Latest Haath Phhol|bracelet style mehndi design

Latest Haath Phhol|bracelet style mehndi design

Mehendi is a body art, in practice, since real ancient times. This has got its roots in India. IT is decorative design created mostly on hands and feet of the wearer. It is a paste that gets made with the dry leaves of the lawsonia inermis plant (henna). Though primarily an Indian thing, but this art is famous in Africa and Middle East as well.

latest Haath Phhol bracelet style mehndi design

Whether you are getting married or looking for bracelet style mehendi designs, then there are numerous options to explore. There are multiple ways in which bracelet style mehendi designs can be put. Be it dense or light, the choice is totally yours.

These designs are not just for the brides to be, but work real well on festivals and other such occasions. Also, if you are not the kind who wishes to wear much of jewelry, then these designs are perfect for you. Explore further to know more about the options.

These patterns and designs have gradually become famous. The blend of conventionality with contemporary has resulted in these awesomely fabulous designs. No matter what the occasion and your preferences are, you are bound to fall in love with at least one the designs. Just make sure that the design speaks of you.

Multiple colors with floral designs

As the name suggests, the design is more floral. With plenty of curves, the design looks real nice when clubbed with a bit of color. There are many who have tried and tested this. Moreover if your dress is having a bit of glitter, then it is cherry on the cake. Go for light pattern that is not dense much. Adding a bit of color will add valor to your mehendi design. One thing to be cautious about here is, do not go for colors in excess. It may overpower your mehendi.

Intricate Temple designs

 Having a religious ritual to attend, then it may look real nice if you have the traditional, yet, as per the occasion, mehendi design on your wrist, extending till your fingers. It is one of the simplest designs but real intricate. It gives you enough space to wear your special rings as it fits in real well.

The only issue in this design is, it is real delicate and may fade away soon. Be careful and if you are fond of mehendi and likes it to stay on your hands for longer, in that case this is not the right option to go for.

Kara mehendi design

Kara is an urdu word which means thick bangle. These designs look real magnificent. In this your wrist will be covered with real intricate yet thick mehendi. It is one of the real popular designs in Europe. Since it covers your wrist the best, which is why it is called Kara mehendi design.

Some options to explore are:-

  • While focusing on your wrist only, you may opt for the design mentioned right above, which is intricate yet with the tip of the mehendi cone slightly broader.
  • There are many who try and go for mandala designs. Since boundaries are specified in this design, at times it gets easier to get the design.
  • One of the real creative forms are the ones which are rhombus in shape, the design begins at 2 cms, right below your wrist and almost reached your elbow. It looks as if you are wearing a real big kara.
  • Opting for plain simple kara is good choice too. All you may do is, get a ring (challa) design made on one of your fingers.

Vine bracelet design

The design joins your finger and your wrist with real delicate and intricate design. This is floral to look at and is very simple.  It uses very little mehendi and the gaps in between are the thing that highlight the design more. If you like spacious and easy mehendi, yet classy, you may opt for this pattern.

Concentric floral designs

This design is a blend of many patterns. In this a real delicate flower is made right in the center. Fingers are made floral designs at. It gets complemented real well with bracelet design on your wrist.

From, dense to delicate to medium density, you may opt for whatever suits you.

The design is very much traditional with a touch of contemporary design. The outlines of the design are thicker and make the floral design look very creative. This design is perfect for all occasions. Be it festival or weddings, all look very nice.

Wrist, palm and index finger

This design is perfect for all occasions and times. It compliments saris very well. With the two, your sari and this pattern of mehendi, you are bound to look very much in vogue while looking traditional at the same time. Adding a bit of glitter/color, will only add to the oomph factor and make you look gorgeous.

Band design

This is one design many are not aware of. In this, the design begins at the wrist and covers half of your back of the hand. It looks very floral and gives the impression of ‘sun’. In this design, fingers are covered much but hugs your wrist and half hand very well.

It is one of the real different designs, people are yet to explore. This design too has got the flexibility, whether you want thicker outline or the delicate ones. Here the call can be totally yours. You may even opt for the pattern, be it edgy or curvy, you are bound to look nice.

Clutter free design

While thinking of going easy on your jewelry, especially hand jewelry, you may go for this design. This design is elaborate, with comparatively broader and thicker shapes. They are neat and tidy to look at. It may replace your bangles and look simply gorgeous with any attire you wish to wear.

Butterfly mehendi design

This design is more triangular in shape. At the edges, the fountain like shape gives complete pattern look of a butterfly. Fingers are not really covered much. If you wish, you may put in a bit of color to it. Glitter will look great as well.

This shape/design is put on the wrist and palm. The design is kept same at both the places. Not much of creative work is done that is why it is real simple.


Though these patterns got the kick in Middle East but now are very famous and preferred by Asian women. Whether you are married or no, you will love to get one of the designs made on your hands. Feel free to choose one for yourself.

May the design be made only on your wrist (bracelet) or connected to one of your finger or all the fingers (hath phool), mehendi, post done, will surely look wonderful.

Remember one thing, what suits you may not suit others and vice-a-versa. It is highly recommended that you look at the shape of your hands-thyself. Then see which pattern will look good on you. There will surely be a design or pattern which you will think that it is made for you. A little bit of homework will fetch good results.



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