Latest Nail Mehndi designs

Latest Nail Mehndi designs

We are taking a lot of trouble to make our hands look beautiful with mehndi. If our nail is left out, it looks weird. To get the look that looks complete, nail mehndi designs are essential. They will stay on as long as your mehndi design, or, probably even longer than that. Bottom line, you will have a long lasting nail mehndi to go with every occasion.

Latest Nail Mehndi designs

So brace yourselves because the wedding season is on and check out these pretty nail mehndi designs –

  1. Golden tattoo
    This is a design that will be done on your nude nail paint. To keep things real the nail paint chosen will be the closest to your actual skin tone. Above that these designs will be drawn and also golden color will be used to make it even more glowing. It has earthly colors and goes perfectly well with the ethnic dresses you wear on festive occasions.
  2. Simple dots:
    If you want to keep it low key or aren’t in the mood to sit to get nail tattooed, then this is your chance to do it. Go ahead and plaint little dots on your nails. Make sure that the nail paint you used is in stark contrast with the dotted colors. This way the colors will pop up even more and this will give you the right pop without much ado. Personally I think this is the perfect engagement day nail art you can do.
  3. Highlight just the corners:
    This is a great idea to make the nail paint shine out more. If you are not going with a mehndi that is highlighted towards the finger tips then get this. It will not make your fingers look clamped up – rather it will make your nails look bigger. If you have tiny hands, then doing this will actually create the illusion of space in your fingers. Plus, the tiny details are really cool and they will go with any kind of clothes be it ethnic or western.
  4. Real henna:
    Ever thought of getting real henna on your hands? We have been putting on the designs with dots of little colored dyes. But getting henna is one for the bold lady. The longer your fingers the better this henna design will come out to be. But that’s not a problem you can also use fake nails to make the henna tattoos on and then wear them back on. The advantage is that you get to sport super chic nails. You can also use them later as the color will last long.
  5. Little floral:
    If you want to match the nail mehndi with your hand mehndi you can also use floral designs. On the other hand if you aren’t wearing hand mehndi at all, you can wear the floral mehndi to go with your dresses. There’s nothing that says femininity more than flowers and getting them on your hands will actually mean that you have a soft side.
  6. Mix and match colors:
    You can do it completely differently by mixing two colors. Just dot or stroke the mehndi on the nail in varied patterns and let the base of the mehndi be in a bright display. If you are going to mix and match the colors all the colors have to be complimentary and they will have to go along with each other. For example, red, blue and black and awesome colors. They complement each other well.
  7. Nail mehndi tattoo:
    If you don’t have enough time to go with nail mehndi then just go with nail mehndi tattoo. You know those mehndi tattoos that you see on the bride’s hand during engagement? Those are the ones we are talking about but of course since they are to be done on the nails, they are pretty small in size. They are usually done on the nails with a darker base for obvious reasons. The white nail mehndi design has to be apparent so you can choose a black base. If black is something you don’t want to wear for any occasion then navy blue will do just fine.
  8. Glitter on!:
    Get you glam quotient on with the glittering nail mehndi. If you are a mehndi fan you must be aware of the glitter craze that is going on. It is for the best also because it enhances the mehndi like anything. The designs are mehndi inspired but that is not all. The glitter will bring out the life in the nail art. If possible, wear a nude nail polish or simply a transparent nail polish so that it shines and the glitter shows perfectly.
  9. Aztec nails:
    You know the Aztec patterns right? These are very popular these days. One of the best things about Mayan culture is their sense of design and the fact that it is so close to the Indian style. This nail mehndi design is inspired by the Aztec and it covers the entire nail pretty gracefully. If you are to fget a mehndi design on nails then you can do this one with your eyes closed. Another thing is that the design although looks very complicated is actually just filled with dots and circles which are really very easy to do. Each of the fingers has its own design which looks very uniform and pretty.
  10. Diva in town:
    This design is yet another one that is in style. The corners are the only parts that will get highlighted here. Make no mistake the patterns are intricate. Yet they are stunning and they create a uniform appeal. If you are looking for a nighttime as well as day time look then go with this. No matter what you wear or what time of the day you wish to put this on, it will grace your fingers beautifully – might even invigorate interest in onlookers.
  11. Colorful nail art:
    If you are too bored of nail mehndi designs that are bleak then go with this one. It has the right shade of pinkish red and will go well with that red lehnga you have picked for the evening. You can also choose neon colors on the nail. This will enhance the effect of the nail mehndi.
  12. Wear the mehndi:
    So you are coming right back from office and you have no time to sit and wear that mehndi on your fingers. Fret not! Simply wear these wearable nails. They have pre-designed mehndi on them and the best part is that these look gorgeous. They can transform your manicure deprived hands into the fingers of the Goddess in no time. The nail extensions have a natural color to suit your finger nails and they come in different designs. It is quite a trendy add on and is considerably cheap to buy.

Things to remember –

Serial No. Nail mehndi designs for Designs to look
1 Party Wearable, floral,
2 Daily fashion Floral, Aztec, mix and match
3 Wedding Glitter, golden tattoo

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