Latest Trend: Use Balloons on Wedding Venue

Latest Trend: Use Balloons on Wedding Venue

Take a moment and think about all the events you have witnessed since your birth. Be it birthday or anniversary or even wedding – the common theme in them was a balloon. No matter what the overall theme was, you always had balloons in them. If you come to think about it, this tiny addition is actually the most underrated decoration tool. With balloons you can make so many things, why not make your own wedding beautiful by highlighting balloons? Also, who doesn’t love balloons? Pumping gas into them was the most fun memory some of us had in our childhood. It is a good chance to relive that.

Latest Trend: Use Balloons on Wedding Venue

We all have special memories associated with balloons. Decorating halls with balloons gives it a really happy vibe. If you think you could do with some of that for your event, then go ahead with it. However, keep some things in mind before going ahead:

  • The best thing about balloons is their availability. They can be found pretty easily and if you buy them in bulk you are likely to get good discounts on them. There are both online stores and flea markets at your disposal for buying them.
  • If you want these balloons filled and in large quantities, then you have to make sure you ask the retailer how early you will have to book them. Most probably you will not get them filled, you will either have to hire a helium machine or seek local store that will inflate them for you.
  • Always know that you need to start inflating the balloons 24 to 48 hours before the event – depending upon the number of balloons that need inflating. This is to ensure that the balloons won’t self deflate or get ruined.
  • Always keep some spare balloons at hand in case some balloons get damaged. You are working with vulnerable material here. It is best to take some precautionary measures.

Okay so once you have understood these, it is time for the real fun to begin. What can you do with the balloons and how? Read these –

  1. Balloons around the seats:Balloons could be hovering above the seats where the guests would be having a gala time. They could be neatly tied up or they could go all the way to the ceiling if you are having an indoor wedding – covering the whole sky up. It could look as romantic as it could look pretty. Balloons all around are bound to burst, but if you have them floating above, they would be out of reach and they would last for the entire event. You could even give each guest a balloon as they enter your venue – the kids would love it!
  2. Releasing balloons to the sky :This one is really romantic – you could give each of your guests a balloon and then ask them to release it to the sky – all at once. You could do this after the wedding, as a mark of your newly married status. It could grow to become a new tradition, who knows? Rest assured, fun is guaranteed in this step. You can also read the article Beach Wedding Ideas|Decoration I Dresses for bride|Groom
  3. Glow up the outdoors:This one is really smart – all you have to do is fill up your balloon with LED lights and then hang them. This could be done for the indoor weddings too but with the outdoor weddings in the evening, they just take a new turn. You could be doing it with the darkest place at the venue, ask the lighting décor to leave one place dark purposely, they will then hang these lighted balloons over the unlit areas.
  4. Romance on the dance floor: Another way to pump up the romance is to add them to the dance floor. Now this is the same thing that you do with the LED lights. The only difference is that here you put them on the floor. Make sure the floors are steered clear of pointed objects. Open your shoes and ask your guests to do the same and then enjoy the most romantic dance floor in the house.
  5. Lighted entrance:Decorate the entrance with them. Now with this you may or may not use the LED lights. You can simply add them to the doors and the entrances. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can add the balloons at the gate and all the way to the main stage to guide your guests into the feel of the event. Gates that are decorated with balloons look really cute.
  6. On your wedding car: It can be added on the car that you will ride back to your husband’s home with. It can be added with a twist. There are so many ways you can experiment it with on the car, you can either add it at the back with a “just married” sign. But if that is too cliché for you, then you can simply choose to add one on each door and you will be all set to ride back to his home. This is a good and easy way to add to the fun.
  7. As a stage backdrop: You can also use balloons as a backdrop for your stage. For added effects, you could color coordinate them according to the clothes of the bride and groom. This would add an extra touch to the stage and bring out the flavors of the event – making the entire set up look gorgeous. It is also a very unique idea so you can easily go ahead and try it if you are looking for something different.
  8. Monochromatic entrance:Monochrome balloons? A big yes! They can make the entrance very bright and they can actually make sure that your entrance looks pretty decent for the night. If you are hesitant about putting up black balloons simply switch them for maroon colored ones. This way you will be able to get a contrasting color and moreover, red suits the wedding events pretty much all the time so maroon will definitely be a good option.
  9. As a table centerpiece: The balloons can also become a table center piece if you are having a round table seating arrangement. So you attach a balloon with a pole on each of the seating table. To add a twist to it, you can also write some messages on the balloons – they will definitely stand out, making the entire event look very plush and neat.
  10. A special corner at the venue: You can also use the balloons to dedicate special corners or to make decorations with the balloons. For example you can make a figure with balloons at a corner or maybe at the entrance you can name the bride and the groom with balloons. Some also live to have “LOVE” written at the back of the stage with balloons.

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So there are plenty of creative ways to use the balloon in your wedding venue. Make sure that the balloon colors match with the lighting in order to really make the place glow.

Serial No. Places Types of balloons
1 For cars Heart shaped balloons
2 For interiors Round or Hydrogen balloons
3 For dance floor Glow LED light

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