Latest Maang Tika Designs which help brides to look gorgeous

Latest Maang Tika Designs which help brides to look gorgeous

Wedding dresses are incomplete without the addition of the maang tika. Whether you like it or not, they are quite the essential part of a bride’s regular look. So to make you like them more we have found out the latest designs and trends in the maang tikas. These are so fashionable that there is no other way but to like them.

Latest Maang Tika Designs which help brides to look gorgeous

Why to wear a maang tika?

Now you may be asking, what is the use of wearing all these maang tikas? But you must have noticed every bride wears it. The reason is simple – the maang tika is symbolic of the union of two souls – which is in short, marriage. In Hinduism it is said that our body is made up of seven energy centers or “chakras.” These influence our life in varied ways.

The place where the maang tika is placed is the second highest chakra in our body – the “Ajna chakra.” This chakra is associated with insight, spiritual power – which is believed essential to live a good life in Hinduism. Apart from that this chakra is symbolized by two lotus petals which are supposed to be symbolic of the union of the male and female principles.

Sporting the maang tika

The fun part is that even your bridesmaids can sport them. If you have a sister’s wedding coming up, you can wear a similar maang tika. It won’t outshine the bride. Today there are hundreds of variations available. So you can choose any among them. Let us introduce you to your choices now.

Maatha Patti

From Deepika Padukone to Priyanka Chopra, everyone has worn the Maatha Patti on the ramp recently, making it in-trend again. The best part of it is that you don’t need to wear a maatha patti with a central maang tika always. But if you do, you need to side part your hair. If you are not using the middle portion, then you can add mousse to your hair which will make it look voluminous.

This type of maatha Patti-maang tika creates a very feminine and soft look. Brides can go for this look on their reception – which is the toned down dress up version of the wedding. Don’t forget to create waves or curls to enhance the overall look with this type of maang tika. There are three types of maatha Pattis you should know about –

  • One Tier: The one tier maatha Patti covers the bride’s forehead and usually sticks to the hairline – but can be set to drop towards the forehead to make the forehead look bigger.
  • Multi-tier: The multi-tier maatha Patti has multiple chains. It can be a little uncomfortable but it’s up to the bride. It makes you look really well decorated and like a queen.
  • Nawabi style: This is called the “Nawabi” style because it is worn by Hyderabadi brides. It is nothing but a side swept maatha Patti. This too is gaining momentum in popularity these days.

Both these types of maatha Pattis are in trend – especially the multi-tier one. You can opt for it if you want a really decent look. Don’t worry if you have a round face like most Indian brides, it would suit you too. The multi-tier maatha Patti could have a variety of inclusions, like rubies, diamonds and pearls to your liking.

Oversized globular maang tika

Then there is the maang tika that hangs from your head and looks as stunning as ever. Brides who have smaller forehead should avoid it as it will make their forehead look smaller. Usually a princess poof goes pretty well with the globular maang tika. These make it appear that your forehead extends wider than it does.

However you need confidence to pull it off. If you think that it is too much then maybe you should try another type of maang tika. If you have a round face please don’t wear this. It will suit those best that have a rectangular forehead and a long face.

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Small pendant

This type of maang tika is really neat – it is usually made up of Kundan jewelry and has that perfect golden color. It is often defined as quite a conventional design but it is enough to make some brides look gorgeous. It all depends upon the face shape you have.

But then gold is not the only option. There are vivid designs available. The single stranded small pendant maang tika can also be diamond or other jewelry studded to make it look modern. Today you will get vivid designs in the market if you go looking for it. The best part is that it suits all face shapes – so there goes your hassle. You can select it blindly.

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Passa or Jhoomar

Passa has again come back in trend. Although this type of headgear was only for the Muslim brides and usually the Muslim traditional bridal wear includes this, today everyone is embracing this trend. It makes you look gorgeous and adds a chunk of ethnicity.

The collection does come in varied shapes and styles. There’s a fan style which makes you face look longer and then there is the triangular shaped one, which is ideal for the round-faced bride. The best part about this Jhoomar style is that it makes you look regal and extravagant.

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It looks simple but it can have a head turning effect when worn. Usually Rajasthani women sport it. It looks excellent on the bride with round face. It has a spherical shape and is attached to a thin piece of jewelry. But usually it is very attractive because it is studded with pearls, rubies, etc.

A borla is worn during weddings but there is one little problem – unless it is fixed appropriately, it will keep moving. So if you are to wear it make sure that you have fixed it in place using bobby pins. Rest assured, it will add to your bridal appeal completely.

Sport these new look and become the diva that you’re meant to be!

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