Latest Songs for Engagement Party

Latest Songs for Engagement Party

Your engagement party has to be special. As with any other ceremonies in India, the engagement party is incomplete without the latest Bollywood songs. These songs will bring more vibrance to the moment when you are exchanging rings with one another.

Latest Songs for Engagement Party

So here are the songs which you can play at your engagement ceremony –

  1. Locha E Ulfat – 2 States
    This is the entry song which announces that the couple are now in love. This song perhaps will tell your tale to your relatives and friends. But the main thing is that this song is very vibrant. Right from the moment it is played you can feel that energy of a wedding house in the ambience. So you can begin by playing this song and then continue with the other songs by setting the tone for the event.
  2. Sunder Susheel – Dum Laga Ke Haisha
    Sunder Susheel is a song that tells that the girl and the boy are looking for each other. The lyrics clearly mention that they don’t want ‘temporary’ love but want a ‘lifelong’ love to hold their hands. Although the song is a little bit old school it might go well with your relatives and in laws. It is one of those songs which can clearly go with any pre-wedding occasion. You can include this song as per your taste.
  3. Nashe Si Chadh Gayi – Befikre
    The guy is talking about the girl and how she has hypnotized him with her charm. It makes sense for the guy to announce it on the engagement day. But if you don’t feel like performing, you can rest in the case that this is a fresh song, right out of the chartbusters. It will keep the audience’s and guests’ mood fresh and the ambience vibrant. It will be a good change from the last song.
  4. Go Pagal – Jolly LLB 2
    Go Pagal is a song which you can play after the engagement ceremony. This song has the quality of breaking into the melodies to it. In this song, the protagonists seem to break into dance and into the moment right after a good announcement. So it is best played right after the engagement and you can also ask your elders to shake a leg in the spirit of the event to this song.
  5. Cheap Thrills – Sia
    Sia’s Cheap Thrill’s is an English song but it is a hit and popular song which many of your guests might have heard. The quality of the song is such that it can go with any celebration. The lyrics say ‘baby, I don’t need $ to have fun tonight’. This alone speaks about the kind of happiness the bride and the groom are experiencing. The tunes will strike a chord with the younger generation mainly and their energy will once again fill the wedding house with fun and laughter.
  6. Bloody Hell – Rangoon
    This is some sort of a teasing song which the bride’s sisters and friends can tease her with. The lyrics depict the woman speaking about the incidents of her love affair. Hence, not only is this ideal for the wedding home, but it might also be a lot of fun to sing and perform this song dedicated to the bride.
  7. Cutie Pie – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
    Cutie Pie is yet another song that is doing the rounds of wedding houses these days. It is totally dedicated to the bride. The husband-to-be can sing a line or two for his fiancé. An engagement is the time where the couples are officially dating each other. So the groom can call himself the ‘boyfriend’ and then they can do a funny, romantic number together after exchanging rings.
  8. Let’s Nacho – Kapoor and Sons
    Let’s Nacho is where you will again have to leave the stage for the friends and family. Once again this is a song which you can start rolling right after the rings are exchanged and the couples are being greeted. The song should be played from the start because it has that marking of a special event and that special rolling of the congratulatory notes. Also, there’ a line at the beginning in Tamil which wishes well to the family, I guess.
  9. Jashn E Ishqa – Gunday
    Jashn E Ishqa is a song about celebration of love and happiness. This song can be kept at the end because you want the day to end on a positive note and to give everyone the message that you are happy and starting your life on a happy note. So even though it is on number nine here, you should play this song at the very end to conclude the event.
  10. Manma Emotion Jaage Re – Dilwale
    Manma Emotion Jaage is a song that can be played before the couple has exchanged rings. It is to signify the anxiousness prevailing in the bride and groom before the wedding and engagement. Also it is like a declaration of love from the groom’s side that is very beautiful and should be played at large and it will also make the bride-to-be a little more pampered on the event.
  11. Je’taime – Befikre
    Je’taime is a song that tells you about the dos and don’ts of professing your love. The beauty of the song is that even though they tell you so many times to not profess your love, you still end up exchanging the rings – so it is a sign of true love. It should be played right before the rings are exchanged. Je’taime is a French word meaning “I Love You.”
  12. Nachde Ne Saare – Baar Baar Dekho
    Nachde Ne Saare is a song which takes the event from the engagement to the mehndi and sangeet. So in case you are having same day mehndi and sangeet you can end this event with this song. So the celebrations and the preparations for the next ceremony can start with the same energy intact.

Make a mix of these songs for the best output.

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