Latest Music Tracks You Can be Play during Bridal Entry

 Latest Music Tracks Can be Play during Bridal Entry

The bridal entrance is one of the most iconic events of the occasion. You have to make sure that it is done not just with the perfect visuals, but with the perfect background score. As your steps illuminate the way, the background will fill the air with memories, sentiments and it is all about creating a moment that will last forever.

While some songs can do that for you, others cannot. Therefore it is very important to pick the right songs and in some cases – the right part of the songs to ensure that your entry is going to be grand. Here are a few such songs that will set the mood straight for the event for you:

  1. Jashn E Bahara Instrumental: Jashn E Bahara is a grand song that is very elegant to hear. It is a popular choice among brides. While the song sung by Javed is a hit, the instrumental cannot be missed. In fact, many brides go ahead and crop the song to only play the musical trance during their entrance. The slow paced music is perfect to create a grand ambience when getting a musical entrance. Let’s face it – the song has a classical base to it. But that’s what makes it perfect for the traditional setting. The flute part is unmistakably elegant.
  2. Ullam Paadum:Ullam Paadum is a popular song from a recent film. Actually it’s not much of a song than it is a musical. It plays when the bride makes her entrance and therefore it gives a clear cue to the bride that this is the song she can be using for her D-day. The base of the song is very regal and definitely it is one that would go with the traditional setting.
  3. Ankhon Mein Teri:This is for the bride that has big bright eyes and is casually setting her eyes on the audience while walking towards the mandap or altar. This song can be played at certain lyrics like from the part “chahe jise door se duniya wo mere qareeb hai…” The idea is to mix and match and cut and trim the song according to your needs. If you can do that, the mellow tunes will compliment the bride’s slow steps and will create a memorable moment.
  4. Mangalyam:Mangalyam is a purely chant based song that will be a good entrance and also an auspicious one for the bride. The song also has “o humdum suniyo re” lyrics within the chant in between and that can be cropped or else you can keep it because it brings a very modern twist to the old style chants. So in all this song will be a refreshing fusion between traditional and modern tunes. It is AR Rahman at his best – so it is worth giving an ear to.If you want a dramatic entrance start this song at 0.05 or if you want a more romantic feel then start it at 0.22 minutes.
  1. Din Shagna Da:Din Shagna Da was already a very popular bridal entrance song. But this song was given a new twist recently, making it a very modern song. the lyrics are still the same but there are guitar chords in the background that make it even more unique. There are many versions of it that have released. So you have a wide variety of choices actually. The Jasleen Kaur and Rekha Sawhney versions are both great. But the one that is breaking the charts is the Wedding Filmer version.
  2. Maye Ni:Do you want something that has more lyrical hit to it? Indeed the lyrics are the ones that hit you the most. So if you want to make a strong and bold impact then go ahead with Maye Ni. Start it at 1.14 to get to the musical part. You can also skip to the Swanand Kirkire part for the male voice which comes at 2.35 minutes. It has a good background feel that isn’t very traditional as it is sentimental.
  3. Kabira Encore:The Kabira Encore version is a hit choice among the brides. It comes with a twist though the song takes on the voice of the female after some point. You can take on the song from 2.26 onwards which will make it even more impactful.
  4. Latika’s theme:Latika’s theme song is unmistakably beautiful. If you want to take something from this song then you have lots of choices. Once again it is a gem from the Oscar winning composer AR Rahman and you cannot go wrong with this song as a choice at your bridal entrance. This is not a song unlike the others, it is only an instrumental and if you make an entrance with this one, then you will surely give goosebumps to the crowd! The song can be played right from the part where the vocals are matched with background instrumentals.
  5. Chal le Chal:Here’s yet another song for you from the Wedding Filmer. Everyone is already going gaga about this song. But this song has made the brides rejoice because it gives them a new option to make an entrance with. The best part about this song is that it is neither very traditional, nor very westernized, but it speaks about the heart of the bride. The lyrics are what the bride would relate to – making it a perfect entrance song for her. You can make a straight entry when the guitar chords and cello music is playing! Isn’t that amazing?
  6. Punjab :Start the music from 1.04 and you will understand what we are saying when we are talking about when we’re telling you it creates the perfect entrance song.
  7. Raabta – night in the motel:Raabta is a good tune in itself but the night in the motel version is different. The acoustic mode is perfect for making the entry. If you like the female voice then you can go with the song from 1.34 minute onwards. The amazing combo of the guitar and the piano make it a great one for entrance. Imagine you walking down the aisle under the open sky in dim lights with this song playing… it would be perfect, right?
  8. Laal Ishq:The sounds of the chiming bells at the beginning of the song can be very awe striking. Then there comes the beats of the tabla that will have your guests sit up and notice. Then when Arijit Singh starts his tunes is when you should walk down the aisle to go and sit with your groom. The lyrics can get really passionate here but that is what you want right?
Song Name Movie/Album Composer/Singer
Jashn E Bahara (Instrumental) Jodhaa Akbar AR Rahman
Ullam Paadum 2 States Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Ankhon Mein Teri Om Shanti Om Vishal Shekhar
Mangalyam Saathiya AR Rahman
Din Shagna Da The Wedding Filmer Jasleen Kaur/Roona Rizvi
Maye Ni The Wedding Filmer Jasleen Kaur
Kabira Encore Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Pritam Chakraborty
Latika’s Theme Slumdog Millionaire AR Rahman
Chal Le Chal The Wedding Filmer Devangi Chopra
Punjab Punjab Karunesh
Raabta – night in the motel Agent Vinod Pritam Chakraborty
Laal Ishq Goliyon ki Rasleela… Ramleela Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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