Latest Makeup Trends for South Indian Bride

Latest Makeup Trends for South Indian Bride

When you are a South Indian bride there are a lot of expectations from you. You have to follow all traditions dutifully but also take out time to look your best. Thankfully the South Indian brides have varied skin tones ranging from wheatish to dark which allows them to try on different makeup styles. You can also read an article to know Bridal makeup tips

Latest Makeup Trends for South Indian Bride

Since the South Indian bride is also wearing something special – like a traditional Saree and a maang tika, she needs to match her makeup with her makeup. If we look at the modern trends, here are a few things that seem to sell like hot cake now –

Trendy makeup styles

  1. Soft and warm makeup
    Makeup is like personality – one style doesn’t suit all. The best way to do makeup is to choose the makeup style that goes with your personality. Actually the A-Z of dressing up begins from there. So if you have a mild, charming and soft persona, go with this makeup. The overall color profiling here is kept natural and warm. If the bride has very soft features – like a cute nose and bubbly cheeks, then go with this makeup style. It will complement her face and choose the blush in tune with the attire.
  2. Wholesome makeup
    A wholesome makeup, with big, bright, charming eyes, is currently a hot favorite among brides. The eye makeup in this makeup is the unique selling point. It has been decorated in a very non-dramatic way, yet it looks natural and stands out among the rest. The loud and composed lips with colors matching the dress complete the look.
  3. Simple bridal makeup with great hairdo
    One thing that can make you look natural yet gorgeous is putting up a great hairdo along with the perfect makeup. Here the bride has put up just the right amount of makeup – with emphasis on the doe shaped eyes, but what make her stand apart is her curls and how her hair entirely frames her face. This gives her a cutting edge look and makes her seem naturally beautiful. This is, definitely, for the minimalistic bride.
  4. A play of glow and highlights
    This makeup typically has the glow talking. This type of makeup suits the bride who is going at golden attire on her D-day. This highlights her face and keeps it in line with the glow of her wedding dress. The face looks typically natural and it doesn’t feel like the bride has put on any makeup at all. Yet there she is, looking stunning as ever. Usually this type of makeup gains popularity with the trendy Kerala bride.
  5. Strong pink blushes
    Yes, this is how you do it right ladies. You get the strong pink blushes only when you are wearing a pinkish lehenga. You may have thought these bold shades are common only with the North Indian brides, but that is not the case. Today even South Indian brides are embracing these trends and they look stunning in them. The makeup is made bolder for this dress and that can be seen on their eye highlights.

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Latest makeup and hairstyle trends

Apart from these deadly makeup styles, there are also many makeup trends which the brides are following routinely now. South Indian brides have their style quotient on point. These styles help them get the makeup right in cover. This is why they are seen doing these following things before actually putting on the makeup –

  1. Contouring and airbrushing
    The brides look for ways to contour their faces now – enhancing their positive areas and toning down their flaws. If you want a sharper nose, contouring does the job for you. Brides are very demanding about getting contouring done nowadays. Airbrushing is another method with which they can set their skin right with the help of makeup. Airbrushing the makeup is done to set it properly so that it stays on for long. Brides are also understanding the importance of eyelash extension and using it to enhance the look.
  2. Accessorizing hair
    Okay, hair accessories have been used for a long time. But this time they are being used with a twist and you cannot simply do it the way the South Indian brides can. They are breaking away from tradition and using Bohemian clips, intricate up-dos, down-dos and what not, to get their hair to look stunning. Looking at the bigger picture, they don’t actually stray away from the traditions much. Donuts, sausages, etc. help secure these hairs and get the volume right. They also help to hold the braids in place for a long time. You can also take some tips by reading this article Hair Accessories a Bride can wear On Her Wedding Day
  3. Bold and bright is still on charts
    When it comes to dressing up for the wedding, just like the rest of the country, the South Indian brides too want to look the best. Hence they leave no stone unturned to make sure they are looking the most gorgeous at the wedding. This is why the bold and bright makeup is still on trend – even to this day. Incidentally, this look goes well with the bride’s gorgeous wedding Saree and Kanjeevaram too.
  4. Cloud Nine and straightening tools
    Brides these days are very conscious about the kind of products they are suing for their hair care and hair set up. They want to make sure not only do they look gorgeous on their wedding day but they also look stunning throughout. This is the reason they are using less harsh methods to look great. They are utilizing natural volume enhancers which can be taken off.
  5. Eye makeup is growing
    One of the things that is growing in this makeup genre is the eye makeup trend. Brides are doing their lashes and their eye brows practically with a lot of emphasis. Previously brides would take a lot of nay saying for doing the fake eyelash right. But now they readily accept this new trend as girls in general have started using fake eyelashes for regular events. It is a common trend now.

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