Latest Trends in Bridal Bangles

Latest Trends in Bridal Bangles

A girl can look beautiful in any attire or in any makeup, but when she wears bridal makeup, bridal dress and bridal jewellery, nothing can beat that eternal beauty. Apart from functions, rituals, a decoration, menu and all, one has to be extra careful while choosing the bridal wear for the special day. Now when we talk about bridal wear what is the first thing comes on your mind? The dress isn’t it? Yes, the dress should be gorgeous, grand and bright so that the bride shines like a moon on that day. You can also read Satlada: Must have jewelry for every Indian bride!

Latest Trends in Bridal Bangles

When you are wearing a grand and gorgeous Lehenga or a heavy zari saree, you must choose your jewellery very carefully here. You carefully choose the wedding dress.The jewellery must match with the attire you are wearing, especially bangles. You know bangles are very important in Indian weddings. Not only because it completes the look of the bride but of course has it had some intrinsic value as well in Indian customs. For a married woman, bangles (churiyan) carry an important significance. Here I have come up with few designs of the bangles that will not only match with your wedding dress but also will make you look gorgeous.

  1. Punjabi Chura: Punjabi Chura is traditional types of bangle that every Punjabi bride wears during wedding ceremony. Chura is a set of bangles combining red and white coloured worn by the bride prior to the main occasion of the wedding. It was a part of ritual where either father or the brother helps the bride to wear the Churas.Churas generally come in two colours, as said, red and white. Though churas don’t have any other colour or style however there are other trends can be found in churas. Some of teh churas come with name written on them. In the set of chura, you find a narrow bangles and wide sets of bangles. In the wide set you can add your names. Main part of the churas is dangles that generally hang from the churas.
  1. Bengali Traditional Bangles: Bengali community has a different pattern of bangles they use in weddings. The bride and the married women wear special red and white coloured bangles called Shankha (white) and Pola (red). These bangles come in pairs. Only one pair in each wrist is worn by the bride.Shankha and Pola wearing is a different ritual in Bengali weddings. On the day of the wedding, sometimes after the Haldi ceremony this ritual takes place when the priest comes and helps the bride to wear them. Pola is a red plain bangle that may or may not have work on it. Mostly people mould it with gold to make it look brighter. Shankha is a white plain bangle with self-work designs. You will also find meena work on shankha and pola as well.
  1. Kundan & Meena Style:Kundan and Meena styles bangles have royal look. Kundan sets always make you look grand and gorgeous. If you are wearing a heavy zari studded lehenga or wedding dress then kundan style bangles will give you a perfect look.Gone are those days when kundan sets come with only golden and white colour. Now the time has changed so the fashion. Kundan now offers multiple colour combination to match it with any coloured dress. Kundans look more beautiful and royal when paired with meena work. Different colours, gorgeous work and elegant look – the perfect evening.
  1. Full Gold Set: If you are not so experimental with your look then go for simple solid gold set bangles. Most of the brides, especially southern and eastern part of the nation use solid gold bangles for the wedding. You can choose any designs on gold like meena, checks or anything else.Some of the bangles, especially Kadas have elephant trunks on it, that make it look wide and grand. You can wear these Gold Kadas anytime for a party or wedding ceremonies later. If you have high budget then go for full arm bracelets made of gold. It does not need any other bangles to fill your wrist.
  1. Diamond Studded:Diamond jewelleries are elegant and girls’ best friend. You can always wear diamond studded bangles on your wedding but make sure to match it up you have to pick up a proper wedding attire. You just can’t wear anything with diamonds. They are classy and they have to be paired up with elegant dresses and subtle colours.
  1. Full Arm Cuff: As I was mentioning about the full arm cuff style, they are pretty nice to wear on weddings. Those who don’t have chura ritual can easily wear full arm cuff style bangles. These bangles cover the entire wrist and they look like wide hand-cuffs. There is a specific way of wearing such bangles. These are not conventional ones. They need to wear like a hand-cuff and they come with a small key attached with the bangle itself.
  1. Angled Kada: Angled Kadas are very new trends in Indian weddings. In earlier time we consider only round shape for the bangles. But in recent past the fashion has changed largely. Now the angled bangles are taking over the trend. In angled bangles you get different shapes but round such as square, pentagon, and hexagon and such. You can wear diamond studded or kundan style or simply gold work bangles that are angled bangles.
  1. Danglers: Dangler is a part of Punjabi Chura. It is also known as Kaleera. In Punjabi weddings the bride wear chura from which the dangler hangs. The bride then places her danglers on the top of the head of the next-to-be-bride girls. She keeps shaking her bangles on each of them until the dangle falls off the chura. Whoever receives it is said to be the next bride. It is a fun-filled ritual with the bride and her friends and siblings. Danglers can be worn by any bride, irrespective of customs as the element looks immensely gorgeous on any bride.
  1. Glass & Crystal Style:Glass and Crystal style bangles are common. Some of the communities in India have the ritual to wear glass made bangles on weddings. It was more like a traditional touch than style. By maintaining the tradition designers are offering wide series of glass bangles in which you will find crystal work as well. It goes fabulous with multi colours zari work lehengas.
  1. Classic Bracelets:Classic or vintage bracelets are perfect for Christian marriage where you wear a white elegant grand gown. You pair it with sleek diamond necklace and of course a vintage diamond studded bracelet. In a traditional Hindu or Muslim Indian weddings you can’t wear a classic bracelet as it will look so simple. But in case of Christian marriage where there is less loud fashion these classic style bracelets can go perfectly.

Wearing Bangles – Things to remember

Diamond bangles Pair with diamond necklace
Full arm cuff Pair with heavy jewellery, especially the neck piece
Classic bracelet Pair with sleek jewellery. Big no to heavy ornaments
Danglers Pair with chura or set of kundan bangles
Gold bangles Pair with gold jewellery, match the designs of bangles with necklace
Crystal style Pair with mirror work lehenga

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