Latest Ideas to personalize bridal mehndi

Latest Ideas to personalize bridal mehndi

A bridal mehndi design is one that will be your ‘once in a lifetime’ mehndi design. It will stay put in all the photos and all the pictures throughout your life. You have to do it right.  Picking the right one and going with a different theme, both are very important. So we have a few traditional as well as ‘out of the box’ ideas for you for this purpose. Let us find out if you are up for any of these.

Latest Ideas to personalize bridal mehndi

These ideas will help you pick the right one –

  1. Pick a matching design

    You have decided what you are going to wear. You have picked out your shoes. Now the only thing that remains to be chosen is your mehndi design. This is the time to look at your wardrobe. The clothes that you have chosen, do they have a kalki design or a different pattern? Do your shoes have traditional Indian hall marks on them? Once you have figured this one out, you have to match your mehndi with your dress. If you have round-ish designs on your clothes and shoes, choose sharp edges and vertical designs for your hand mehndi. These will make you look slimmer and it will give the due attention that your mehndi demands. Too many women go about cluelessly choosing their mehndi designs. One of the best ways to personalize your mehndi design is to match it appropriately with your clothes.

  2. Highlight the name of your spouse discreetly
    Women have been hiding the names of their husbands in their mehndi ever since mehndis were associated with the ceremonies. It is considered a good omen to hide the name of your husband in your mehndi and if he is able to find the name, then no one loves her more than him. It is also said that if you write your spouse’s name on your hand during your wedding then your bond becomes unbreakable. Just to add a little twist to this custom, women personalize their mehndi. They carve the mehndi in such a way that the designs all seem the same. But somewhere amidst that, the names of their spouses remain hidden – even from the public eye. Since this is a very popular demand from women across the subcontinent, mehndi artists are usually adept at hiding the name of the spouse and they are quite acquainted with the designs for typical Desi names as well.
  3. Scramble the letters of your husband
    This is nothing new – one of the best ways to personalize your mehndi design is to add the name of your husband on your hands. It can also be the name of your fiancé. But mehndis are usually always associated with spouses and husbands. You can add their names on the palms of your hands and to add a little fun, scramble them all over your hands. You can write the letters in Hindi or in English or even in your regional language, but the best way to have some fun with your spouse and also to have a great mehndi on your hands is to scramble the letters. This is an age old method with which women have been personalizing their mehndi designs.
  4. Draw a moment together
    We all know what this is. You have seen pictures of Radha Krishna together on the mehndi art, right? These designs are usually seen on the middle part of the hand. These designs make a memory eternal. You will need a highly skilled mehndi artist for this one but it is not impossible. Yes, we are talking about drawing a moment you shared with your partner on your hands. It does not have to be very affectionate display. It can be simply you both standing together. But since mehndi is usually done during ceremonies involving your partner, a mehndi to immortalize or to remember a part of your best days is simply a big deal.To make this a reality you have to click a candid picture of the two of you and then hire a very proficient mehndi artist. He or she will be responsible for the basic artistry. Photographic negative, a current trend in the mehndi designs, will look best for this purpose.
  5. Other body parts
    One way to personalize your mehndi is to have it drawn on a different body part. Everybody draws mehndi on hand. You have two options – one, you can draw a mehndi on the hand which will be a portion of another mehndi that will be tucked in some other place on your body. Second, you can take the easy way and simply draw the mehndi on one part of your body. It is the ultimate personalization of mehndi. You have a say as to where and how you want to see it carved. Why always go for the hands?
  6. Your own name on it
  7.  Women have been having their husband’s name written on their hands singe ages. Why not reinvent this tradition and tuck your name too at the side. It will truly be a symbol of togetherness even on the palm of your hand and you can joke that you two were destined to be together – it was written in your hand. If you are a chick and modern girl, this is again a very good idea for you. Going to college after a sister’s marriage is really awkward. The traditional mehndi does not go well with your jeans and t-shirt. You can have your name written on it in an innovative way in order to respect traditions but also look happening at the same time. Trust me, very few ladies have tried this out so far. You can be a trendsetter in your peer group. As far as painting the name is concerned, if your name starts with “S” you can always ask the mehndi designer to start drawing a leaf object. From there you can easily make an S-shaped name letter and continue as per your preferences.
  1. Profession wise design
    This one’s probably a bit too much out of the box but why not? The thing you do here is if you are a software developer, you can have little scribbles of C++, “/>”, etc symbols somewhere on the mehndi. For example, you can use codes at the end to signify that the mehndi design has now halted. Mehndis are a great way to showcase art forms. But they are also an introduction. It is the first thing that people see when they lay eyes on your hands. Hands are a symbol of work in the Eastern tradition. So why not use this part of the body, along with the mehndi, to tell the world what you do? Ideas can range far and wide. So if you are a fashion designer, somewhere in the corner you can have your equipments painted lightly. If you are a writer, you can have a really heavy mehndi – one where the pictures of ancient women are drawn. She can be shown to scribble something in a piece of paper. It really goes as far as your imagination goes. Don’t limit yourself while carving the mehndi.

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