Latest Romantic Couple Dance Songs for Sangeet Sandhya

Latest Romantic Couple Dance Songs for Sangeet Sandhya

Want to rock the  Ladies Sangeet Sandhya and show your chemistry for generations to come? There is no better way than to dance to the Sangeet Sandhya songs. However, you don’t want to the same old songs. It is the New Year, so you must bring out some new songs that are freshly out. We have prepared a list of the best songs for the occasion.

Latest Romantic Couple Dance Songs for Sangeet Sandhya


You can prepare dance numbers or simply go with the flow – but these songs will definitely cheer you up and the audience. Also the songs are completely family friendly with just the right amount of romance infused. Want to know which those songs are?

Here are some of the best songs for the couple to rock the Sangeet Sandhya –

  1. Sab Tera – Baaghi
    Sab Tera is a cute song from Baaghi that you can start off with. The song begins with female vocals but there are enough male lines for the groom to mouth as well. You can start it off with a duet of the couple and then move forward from there as the song progresses.
  2. Dekh Lena – Tum Bin 2
    This is a beautiful song that depicts the promises and freshness of the new life that the couple are going to begin together. A performance is not just for the couple but it is your first public performance as a man and wife and this is the best song to tell the world that you two are together. You can choreograph this song to your preference.
  3. Humma Humma – Ok Jaanu
    This new song is making rounds in the internet and it is one of the most popular tracks of this year. It reached millions within some time on YouTube – the reason is simple, this is a rendition of an old AR Rahman song of the 90s. The plus point of adding this song to your wedding list is that your parents’ generation will also be able to relate to this song.
  4. Darkhaast – Shivaay
    Darkhaast is a very beautiful and mellow song that can be placed right after the bumpy Humma Humma. The track is mainly from the male perspective. So here the groom’s steps have to be choreographed. You can begin the song right from the lyrics part and skip the instrumentals as there is not much that can add to the feel of the Sangeet.
  5. Kuch To Hai – Do Lafzon Ki Kahaani
    This is a very deeply sentimental song that you can perform with your spouse. One tip – if you are performing this song then begin it with the part where the male vocals sing “Kuch to hai Jo…” This part of the song brings out the real feelings and we think you should begin by singing to these tunes itself. You can choreograph a slow number and prepare the mood for the next song.
  6. Zaalima – Raees
    Zaalima is doing the rounds and breaking all records of current times. This song is from the romance machine SRK and belongs to his recent release. The song has very meaningful chords and the rhythm is very catchy. It is very easy to prepare a dance number in this tune. The groom will have to begin the steps as the song is from the male perspective. It is one heavily charged romantic song for you to perform to.
  7. Kaun Tujhe – M.S. Dhoni
    Kaun Tujhe is probably the most romantic song from the female perspectives you will get. Right after the groom has declared his love in so many of the previous songs, we bet this one song will beat the groom to his declaration of love. “Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karega” is the lyrics which the music should start from. Here the bride can arrange some slow music for her to dance to.
  8. Jab Tak – M.S. Dhoni
    Jab Tak is yet another song from the same movie. This song can be placed either before or right after Kaun Tujhe. This song says about togetherness which is the perfect theme. Also the plus point of this song is that the beats are higher than the other songs. So it will definitely stand out among the rest and it will also give you space to do some steps with your partner.
  9. Halka Halka – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
    Halka Halka is a song about romance and it is sung in the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Actually it is a music video. So you will find it on YouTube. The song lyrics are very old school and the vocals give the same feel. So amidst all the fun and frolic, to keep the traditions intact and to add a tinge of the desi feel you can incorporate this song.
  10. Ishq Mubarak – Tum Bin 2
    Ishq Mubarak is a great song and one of the best tunes of the year. This song is highly charged with romance and the lyrics are very sweetly entwined with the rhythm. The beginning part will give you no room to shake a leg. You can begin choreography by keeping some eye contact with your partner during this song. Later on, you can twirl the bride as the lyrics go “Ae mere dil Mubarak ho…”
  11. Tere Sang Yaara – Rustom
    Tere Sang Yaara is a very famous song from the movie Rustom. This song has topped the charts and is one of the most popular romantic songs of our time. It is the perfect song for Sangeet Sandhya.
  12. Sanam Re – Sanam Re
    Sanam Re is a very intense song and you have to first know that you are okay with singing this song for your partner in front of so many people. If not, move on to our next track.
  13. Phir Kabhi – M.S. Dhoni
    This is yet another song that is ideal for the Sangeet Sandhya. The lyrics are very ideal for the romantic couple that is just about to begin their life together.


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