Latest jewellery ideas for brides those not willing to wear gold

Latest jewellery ideas for brides those not willing to wear gold

While traditional Gold jewellery for brides is considered important and a must-wear on the wedding day by many, there are others who find it overrated and don’t see eye to eye with Gold lovers. Modern and contemporary designer wedding outfits, sometimes made in pastel hues with muted embellishments or embroidery lose their grace and charm when worn with Gold jewellery. Some of the brides these days simply don’t like the look and feel of gold and consider it to be too gaudy. This is where it helps to know about some alternatives and options to gold jewellery.

Latest jewellery ideas for brides those not willing to wear gold1. Platinum Jewellery

Brides, who wish to stay away from the conventional gold jewellery, can find a more elite and classy option in platinum jewellery, often studded with diamonds. These designer, well-crafted pieces immediately lift up your overall look and add a touch of sophistication and elegance. One can also opt for precious stones, such as rubies, sapphires etc. to be studded in designer platinum jewellery. Palladium, a metal that is a lot like Platinum in many ways, but is sturdier and has higher scratch resistance, can also be tried out by brides-to-be as an option to Gold.

 2. Kundan Jewellery

The designs worn by royals for many years can be trusted for their look and the aura they cast around them. Indeed, Kundan jewellery is highly popular with Indian brides for its characteristic cut stones meant to dazzle from every angle and beautiful designs and arrangements that form statement pieces, enough to make even the most basic of outfits stand out. Kundan is mostly set on a base of gold and can be paired with colored beads or pearls or stones to match with the color of one’s outfit.

3.Diamond Jewellery

They say that diamonds are a woman’s best friends. And indeed, if you are trying to get away from gold jewellery, then these diamonds will be your saviors and will act as great substitutes. The range of diamond jewellery in the market is pretty vast, and there is an endless array of designs to choose from. You are sure to come across something that suits your needs. Pick solitaires for creating a statement look or intricate designs with small diamonds set on them for a more traditional look.

 4. Pearl Jewellery

Pearls work with all kinds of outfits, whether for mehndi, wedding or sangeet etc. They instantly make you feel like a princess too! Pearls come in different sizes and while the white ones work very well with pastel shades and dark colors both, the rose gold variants work with warmer colors better and the grey variants work with dark outfits more. Of course, there are no set rules to this and you can break the conventions to mix and match your jewellery and outfits however you like. Pearls can also be combined with diamonds and colored stones to make statement pieces. You can also read an article to know about Satlada: Must have jewelry for every Indian bride!

5. Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is a definite breakaway from the conventions of bridal jewellery. However, if you are keen on trying it out, you will be amazed to know the many options available for you. There are heavily designed silver jewellery necklaces that instantly make your outfit look rich. Sterling silver or oxidized – the choice is truly yours. You can find skilled craftsmen to even make customized pieces for you, the designs of which can match the motifs on your wedding day outfit.

6. Glass Jewellery

Like silver, or perhaps a step ahead of that, glass jewellery is something that doesn’t occur immediately as an option to many brides who don’t wish to wear gold. Glass jewellery is a rare traditional art in some parts of India, and while it is extremely delicate, it is worth checking out to see if it matches your tastes. Even if you don’t end up pairing it with your main wedding outfit, you are sure to fall for some statement neckpieces or earrings for your sangeet or mehndi outfits.

7. Colored Stones Jewellery

Available in precious and semi-precious variants, colored stones have a magical way of blending with colored outfits. Depending on where they are sourced from and their sizing or cut, the price varies, but there is something for everyone in the wide area of colored stone jewellery. Colored stones can be set on a base of gold, white gold or platinum, and can even be combined with diamonds and pearls to create stunning designs.

8. Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery is fast becoming popular with many women. Till a few years back, there used to be a general belief that crystal jewellery looks best only with western outfits. However, with newer designs and brands taking inspiration from all over the world, there are some options that are closer to the ‘traditional’ look and may become a very good substitute for gold jewellery to go with your wedding outfit. Crystals are highly sparkly in nature, and you can opt for the usual white ones or the colored variants to suit your needs.

9.Titanium Jewellery

Titanium is a fairly new entrant in the wedding jewellery market and is mostly popular with new age brides. Titanium does not contain any alloys and is one of the strongest metals to convert into classy jewellery. It is also extremely lightweight and goes well with many pre-wedding function outfits, such as on cocktail nights, mehandi, sangeet etc. Those brides who feel that their heavy gold jewellery will serve no purpose after being worn on the wedding day can choose modern titanium jewellery instead that can be paired with many different kinds of outfits even later on.

10. Costume Jewellery

If you are looking for something that does not cost too much and you won’t regret not wearing it much after the wedding day, then you can opt for costume jewellery. Of course, many families that see weddings as a grand affair might not be keen on taking something cheap. However, if you are an experimental bride who wants to break conventions and doesn’t mind going for something inexpensive yet stylish, then you can try costume jewellery that is available in many designs and color variants. Sometimes made with beads and local stones, or otherwise with bits of polished marble and mirrors, these can work well if combined with the right kind of wedding outfits.

At the end of the day, the choice is truly with the bride who gets this one chance to fulfill her heart’s desires and try new things. Some brides are allergic to gold, so they may be open to even changing their outfit colors if need be, to match with their desired choice of substitute jewellery.

Quick Overview

S.No. Option Type Can Be Combined With
1 Platinum Jewellery Gemstones or precious stones
2 Kundan Jewellery Gemstones, precious stones and pearls
3 Diamond Jewellery Pearls
4 Pearl Jewellery Diamonds, Kundan
5 Silver Jewellery Not much scope for combining
6 Glass Jewellery Can be set on a base of silver
7 Colored Stones Jewellery Platinum, white gold
8 Crystal Jewellery Looks best standalone
9 Titanium Jewellery Colored stones, diamonds
10 Costume Jewellery Experimental jewellery that can be combined with anything and everything

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