Latest jewellery inspired mehndi design

Latest jewelry inspired mehndi design

When it comes to mehndi designs, there are thousands, but you ought to go with the one that is bridal. Hence we have some definitive designs that will suit you. A few of these mehndi designs are at their best when they are drawn to bridal hands. As promised, we have come with a new assortment of mehndi designs, but this time simply for the brides.

Latest jewellery inspired mehndi design

If you are looking for minimal jewelry, go with jewelry mehndi designs. They look stunning and to be honest those arm length mehndi designs do not do the trick. They simply look like full-bodied tattoos. So the best thing you can do is add some jewelry style mehndi design to your arm. This should do the trick.

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Check out the trendiest jewelry inspired mehndi designs. If you listen to us, we say do them on your legs and your arms. It will shine on and it won’t look as dense as regular mehndis do. So sit back and relax while we bring to you the best mehndi designs from our collection –

For the hands

  1. For the back of the hand
    Yes, you guessed it right! The mehndi design of this category usually is for the back of the hand. You don’t wear jewelry at the palm, so you are fooling no one. For a good looking jewelry inspired mehndi design at the back, make sure the dotted lines look realistic. Many a times the newbie mehndi designers do not keep the dotted lines straight. This is where the mehndi looks a letdown. However, the key to having the best mehndi design is to be simple and yet stunning.
  2. Chains towards your wrists
    Now that we have dotted lines connecting your ring finger to your index finger, you can do a little bit below. The chained dotted lines to your wrists give you the specific design that you need to make the jewelry realistic. If you are going with less bangles, then choose the chained wrists style. It will make it seem like you are wearing a lot of jewelry, even if you are wearing little. The Punjabi bride, that wears the chunky chooda might not like it, but the Bengali bride with just her shakha-pola might find this to be useful. You can also read an article to know Mehndi designs on wrist looks more like bangles
  3. Bangle shapes on upper arms
    Do you ever notice those bangle-shape mehndi artistry? Apparently they are very much in demand right now. Connect the bangle structure with the rest of the mehndi and you have a stunning overall design that will be very handy to keep bangles in place. These are not very common and that can be an added plus.
  4. Index and pinky finger connection
    You can create U-shaped dotted lines between the index and pinky fingers in bundles. This will be quite like the Muslim hand ornament worn during weddings but it looks stunning. It can change the overall look. The flowers are placed at the ends of the fingers or between the designs to make them look stunning. To know more about this you can read 13 Mehndi Designs For Fingers Only
  5. Ring on each finger
    Make it seem like there is a ring on each finger. This is best done if you have really pale white hands. Try this with black mehendi it will really bring out the color. So make a ring on each of the finger’s base. Go on with the pinky finger and then make a really decorated ring on your index finger. Connect the two rings with dotted chain-like artistry of mehndi. Make it seem like you are drawing a really big piece with your hands. Meaning, take up the space – make sure the dotted lines aren’t too straight. Keep making chains until you hit right below the wrist. Tada! You have your perfect ring-like chain jewelry mehndi design ready.
  6. Single Finger
    This is one mehndi design that looks really gorgeous on your hands. It is usually done by Pakistani brides, but we recommend it to you if you want to do trendy designs. So start with your index finger and really make heavy mehndi designs on it with dots and checkered boxes. Right when you come at the end of the finger, make three or four dotted lines reaching up right till the end of your ring finger.
    Once you reach there, just stop and make another design which will be open ended at the inside of your palm. Now connect the remaining dots with the design and ta-da! You have yourself a stunning mehndi design.

For the feet

  1. Payal
    Make an elaborate payal with multiple chains and floral designs. You can also make a paisley at a few intervals. Start it right below your ankle and then connect the paisley with three dotted chains with mehndi. Finish it up by drawing three dangling dots below each paisley – to represent the “jhoomar.” This design will look like a classic payal on the bride’s feet.
  2. Intricate anklet
    This design looks really intricate and detailed. It is best to draw it with black mehndi. So the idea is to create a really modern looking anklet that sticks to your feet. But you have to begin drawing this from above the ankle. Pick the narrowest part of the legs and then paint really dark, closely-drawn designs on it. At the lowermost end, draw larger chains to show off some space. At the upper end, draw small dome-like structures.
  3. With the feet
    This one looks really regal. Draw a really small payal on your feet but when you come down to the feet let the design sprawl and take up space. The front end of the mehndi design will have squares that are pointed. The overall look of the mehndi will be as if there is a large chunky shape associated with the payal.
  4. Paisley
    Draw a big paisley on the feet and connect it with the designs made at the ring finger. This is the easiest and the chunkiest looking feet mehndi design. It will nonetheless make the feet look really sleek if you have long legs.

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