Latest Engagement Day Mehndi tattoos

Latest Engagement Day Mehndi tattoos

Engagement Day is a huge day for a girl. It is the first step towards marriage and the commitment begins. On this day the girl meets with a lot of the extended relatives of the groom’s side. Therefore there comes a matter of first impression when it is seen from her perspective. This is why the girl makes sure that is looking fabulous and has worn all the traditional attire in her best possible manner. What is the one thing that says traditional the most? Yes, you are right – it’s mehndi.


Mehndi can be done on the hand in different ways. However there are some clear ways in which the soon to be bride can do mehndi on her hand. Girls love mehndi as it is, combine it with the fact that every girl wants to look like a Princess and you know you have got to give them the best.

A beautiful ring does not go well with poorly maintained hands. So before getting that dream mehndi, make sure that you have done manicure well on your hands first. Once you have done that, you are all set to receive the best mehndi of your life for your engagement day. You can also read an article to know How to choose an engagement ring for a girl or a boy

Choose any of these and you are good to go –

Swirly pattern: This pattern resembles the peacock feathers design and it has twists and swirls to it. It will go along with that big rock on your hands. People have the tendency to draw the name of their partner inside the mehndi. A mehndi of this pattern would hide letters especially “S” and “a” very nicely. If you want to make the groom feel special and hide their name on your hand or simply just a letter, you can do so perfectly with this mehndi design. The letters are also nicely hidden in the pattern so that the complete name can form. Isn’t it perfect?

Modest full hand: This type of design is called the modest full hand design because it really doesn’t have as much romance to it as the previous one did. It can be more like a simple pattern that is carved on to the hand of the bride. In case your engagement day is very early and the wedding is a few months ahead and you want to go with a simple design, this one is perfect. It is good for all those brides who think that the final show down is on the wedding day and want to keep it minimalistic on the engagement day. This one mostly has a floral pattern at the palm of the hand and then there are floral extensions along the arm. The hand tips are painted fully with henna.

Chic check:  I call this design the chic check because first of all combine it with a sparkling nail polish and it looks really stylish and completely out of the box. It is prefixed check because it has checked patterns. As you can see the top part of the mehndi has a lot of dots and on the back of the hand floral patterns flow across the fingers. When your fiancé would be putting the ring on you, you will look perfect with this mehndi design.

Marwari low key: This design is called Marwari low key because in general the Marwari designs can become really gala. They can become show stopping mehndi designs. But in this case it is just the opposite. It is the kind of design that brides do on their hands when there are parties and special gatherings – but not on days when they are attending weddings. So it is low key and goes perfectly for the engagement. Couple this with a well manicured hand and matching nail polish and you are good to go. The focus will surely be on the inside of the hand with very minute but pretty details on the back of the hand.

Circular and pointed:  As you can see on this mehndi, the main detail has been given to the finger tips and to the palms. The back side of the hand has been given a negligible attention with one floral pattern running down the side of the forefinger. This is a good idea because dense mehndis – especially at the back of the hand tend to hide the ring. Your idea is to make the ring your main hero on the wedding day and this type of mehndi can do it best. The circular patterns compliment the circular ring and the pointed edges go well with the rock. You can also read an article to know 13 Mehndi Designs For Fingers Only

Unique design:  This design has a peacock pattern on the palm of the hand but what makes the design really suitable for the event is its nature. It is a dense design as you can see it. It is true that dense designs are usually not suitable for such events but this one is an exception. It is the only dense design that compliments the ring and even looks great on hands. But that’s not all – what makes this design different from others is its fingertips. As if to mean for it be an engagement design, the finger tips have been given special attention to. Each of the fingers has a different design. You can make any finger stand out by putting light design on it. Usually women like to go easy with the ring finger and you can do the same. You can also read an article to know Make Your Mehndi (Henna)Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It

Temporary mehndi tattoo: We know, we know! You would say – but it is not traditional. Trust me there are a few girls who can’t stand the smell of mehndi. For them, a temporary mehndi tattoo is the perfect solution. The best part of these tattoos is that you can match them to the color of your dress and since your hand is the hero of the event, it will help you get attention on it. It is sparkly and colorful – what other way to bring focus on your hands? These are very easily available on your hands and the best part is that these will not take too long to carve.

Black floral: The floral mehndi designs are the “it” factor here. The black mehndi is what makes the hand look so flawless. If you are white skinned this black mehndi will suit you the best. It will bring out the ring and will compliment it well. Simple elongated floral designs look really well when they are drawn with intense colors. Don’t shade them just use a black mehndi and then make a simple design like this one to get the perfect engagement day mehndi.

Design to show off the ring:  This is just a on the back of the hand design that will show off the ring exclusively. This type of design looks well on your engagement day if you have very little fingers. The design will look perfect on the engagement day. It makes sure that the patterns end right below your ring finger so that the onlookers’ attention is focused on the ring.

Here are a few things to know –

No. Designs Types of designs
1 Minimalistic Marwari low key, chic check, modest full
2 Quick Temporary mehndi tattoo, floral
3 Unique Unique mehndi floral

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