Latest Groom Entry Ideas in Indian Wedding

Latest Groom Entry Ideas in Indian Wedding

Let us face it – the groom entry is kind of a big deal in Indian Weddings and they do count for something. So when you are the groom and you are making an entry, you have to do that in style. So to prep things up we have assorted a list of ideas for you. You can try them at your wedding or suggest them to your friends.

Latest Groom Entry Ideas in Indian Wedding

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We are sure you are going to love these groom entry ideas because they’re all imbibed with spunk. So without further ado, let us introduce you to the best ways to enter your own Shaadi –

Go Dhoom!

This especially works out if the groom is a bike lover. What better way to introduce yourself than to announce your love for your bike, right? A man on a bike also looks severely attractive. You would be making a statement when you hop on that bike and make a gala entrance.

Let the bride’s folks know that their son-in-law is a dapper dude. Just grab your dream bike and make an entrance. Even you will enjoy it yourself. Make sure a bunch of your buddies have joined you in the venture. Lead the pack and make an entrance like a bunch of roadies.

If wearing a light colored sherwani, just zip a black leather jacket over it. This will do two things – it will protect your sherwani from the road’s dust and it will also make you look damn cool.

Secret Groom Entry Idea

Surprise everyone with a secret entry to the wedding. It will make everyone get shocked and their expression will make the event more memorable. If you are a spontaneous kind of guy then join with your pals. Make a plan with your gang to enter in an unconventional way.

Hide at the back of a truck and spill out with the music announcing your coming. The bride’s sides people will get shocked you have come out of nowhere. Be confident enough to make that jump.

Pro tip: Have a dhol band with you inside the truck back. So when you finally open the door, the music should reach everyone’s ears before you do. Quite a way to make an entrance, isn’t it?

Segway style?

Take a clue or two from Karan Singh Grover and flaunt your love for technology. Show the world you cannot wait to go to your bride. Ride that custom made (traditional style) Segway and zoom off to go to your bride. It will be the best gift and you will definitely shock everyone.

It will be a good tale to tell to your little ones later when you tell them that you couldn’t wait to go to their mother so you rode off in a Segway. The Segway itself will become a memory for years to come. If you think it this way even a little piece of transportation could become an heirloom for the family.

White horse swag

Okay the good old white horse never goes out of style. If you wish to fulfill your wife’s fantasies then it begins with this. Be her Prince Charming and be regal in your style. Dress up from head to toe in regal clothes. You can also take an umbrella to add a touch of royalty to the whole event. Make sure there’s some red amidst all this white horse and umbrella thingy.

When you make that entry you will feel like the proper Indian ‘Dulha’ and if that isn’t enough, you will have the entire house awaiting you. You will feel like the proper traditional groom for sure.

Sports Car entry

Which guy doesn’t like sports car and fast rides? Enter the venue like James Bond vrooming your sports car in speed while you hit the brake in style right before the venue. Make sure it is an entry to remember. Don’t spruce up the sports car with traditional flowers. Let the car retain its typical magnificence.

A sports car entry is the dream of many grooms who are in awe of fast cars. If you are a man who loves his rides, then this is what you should go for totally.

Boat Entry

Okay this one is very specific. If you don’t have a destination wedding then it can’t come into existence. Either the wedding venue has to be beside a body of water or you have to book a resort overlooking the river. If you are planning a Goa wedding then you can surprise your bride by doing this. Simply come over in a boat and ride across with your entourage.

Make sure you are at the edge of the boat so that it looks like you are most eager. It should feel like you are once again, leading the pack. So get, set and go! Make it an entry to remember.

Come riding that ATV

ATVs are brought back in style and Yuvraj Singh is the one we shall give the credit. Recently in Yuvraj’s wedding we saw an ATV decorated with flowers and that was a fun entry for the groom for sure. If you are inspired by it then go ahead and try it, because it is surely a lot of fun and really a nice way to make an entrance into the event.

At the back you can hang decorated posters saying ‘almost married’ or ‘bride’s groom’. It will be fun to see how you can ride and look for the bride when you are on it.

Vintage car

How can we forget the age old charm of the vintage car! It is just like driving to the event in your most favorite thing. It oozes class and appeal. If that is the kind of thing you associate yourself with, you will surely be able to carry it off.

The groom’s entry is all about a confident entry. Choose a style that resonates the most with you. Your personality should be reflected in it as well. So go with suggestions too.

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