Latest Indian wedding decoration|Themes

Latest Indian wedding decoration|Themes

It does not matter how logical and practical you are, when it comes to your wedding you certainly become a dreamer. If you ever find a group of girls in deep discussion then take the note that either they are gossiping about the latest news they got about some colleagues or they are talking about the dream wedding they planned for them. Yes, weddings are special and there is no shame to discuss about it even when you are at work or at a party. For a girl it is bit common to get in such discussions about wedding decorations and rituals but you will often find guys who are talking about the same these days. It happens because now wedding has become the most desirable thing in life, not because of the new life you are walking into, but because of the decors and rituals that make you go gaga over it.

Latest Indian wedding decoration|Themes

Wedding decorations are very important in every wedding. You will not find any wedding ceremony that does not have any decoration, be it simple or theme-based, but the decoration is a must thing. When we talk about Indian weddings the word ‘hefty’ comes in a package deal. Indian weddings are big and fat. You go for small celebration or a grand; you must need a decent decoration. Today when the fashion and trend is changing with each passing day, the wedding decoration styles are changing too. Gone are those days when wedding means only flower chains and bright lights, now things have changed completely. Now different themes have overtaken the conventional wedding parties. Here I have collected 7 latest Indian Wedding decorations that are ruling the market. You pick a decoration; spend money as per your budget and get a grand wedding for lifetime.

Beach Theme Decorations

Beach wedding is common. If you are going with destination wedding then beach is the first place that you will consider. But if you are not really ready to go for destination wedding then you can easily choose the beach theme here in the city itself. Now if you are thinking to create a fake sea to complete the beach decoration then it is bit hypothetical. Other than that you can go for the rest of the decorations. Beach theme is simple and light. All you need is an open area then it will be attractive if you get a swimming pool or lake beside the venue. Decorate with white lily and the task is over. Get the best beach themed wedding decoration with minimal budget. To read more about beach theme decor you can follow the article Beach Wedding Ideas|Decoration I Dresses for bride|Groom

Hanging and Drape Decorations

Hanging and Drape Decorations are amazingly in these days. These are my personal favourites as well. When you decorate your wedding hall or your house for the D-day you will probably want the best, classy and decent look. Hanging and drape decorations carry all these features. They are decent, they are classy and of course they can be the best if you want.

  • Hangings can be of many types. You can use flower chains or you can simply use beads and mirror chains for the hanging work. If you use beads hangings then satin draping can be the best companion here.
  • On the other for the flower hangings heavy velvet draping will make a good combination. It will be heavy yet royal looking. Red and golden draping clubbed with mirror hangings will be a good choice for the evening.

Royal Decoration

When we say the word ‘royal’ we mean the Mughals or Rajasthani empires. The pattern and the decoration must follow the mughal pattern in royal decorations. The important part in royal decoration is the velvet draping and the gold and red colour. Mostly golden colour is being used in royal decorations. If you are using draping here then use heavy material draping like velvet as mentioned. Satin draping will be bit out-of-the-way here. Golden coloured beads can be used in hanging in royal wedding decorations.

Floral Chandelier

This is one of the most used designs in wedding decoration now these days. The floral chandelier is a chain of different flowers hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier. The floral chandelier is not a conventional floral chain that we often see in weddings. These have specific shapes and sizes. You can use multi coloured flower chain for single chandelier. However single colour paired with some green leaves will make it more attractive. Mostly marigold flowers (genda phool) work better in floral chandelier.

If you have chosen an open air space for the evening then chandeliers can work well as you will get more space to show it off. Chandeliers are grand so it must be used in brad spaces. Even if you are in a closed hall, chandeliers can work well beside stair cases or somewhere in the middle of the hall.

Lights and Flower Decor

This is conventional and traditional style of decoration in Indian weddings. Lights and flower decorations are common yet modern and latest. In this decoration style the chain of fancy lights are being used along with flower chains. Chains are used in many places like in the entrance; you can use the floral chains in the above paired with light chains. Variant colours can be used in here matching with the flower colours. If you are using marigold then yellow lights will be fabulous partner. On the other if you are using red or other coloured flower chains then multi colour lights can be used easily.

White decorations

White decorations are the most classy and decent look that a wedding can have. Mostly we see Christian weddings where white is used in full swing. They consider white as the pure and lucky. But now Hindus and Muslims are also opting for white colour decoration in weddings. White lilies, tulips, orchids and what not; you can use all of these flowers in white decorations.

The wall and the other decorations must be in white totally. If you are using draping then you must go with white satin draping. White decorations are not for open air venues. If you have chosen a garden or a lawn then don’t go with white decoration as they don’t go with the green. So basically white theme based decorations are for the inside halls. You can also use silver beads hanging here.

Decorations using Satin Drapes

Finally last but not the least is satin draping. Draping can be clubbed with any other decorations as mentioned in the previous sections. But if you want to use only draping style then satin draping will be the best choice here. You must use multiple yet sober colours in here. As for example few colour pairs like white – pink, white – orange, red – yellow and such pairs can be used in this satin draping decoration.

Dos and don’ts in wedding decorations

Dos Don’ts
Choose your decoration according to the venue Mix up two styles together
Choose the colour combination carefully Use heavy draping with white decorations
In case of destination wedding follow the proper decoration and colour Use dark lights or lamps in satin draping style

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