Latest Mehndi Design Looks Like Photograph Negative

Latest Mehndi Design Looks Like Photograph Negative

So you must have heard about mehndi designs that are specially designed for the weddings. But you must not have heard about this new technique that is taking the bridal world by a storm. Who would have thought that photograph negatives and mehndi can have something in common? Apparently these brides foresaw this and today there are here!

Latest Mehndi Design Looks Like Photograph Negative

What exactly is the photograph trend?

Basically whenever we put mehndi, we get a brown or black design with the natural color of your hand as a background right? This is the same thing that will be done here. The only difference is that this design will use bolder colors so that your hand looks like the photographic negative and the mehndi looks like a picture in development.

Now your hands too will have a story to tell, isn’t that fantastic? But be warned! This design is not for the faint hearted. It will shade the broader areas deeply so every texture and every minute design that is dedicated there will turn out to be outstanding. You will also have to take a closer look at the way the designs are developing on your palm. It makes the design stand out in its own right.

How to get this?

The first step will be to book a really experienced mehndi artist because if this mehndi design is not done right then it will look really bad on your hands. You need someone who has done this sort of thing before. But thankfully since this design is gaining momentum, a lot of mehndi artists are making themselves acquainted with this design, so it will not be an issue to find the right mehndi artist to make this design for you.

Additionally to stand out with this experimental design, make sure you add a lot of floral designs – these will enhance the overall appeal. Also, the flower designs give you a lot of space, so you can experiment with a lot of designs here. You can go the extra mile by decorating the normal mehndi on one side and the darker shade on the other. It will also give a little yin yang zing to your design and you can get on with it knowing that you are creating a masterpiece on your hand.

What are some of the designs?

Here’s the fun part – these designs are trending. So there are a bunch of brides who have their hands to show for. You can pick any one from there which you like. We think each of them look stunning. For a bridal mehndi you should do something different and if you don’t hesitate to experiment then here are some of the designs you can use for this purpose –

  1. Full hand mehndi
    If you see this mehndi then the finger tips are the ones that create the illusion of space. The rest of the mehndi has intricate detailing and it extends up till the elbow of the bride. The entire mehndi has been done in black so the colors shine.
  2. On the legs
    This type of mehndi design is still new for the legs. One does not create a leg design yet but it is slowly getting the spotlight. You can check out a few pictures that will give you an idea about how this is done at the feet. The mehndi design for the feet looks pretty well designed. The impressions at the feet re heavily detailed but the only difference is that unlike the other mehndi’s it does not look very handmade rather it looks like someone has put the mehndi in a careful way like a sticker mehndi. You can also read an article to know  Mehndi Designs On Legs For wedding
  3. Negative space in mehndi
    Creating negative space mehndi is yet another concept and although the two concepts are very close to one another, it does feel like the two overlap more often than not. Since negative space has a lot of modern twist to it, it is common for brides to go for it. But if you want to go for traditional style where the space is next to none in the hand, then you can create a simple photograph negative design that will also add some space at the end of the palms or at the side of your elbows.
  4. Alternate designs
    For those brides who think that photography negative is heavily intense, they can balance it out by fair play. You can create the intense mehndi on one part and the regular mehndi on another part. A bride did the same on her hand and the results were stunning. She drew a black and white themed mehndi on her hand. So one part of the hand had leaf outlined within dark shaded mehndi while the other part of the hand has simple leaf drawn over with mehndi with the hand background as a reference. So these are the things that went on to create the perfect hand mehndi design.
  5. Glossy and dark
    Okay this is not common either, but this comes close to photography negative mehndi designs. In this type of design all you have to do is stick the mehndi in the same old black design, but the black design has a little bit of gloss added to it. This way at the end of the event your mehndi doesn’t start looking dull. It is actually a good way to make your mehndi come alive once again. The photography touch will be kept alive as the mehndi appears to float over the water.

Who is it for?

All types of mehndi designs don’t look good on all types of brides. This is because the hand shapes and skin color dictate the type of mehndi that suits one. Since the photography mehndi design is black in color, it will suit all skin types. The rest depends upon the mehndi designs. Based on whether you have thin hands or round shaped hands, your mehndi photography negative designs will differ. So any bride can pick it for her D-day.


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