the neck, will add beauty, and glamour. This pattern of blouse looks very nice with ‘pattu sari’. Pattu saris usually have broad borders, with the one falling at the bottom flamboyantly designed. You may yourself imagine the entire look now.

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Sleeveless blouse

There is hardly any sari, ever made in India, which will not compliment sleeveless blouse. Rather, when the two are mixed, the contemporary and the conventional, the result may be termed as fusion. There are many patterns you may play with while thinking of sleeveless blouse to go with kanjeevaram saris. Some are mentioned here:-

  • Blend a printed blouse with a contrasting color of your sari, it will look real different. Take the palla as casually as possible and be easy to grab that ethnic look.
  • Sleeveless blouse are experimented with neck patterns as well. Some look gorgeous with jawahar collar or Chinese collar, you just have to see what speaks of you.
  • Simple round/boat/square neck will also look nice. Just add in a little bit of ease and look the gorgeous you.

Floral print

It is just the print that is being talked about here, the design is totally up to your discretion. Consider the below mentioned patterns to grab the look you want.

  • Get halter necks made and take the palla pinned/pleated, totally your choice. The backless blouse is bound to look gorgeous but make sure you have the kind of back to show off.
  • Full sleeves/3/4th sleeves/ normal half sleeves/ mega sleeves, all will look nice. It has to be totally what speaks of you.
  • Boat necks are additional pretty looking designs that work the best for skinny / thin ladies.
  • Bigger prints are not right for average to heavy women. They must opt for smaller prints to look right.

Plain full sleeve

Some of the latest names to have pulled the full sleeve blouses with valor are Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherjee and Kangana Ranaut. All these ladies belonging to Hindi film industry have indeed made a fashion statement by wearing this pattern of blouse.

If the occasion to wear it in is most commonly humid/hot climate, then it is highly recommended, you go for cotton fabric. Spandex is there too but it may not look well with kanjeevanram or any other silk sari.

Same kind of pattern, with net long sleeves will look very gorgeous. The only drawback with a pattern this kind is, sleeves will not give you enough space to wear lots of bangles.

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Jacket blouse

This is one blouse that will look real nice with any pattern, any design of your kanjeevaram sari. It is best you imagine now- Imagine a plain sari, with a plain simple and dull tight fitting blouse. Now the same look is added more glamour too by wearing a Jacket (either sleeveless/3/4th sleeve/ full sleeve), something that is heavily embroidered or embellished. This look will call for least of accessories to complement the look.

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Sari is nothing but a fabric that is commonly 5.5 meters in length. With Kanjeevaram the beauty is, it is wider in width as compared to other forms. This is real good for ladies having height more than 5.5 feet. It is known for hugging the body well and reflecting just the right look.

There is one pattern for each one of you. You just have to see, what pattern and color of sari suits you and get the blouse made accordingly.  The choice is totally yours. Remember one thing, just because something looked nice on some one that does not mean you will be able to pull it off as well.

Judge your body and choice first and then go in for the right pattern/design of your blouse. Get something that speaks of you.


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