Latest Indian Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

Latest Indian Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

There was a time when men used to come in horsebacks to their wedding. There was this entire thing about the knight in the shining armour coming in a white horse and taking the bride with him. But this is something that is changing with our civilization. As soon as trees were replaced by skyscrapers and woods were replaced by proper roads, the horse was replaced by the modern innovation – a car.

Latest Indian Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

Thankfully you can decorate a car in a way you could not decorate your horses earlier. Hence, weddings just got flashier and prettier. Now you can make your ride look really like a groom’s ride. Also, as a bride the car that comes to pick you up should be no less fascinating, right? If you believe the same then we have the perfect way for you to jazz up that wedding car, but some tips first.

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Tips to decorate Wedding Car

  • If it is a traditional wedding then red roses will do the trick for you. But red roses do not look good in an already red or maroon car. So take care of that while you are at it.
  • You can easily choose the colors chosen for your wedding and choose to decorate your car with them. If you have a pink or lavender wedding color scheme, make sure the car reaches the right destination by picking the right colors.
  • Use satins and ribbons as they are quite handy and they can be used in a plenty of different ways. Also, they do not come with a time to become fully dull like the flowers.
  • Make sure you always use seasonal flowers so that you can have the best out of the fragrance and appearance. Also seasonal flowers will be cheaper on your budget – unless you want to spend a fortune on wedding car flowers.
  • You can use zari doris and mirror artifacts too for the wedding car but make sure that the mirrors are placed in such a way that it is okay to carry it on the road.

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Car decoration ideas

Now that you know a little bit about what goes where we can start to tell you about the different options that you have in front of you. Now there are several things that you can do. But one of the things that you can truly start to ponder over is whether you want to go the traditional way or do something different because let’s face it – we have grown up seeing wedding cars all over the road. They all do look alike at some point. Here is the trick to do something different while also following the norms –

  1. Window stickers
    Window stickers are the best ones for the ones who want to keep it minimal. The window stickers can say anything from “Just Married” (which is the popular hearsay) to bride’s name and groom’s name engraved in it. This is a new tradition of making it really far in the wedding traditions. You will have to have your tastes really precise in order to like this one. You might also want to know that these stickers are made up of waterproof vinyl and are self adhesive. You can find them easily in stores near you.
  2. Bouquet
    This is a minimalist’s idea once again. Instead of decorating the whole car with flowers, you can just have one bouquet at the hatchback and one at the bonnet on the car. The rest of the area will look dull if it is a big car – you can decorate the rest with single flowers to do the trick.

    For this one it is better to choose fresh flowers and not the dull ones because they will ooze with life and vigour. Plus you can also set them to the theme of the wedding. If your car has a certain under-toned color, make sure that the color of the flowers is in sharp contrast with the car.

  3. Use a banner
    You are going to marry the love of your life – let the whole world know! Use a banner saying the name of the bride and the groom or just simply come up with “Just married” that will also be a nice touché to the wedding car.

    Make sure that these posters and banners are made out especially to match the color of the car. If you have a banner that is in line with the exact color of the car, then it will be the perfect addition to a wedding car that also says “single no more”.

  4. A ribbon clad affair
    The romance between ribbons and wedding cars are somewhat age old. They fully transform the look of the car and make it look picture perfect. Also since the ribbons are somewhat gift wrapping styles, they make the wedding cars look like a gift wrapped present. So right when it comes to the doorstep of the bride, it gives them a sense of joy.
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    Truly there is no shortage of options when it comes to the ribboned wedding options. If you don’t like the color of satin then you can pick the zari gotas and net drapes, bandhanis and colorful strings, to make the wedding cars elaborate. They can be neatly tied with a bouquet fixed at the top of the car. This completes the look and makes it pretty to look at.
  5. Wedding themed car
    So you cannot decide what you want to decorate your car as, the best way to go about it is to choose the theme and décor as a clue. Are you having a peach wedding? Go with satin colors on the car. Is lavender the color of the mandap? Pick the same colors and the flowers and bouquets should be of the same color. Now you can choose any style from the ones mentioned above and get started.

Some more classic styles

Let’s figure out some more styles –

  • Genda phool: Is there an Indian wedding that is ever complete without genda phool? Make checkers of the flower and add them on the top of the car.
  • Colorful chattars: Get someone to hold out the big umbrella out on top of the car. You can also take out the chattar when you arrived at the bride’s place. Makes for a good royal themed wedding surprise.
  • Festive element: You know most of the weddings happen around December or January when the climate is already festive. Add some festive elements to the décor of your car to give it a fresh look.
  • Tie cans, shoes or plastic bottles to the rear end: In the west this is considered a symbol of good luck. You might as well tie it to the wedding car as a little luck is always favorable – it is a wedding after all. Plus, they make the car look really shiny and colorful.
  • Why not balloons? Everyone loves balloons and the colorful vie of the balloons can be felt across the street. Hence adding some balloons to the wedding car can be a good idea. Also, you can make it a combo of bouquets, balloons and ribbons to add the fun.

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