How to do wedding makeup yourself

How to do wedding makeup yourself

Have you been trying to book a makeup stylist but all of them are reserved? Are you a fashionista and makeup lover who’s wondering whether she can do her makeup herself? Fret not!You can go through some Bridal makeup tips. We have just the right way for you to do your wedding makeup yourself at your home.

How to do wedding makeup yourself

Here’s what you need to do –

  1. Cleanse, tone, moisturize: 
    Clear your skin with a cleanser or a face wash – so that the surface of the skin is smooth while applying makeup. Right after cleaning, apply your favorite face pack for that extra glow or simply apply a toner. Now moisturize and allow the moisture to seep in and stay for some time. You can also read an article to know about Latest Makeup Trends for South Indian Bride
  2. Choose a primer:
    There are different primers for eyes and face. A primer is essential to make the skin hold the makeup for the longest time. You cannot take any chances on your wedding day. You need to look perfect for a very long time. So go ahead and choose a primer that suits your skin. If you have oily skin you can’t skip this step at all.
  3. Use a concealer that matches your skin
    Now is the time to hide all those blemishes. Although if you suffer from dark circles like me, you have to add another step to this. Buy an orange (or pink if you have cool skin tone) color corrector if you have a warm skin tone. The orange color corrector will help you hide the dark circles completely. On top of this apply the concealer and watch those dark rings around your eyes disappear. On any other part of the skin such as around the lips, use a peach colored concealer to even out the darkness.
  4. Tap on the foundation
    Now is the time to apply the foundation. But – the correct way to apply the foundation is to dab it in. this will ensure that your moisturizer does not come off. It will also make things look matte and non-greasy. So grab a sponge blender and dab on the foundation on every part of your face and neck. Make sure you cover the concealed parts so as to give your skin an even look. You can also read an article to know about Face Pack For Bride’s Glowing Skin
  5. Focus on your eyes
    Choose three eye shadows. One darkest color for the outer corners of your eyes, one less dark color for the upper edges and one gold or any light color for the eye bed. With the darkest color start shading your eyes at an angle of 45 degrees from the corner towards the eye. Carry forward the same line with the lesser dark (usually brown) color and apply it on the upper ends where the eye ends.
    At the remaining portion – in the middle section – apply a golden color or any light color. On top of this apply the kajal, eyeliner and mascara to finish the look. You can also slowly apply a fake eye lash to give your eyes a voluminous appeal. This will complete your eye makeup. Please follow the link to know about Latest Summer Wedding Attire for bride groom and guest
  6. Highlight and contour
    Highlight your eye area and nose bridge. Make sure you dab some of that highlight on your forehead as well. The chin should also be highlighted. When it comes to contouring, you will just have to use a bronze colored concealer or a bronzer and add it right below your blush line (on the line of your lips). This will give your cheeks a chiseled look. Also take a thin brush and make two straight lines connecting your inner brow ends and nose tip. This will make your nose look sharper.
  7. Finish it with Lining your lips
    While lining your lips, if your hands shake, don’t worry. Keep concealing the parts that extend out of your lips. You can also put a lip liner first. To add a gradient effect, dab some of that white highlighter at the middle portion of your lips. It will create a layered effect. You  should also be aware of choosing right lipstick colour.

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