Latest Style Maang tikka with Side Strings

Latest Style Maang tikka with Side Strings

Wedding jewelries are lifelong memoirs. Some women even pass them down to their next generation. These are precious and therefore you have to choose the right one. A bride is said to do sixteen types of dressing up or “solah singaar” for her wedding day. The maang tikka forms an essential part of that.

Latest Style Maang tikka with Side Strings

Nowadays many kinds of maang tikkas are come in the market. One of them is the maang tikka with side strings. This type of maang tikka has become popular because of its newness. Also, it goes with almost all face types. This is why most brides are choosing it. Even the jewelry shop owners are recommending brides to go with this type of maang tikkas. You can also read an article to know about  Hair Accessories a Bride can wear On Her Wedding Day

Before choosing it you need to browse all the designs and styles associated with it. So, here’s all you need to know about it –

Indian Side String Style Maang Tikka

This beautiful piece of side stringed maang tikka has jewelry pieces hanging on from the side. It accentuates the bride’s beauty in more ways than one. Usually there is a pendant style maang tikka that hangs from the middle. Around this single piece, there are side strings which extend towards either ends of the head. These can be thicker or thin lines depending upon the material and the forehead shape.

Usually those who have a broad forehead, go for thinner side strings because they make the forehead look smaller. But if your forehead is neither smaller nor big, then you have the liberty to add as many pearls and diamonds to it. Make sure that you are able to carry them off though because many women find that too heavily embellished maang tikka is uncomfortable. You can also read an article to know about other Maang Tika Designs which help brides to look gorgeous

Rajasthani Side String Styled Maang Tikka

The Rajasthani Side stringed maang tikka is very simple but it has the regal allure. It is basically a side stringed style in the true sense of the word. This is because, like the regular maang tikkas, this one does not have the middle main tikka running from the middle. They are more of the Mughal maang tikkas which run from the sides. But they tend to make an oval shape on the top of your head.

Usually there are three rounded side strings which run along the hair line. This is very good for those who have long face. If you have a long face then this type of side string maang tikka will give your face a well rounded shape. Traditionally these were made up of rubies, pearls and diamonds, encrusted in gold, but nowadays they are made out of platinum too.

North Indian Side Stringed Maang Tikka

This type of maang tikka has a lot of its roots in the Rajput style maang tikkas. This is why you will find a little bit of regality in it. It is a preferred option among the North Indian brides because it tends to go with their lehenga-choli perfectly. But brides of other parts of the country are also embracing it nowadays. If you want to show off your hairstyle, then you have to pin up your dupatta a little bit towards the end. This will give you a lot of space to show off this maang tikka.

One tier Side Maang Tikka

We saw the Rajasthani side string maang tikka where there are usually three tiers. Now this one is the one tier side swept maang tikka. Although this is more commonly seen in the bride’s friends’ foreheads, it is not uncommon for the bold brides to try something different like this. The gutsy bride who is looking forward to breaking all traditions is the one that usually goes for this. There are beaded pearls on the sides which are carefully pinned at the sides. You will need a very strong hairstyle to hide its edges. You can also read an article to know about Hair Accessories a Bride can wear On Her Wedding Day

One side stringed maang tikka

There are bold women who are putting their own twist to traditional wears to define their persona. This is great because it is giving rise of many new styles like this one. The one side stringed is where the bride wears the regular matha patti but stringed only on one side. Yes, we can call it the side stringed maang tikka design because it is clearly visible only on one side.  They are usually made of pearls and stones embedded in gold. Please read an article to know about hairstyle ideas for your engagement day

Multiple tier side stringed

The multiple tier side stringed design looks quite like the royal head gear. It looks as if you have put on the Pakistani style maang tikka. But it is very recent a tradition and it is being adopted by women all over the country. It will give you a very desi look drenched in bohemianism. If your spirit wants to break away from the mould, but also look traditionally gorgeous on your wedding, try this one with your eyes closed.

Which maang tikka goes with which face shape?

  • One tier side stringed: This type of maang tikka usually goes with the oval face shapes. You must not have a broad forehead because then it will just look out of place. Typically a normal forehead size goes well with this one.
  • One side stringed: This is for those brides who are unable to try on the one tier side stringed design. This typically suits all face types. So if you want to hide your forehead area and still look noticeably different, try this one.
  • Multiple tier side stringed: Those women, who want to bring a round-like shape to their elongated face, may go for it. Also if you have an oval face shape you can try it. But round faces and broad foreheads should stay away from it.

The side stringed maang tikka is very unique and it is very new. You may not find it in conventional stores. You can search it online. Compare and buy it – make sure you check the reviews before purchasing any jewelry online.


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