Latest Pre wedding shoot ideas with Nature

Latest Pre wedding shoot ideas with Nature

Pre wedding photo shoot is really special. For that it is very important to choose right photographer.Your wedding pictures tell the story of your marriage, but your pre wedding photos tell the tale of your love life. Wouldn’t you want your children to think you had one great happy life together up till marriage? This is what this is about and it is no small deal. You can also read an article to know 10 Creative Pre wedding Shoot Ideas.

Latest Pre wedding shoot ideas with Nature

When talking about pre wedding photos what is the one place that comes to mind? Yes, nature! This is very obvious because couples usually like to meet in monuments and in parks and gardens. Taking pictures in these places would make it seem really natural – like you are out on a date. Needless to say you could really use this time to hang out with your partner before marriage and cut through that entire hustle bustle back at home. It could also revive all the days you spent with them within a few moments – giving the event an entirely new perspective. You can also read an article to know the Pre Wedding Shoot Places in Delhi to Get Perfect Shots

A few tips

There are a few pointers for you if you want to get it right.

  • Pose right: Even though we know that these are the pictures we will see for the rest of our lives and show it to our children and grand children, when it comes to posing we are shy! Actually posing for the camera is the most difficult thing and it doesn’t come easily for most, the camera man has to give several pointers before the couple can actually pose well together. Many a times the camera men have admitted that it is the man that finds it hard to pose for the shoot.  To know more you can read an article about Pre wedding Shoot Tips to Get a Perfect Shot
    One of the best things you can do here is – pose naturally. Seriously, just post the way you want to pose. Let it come naturally – if any changes are needed, the camera person will guide you. If one of you is good at it, then take a cue from them. Tell your partner to pose and feel the moment and see beautiful pictures come out.
  • Choosing colors: when it comes to colors, couples always go for matching – this does not work. Matching colors do not work for the camera. The best way to take out the colors is to wear complimentary colors. Don’t both wear black. If one wears black, another can wear grey or white.  You can even use some pre wedding props to make it more effective.
    You see colors are very important for the pictures. You have to choose the colors not only according to each other’s wardrobe but also according to the location. Suppose you are somewhere where there’s a lot of greenery. You could wear lime green or light yellow to complement the background and then complement each other. Similarly, if you are in a monument with white marble and blue sky, dress up in tones of blue and red – it will bring out the colors in both of you.
  • Choosing the location: Talking about background, the most important thing is the location. You cannot just shoot anywhere the place must have adequate lighting for the pictures to be perfect. The timing is also very important for photography. Whether it is early sunrise or late sunset, is the one factor that can make or break the pictures. So your best bet is to talk to your photographer about this and then go ahead with it.
    Also if you are going to a place where there is a lot of wind then the brides can wear something flowing so that it can go away with the wind and create a beautiful shot. The grooms can wear their smile and look confident instead of being shy – it shows in the screens you know.

So these are the basic tips before you head on towards taking that perfect shot.

The ideas

  1. At your favorite natural spot:
    If you have been dating for some time and you both have a favorite spot then it is a must to capture a few clicks in this place. You must also be feeling like doing it as a couple. So rest assured the pictures will be natural and the effect will be maximum. In case you are worried that the place does not have sufficient lighting, shoot there in the afternoon. Your photographer will be able to tell you the right time to shoot anywhere. So your best option is to discuss it with him or her.
  2. Lakes :
    Lakes are good places to start from. A lot of couples prefer lakes because they offer a backdrop that seems to go well with the traditional wedding theme. Plus, the couple has a nice outing near the lakes too. It is pretty great actually for the couple to hang out together and click candid pictures while having fun by the lakes. You can always ask the photographer to reserve some of the pictures for just the two of you to cherish. Pre wedding pictures on the other hand can be taken any time.
  3. Under the starry night:
    The starry night and the two of you just kiss – it is the ideal picture that probably will stun everyone! It will be a picture which you can keep forever. Although considered cliché, the beauty of the setting is unparalleled. But the trick is to catch the starry night at the right time. As you know, usually it is really hard to get the starry night appearance at the right moment. You will probably have to wait till dusk or dawn to get this one right.
  4. In the woods :
    Playing hide and seek in the woods is an old concept of getting the right clicks together but you can add an extra touch to the pictures by bringing your dog (who can probably hold a placard on his neck for the two of you). The idea here is to give it a picnic feel. Now since you are giving it such a casual feel, you both have to dress according to the needs. Consult with your photographer and take a few hints if you are confused about what to wear for each location.
  5. Outdoor:
    Going out of town to shoot your pictures can be a good idea. Then you take a picture for a lifetime, you must do some hard work. If you are living near a hill station – or if the beach is a few hours’ drive away, then take two or three days off from your schedule and visit the place, you both will come out taking breathtaking pictures and some quality time together and all will be well.
  6. On the bridge:
    Bridges can be good sceneries too – many people are not aware of this. they look stunning early in the morning and they are usually overlooking beautiful water bodies or forests, making them the perfect location for clicking intimate shots. Also, they are very romantic and they have very less space so there won’t be the pressure of posing much and the scene will look very naturally appealing.

Here are a few more things to note –

Serial No. Ideas Go for
1 For the romantic but subtle style Hills, forests, beaches
2 Truly romantic style Starry night, your own favorite spot
3 For the couple that likes to pose Lakes

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