Latest Coconut|kobbari bondam designs for wedding

Latest Coconut/ kobbari bondam designs for wedding

Kobbari bondam is one of the most important things that a bride will need on her wedding day. However it is more than just significant. For the Telegu bride, it is also a thing of beauty besides tradition. Hence, you must check out the latest designs that we have assorted for your wedding. These are going on trend right now and you will simply love them!

Latest Coconut/ kobbari bondam designs for wedding

So sit back and relax while we present to you the best and the latest kobbari bondam designs. Pick your favorite and be the most outstanding bride on your wedding day.

Lotus Themed

Elaborate Lotus theme is the best one for the Kobbari Bondam. But they aren’t drawn alone. Usually they are paired up with idols of Lord Ganesha or Lakshmi Devi to symbolize austerity and piousness. If you are looking for a rich look then pair it with kundan designs around the lotus. To go with theme you can also read an article to know about Latest Lotus Henna Designs

Peacock style

Last year a women did the peacock style on her coconut and became viral. Since then this trend has on set. To do this perfectly you need a few small peacock feathers and a bluish peacock front. A peacock is auspicious because it symbolizes the presence of Lord Krishna and his blessings upon you. So have this on your wedding day and make sure to pair it up with bluish tints on your Saree so that it goes perfectly with your attire. You can also read ab article to know Peacock Mehndi Patterns – A Symbol of Love

Radha Krishna face

There was a time when the entire Radha Krishna plays were sculpted or painted out in the coconut. But now is the trend of drawing little graphic designs of Radha and Krishna faces. You can get them on the coconut with very simple drawings. They can look really nice as a memento from the wedding because they are so modern-looking. It is the perfect one for the chic bride. You can also make the mehndi based on radha krishna design.


The latest entry is in the stickers department. So these are stickers you can buy at local shops and stick on your coconut. These stickers have drawings of bride and groom marriage usually. They are preferred because they cost 1/3rd the price of the other types of stickers in the market. This trend is slowly developing among US and India residents. It is quick and hassle free and totally keeps the tradition alive. Plus it’s cheaper, so why not?


You knew this was coming because once in a while you come across a Lord Ventakeswara devotee amongst the bride and groom. For them, this symbol is quite famous and we have added it to the list because with time, the types have evolved. Earlier there used to be full descriptions and details of the coconut Kobbari. But now they have been evolving with little details. Go with this because belief never dies and it will always be on trend.

Name bondams

Name bondams are famous because they are easy to make. The bride can try and be creative herself to make these. The real beauty is to make the makes out of muchku flower. They can also be made to reflect or match the bride’s Saree color. If you are wearing a red Saree then make the Kobari background red and on it write with white dotted strips, the name of the bride and groom. This is actually a very tried and tested idea – one that people actually do for the wedding.

Designer Bondam

Heavily adorned bondams look really nice. However if you do wish to go down this route ensure that you have complemented your groom to some extent. You can color coordinate your bondams or you can totally go with a unique look – so that it seems like the two bondams are meant to be for each other. That sounds a lot more appropriate, right? Don’t hesitate to make a statement with your Kobbari Bondam.

Seeta Ramulu Bondam

This is a popular design in this you draw Ram and Sita pictures on the coconut. It is believed that Ram and Sita had the perfect marriage. Hence a marriage like them is expected by the brie and the groom. Hence the drawings of Seeta and Ramulu are being done since times immemorial. Even today the Ram and Sita pictures are not out of trend. But the way in which they are drawn has evolved.

Earlier there used to be really detailed and elaborate pictures. Now all we have is a picture of the faces of the deities. Usually brides are the ones to get them. You can do a Ram and Sita pair with your husband-to-be on your side. It could give a clear message of blessings and that you two complete each other.

Picture bondams

The picture bondams are really in style because they are replacing the name bondams now. The name bondams can be easy – you might even do a DIY to make them. But the picture bondams are easier! You can just cut out and stick a picture of the two of you and you can make designs around the picture of the bride and groom on the bondam. Here you can get really creative and draw hearts or you could draw Ganesha blessing the two of you. Either way these are really in style and you could get them done in no time.

Floral Bondams

Floral bondams are not really out of style yet – although they might look that way but they really are very simple. Flowers always signify freshness and purity and what better way to portray that on the bondam other than covering up the coconut with fresh floral network.

Some people prefer to keep it simple and this is why they put a flower checkered on top of the bondam and put it on top of the coconut.

Set to match the traditions

As we already said – traditions never go out of style. So you can get them done in the traditional style to match your attire. A heavy chunk of coconut with matching clothes goes in every wedding. So play safe and go this route to never fail!

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