Latest Bridal Entry Ideas

Latest Bridal Entry Ideas

The wedding day is the most important day in the life of a girl. She is told it is “her” day. She is given everything the best – from clothes to jewelry and for once she gets to be the star of the show. Most women are supportive of her on this day because she is meant to be the star. So this star needs her grand entry too, right?

Latest Bridal Entry Ideas

Walking down the aisle could be the most memorable moment in the entire event. Usually the bride is not exposed to her friends and relatives until the moment arrives. She is then walked down till the mandap or the altar and then the bride and the groom begin their rituals. But the walk – that is what sets the note high for the event. It is the moment where the groom catches his breath taking in the sight of his woman, it is the moment where the groom’s side can see how beautiful she actually is and it is a moment when the friends and parents would watch her with water gleaming in their eyes from pride and sorrow both.

So, as you can see, here first impression is truly the last. We have some fun ideas for you to make the most of your bridal entry. Here are some unique ways to enter the hall –

  1. Sparkles or Phooljhadis:A few people hold the sparkles high above at a safe distance and from between them walks down our star of the show. As she enters, all the sparkles seem to follow. It is best for the bride in a gown because for the Hindu bride she will probably be accompanies by her family and friends and the effect will not be that gala – it is worth a try though.
  2. The high stairway:Usually we don’t see the Indian bride making an entrance in the stairway. It is such a useful tool. You can walk down the stairs while the entire crows looks up at you – it will be as if you are the queen of the place and you are the most welcome lady in the event. It will be a feeling in itself and it is dignified and calls for some respect too. What are you thinking? Just go for it.
  3. Flower girl announces you: Make your little niece walk ahead of you holding the sign “Here Comes Your Bride…” or something of the same sort. You can even stick with a funkier message. But what really makes this cute is the little one announcing your coming. You can also ask the kid to sprinkle flowers as you walk on them and enter. It is a really cute idea and will have the audiences smiling ear to ear.
  4. Ramp walk to that mandap!:Yes! Seize the day. Ask them to create an elevated ramp that extends up till the stage. Decorate both sides with lighting or diyas as you walk down the mandap from there. It can be quite a feeling to walk this way. This will also be every photo friendly and can be a privilege to show off.
  5. Entry with chaadar and lights:It is actually a custom in many parts of the Indian subcontinent to make an entry this way which is why you’d find that this is the most common one. To make this happen with the maximum impact, make sure the rest of the room has become dim when you enter – it is literally your light that should light the entire room. This is what you have seen in many Bollywood movies too, so you know, it is quite a trend nowadays. Why shouldn’t it be? It has a good mix of both tradition and modernization.
  6. On a carriage:Enter the marriage hall like the Princess that you are! The entire carriage thing is very elegant in itself. Also if it is open from the front portion it’d be better because you could literally wave to the audiences and relish some of that elegant and royal feel. A palki also works, but nothing works better than a horse drawn carriage that resembles a ‘rath’. Moreover, if the groom can come in a horse, why can’t the bride?
  7. Satin ribbons falling down:This one is the same as the sparkles one, but probably safer – make your friends and family sprinkle ribbons all around in circles and different patterns. Walk along the aisle with all of this happening around you – it will be a sight to cherish.
  8. Cool Bike entry: What is the best way to say you are a fun bride? By going the crazy mile! Okay this might sound crazy but many brides actually love to make a bike entrance in their wedding. You could wear a pair of boots and stockings underneath that lehenga and wear spectacles and ride till your venue. If you still think there’s going to be a lehenga issue, you can change the attire to wear more like a Maharashtrian clothes to suit your entry. Or, you can take the carriage ride and make your dad ride the bike – it will be perfect. Your dad will bring you till the venue riding a bike and you will be the girl in the carriage with probably your niece on your lap. It will be a cute entry.
  9. Rickshaw entry with swag: Are you the fun bride? Are you a lively girl? Make the world know who you are – enter dancing to your favorite Bollywood tune in a rickshaw! Trust me it is not any average Rickshaw that you will b riding. The decorators will make sure that it is decorated with the prettiest flowers and the entire decoration will be done to suit your wedding dress color. It can also be contrasting colors to make you appear more vivacious. That’s all. Just grab a pair of shades, sit on the rickshaw and dance your way in. You will be a bride that will be hard to forget in the crowd, trust me.
  10. Like Cinderella: Just like Cinderella, make a grand entry into the event. Make a carriage okay this carriage can be drawn by people instead of horses – the only difference is that the entire roof will be covered and you will be able to enter the event with full disclosure. Make sure as you walk out, you are walking gracefully and you are sorted!
  11. Come in a boat:If you are getting married near a lake or Udaipur resort, then you will probably have the option to avail a boat – why not make use of that? Make sure you are draped lightly so that the veil shows off your dress but also covers your head. It will be a sight to behold!
  12. Dhols and Nagadas: Make a grand entrance with Dhols and Nagadas playing along as you enter. It will not just make you feel special but will create an emergence in the atmosphere too – perfect way to create a spectacle!

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