Latest Lotus Henna Designs

Latest Lotus Henna Designs

In some parts of the world, especially in India, Lotus is considered to be a sacred flower. It is the flower of the birthing of life. It is also the floral indicate of the Ajna Chakra or the “third eye” and the two petals are said to represent two sides of the brain.

Latest Lotus Henna Designs

Lotus is also a very interesting flower because it stems out from the dirty mud. Often it is associated with the struggles man faces and the lotus being symbolic of the person who has emerged out of his personal struggles as a true winner. As a result, people often get Lotus tattoos in their body, signifying their strife yet victory amidst chaos.

In Eastern philosophies, Lotus is used in a lot many contexts. It is said to be the purest of pure flowers and the Hindu Goddess of knowledge and fine arts, Saraswati, is often portrayed as sitting on Lotus with her musical instrument. Hence when Lotus flower is drawn on the hands of a Hindu bride then it symbolizes her purity.

How lotus flower is used in Henna designs

Lotus is used in several ways. Each of these ways is a different way to apply the mehndi. These new ways have recently developed and as a result you can totally get them if you want to try out something latest and trending. So check out these specially made designs and design types that are going around in the market –

  • Lotus buds: Buds form the start of life. They symbolize beginnings. Hence getting them in bridal hands makes the most sense. They are symbols of fertility and joy. This makes them the most preferred henna options.
  • Big flowers: Lotus flowers are often drawn in big sizes and less details this makes them quite popular because they are really easy to draw. Even a bride can draw these flowers on her hands by herself they are so easy.

These are two designs that form the base of the mehndi. Around these two designs there are several others that form the subgenre of the art. So you will see many other designs but at the fundamental lotus mehndi design these two arts are present. Hence they form pretty decent designs that one can draw at any instance. So let us talk about different henna lotus designs for different parts of the body.

Thigh henna                                                                                                                                   

Now many people in the west are doing mehndi tattoos in their body using the classic mehndi designs. Which design do you think became the most popular? Yes, you are right! The lotus mehndi design is gaining popularity. They are drawing jewelry inspired mehndi designs on their thighs which is a great idea because thigh is usually the place where our ancestors used to wear jewelries.

So if you are an Indian bride and you want to try this out, then you can do it on your legs instead of thighs. A big lotus on your feet would look not just beautiful but also rhetorical because “lotus feet” is a terminology in the true sense. It would go with the bride’s Goddess posture and it will definitely stand out amongst the rest.

Lotus at the back of the hand

We have told you about the lotus designs with jewelry style. This is exactly where this deign comes of use. First let us tell you that lotus at the back of the hand is highly symbolic. It symbolizes purity, freshness, auspiciousness. It is the single most beneficial symbol that has special meaning in Hinduism. Some would also say that it wards off evil eye.

So the method of drawing this can change from person to person. But right now it is being used with jewelry designs. You just leave some space in between your dotted chains and in between draw the lotus flower. Later on, you can connect the design with the lotus with just some additions of dotted chain links.

Simple lotus design on palm

Nothing looks purer and calmer than this. Just make a big round at the middle of the hand and inside, draw a neat lotus. Cover the outer part with intense fill outs. Only the lotus should be the one part of the hand that has remained uncovered with mehndi. This will make it stand out. You can go on to make the fingers look shade. But since you have drawn a central lotus it would be ideal if the fingers have little floral shades or better yet, a little lotus hanging down from each finger. This is what we call beauty along with tradition. It is also a very trending design right now.

Lotus Mehndi on Spine

Since a lot of women will wear lehenga on their D-day, it makes sense as to why they would want to have mehndi at the back. If you want to show off that back at your wedding, you can do so traditionally by outing up some mehndi design. The best way to decorate your back is to have a central floral piece.

The lotus design may not be the one which you have seen so far. Nowadays many elongated, unique lotus designs are coming in the market which makes it easier to draw this at the back. It will look like a classic wellspring of life – a thing that every bride wants to epitomize. Attaching this with henna makes it even more traditional.

Coloured lotus

The colored lotus should be drawn at a very specific part of the body because it is really very eye-catching. If you draw it at the back of your hand, it might simply get snubbed under your jewelry. Doing them on the palm is a good idea, but then since hands are used for everything, the color can get removed easily. Instead, do it in a much less used area of your body. You can do them on the feet or at the back or better still – try doing it on your thighs. It will be a pleasant surprise. You can also read an article to know about Make Your Mehndi (Henna)Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It

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