Latest trends in wedding invitation cards

Latest trends in wedding invitation cards

As the time is changing the fashion and style for everything changes as well. This is among one of those cost a wedding planner forget to budget for. Not only the dressing and life style but changes can be seen in every corner of life. While talking about fashion trends, we can easily consider a big fat Indian wedding where various trends can be seen under one roof. Be it the bride or the rituals or the banquet or the wedding themes, you can find a changing trend everywhere when you attend a wedding ceremony. Different trends can be seen in wedding invitation cards as well these days. Gone are those days when people used to print conventional wedding cards and send them to the guests. Now there are so many trends have come that make your invitation even more interesting than anything else. From the envelopes to the message card and even the way of inviting people have gradually changed and set a whole new trend now. Here is a list of 10 different trends of wedding invitation cards.

Latest trends in wedding invitation cards

Before we start with the latest invitation cards we must know the number of guest to send the invites.

Scripted Envelop

Cards can be different types, but it is the ‘envelop’ that catches your eyes first. As people say that first impression is the last impression, you must have one catchy envelop to start with. Scripted envelop or hand written envelop is definitely a unique DIY concept for wedding invitation cards. You can also use photo prints, animated designs or sketches in your envelop designs. You can also use different material as well while designing the card and envelop.

We must also be very much aware of do’s and dont’s during selection of cards.

Photo Collage

Share some of your courtship memories with your friends and folks by sending them your photo collages as your wedding invites. Print your best photos together and write a small note on ‘save the date’ on it and send them to your friends. This will not only be unique but also it leaves a big smile on everyone’s face when they will see how complete you are with your partner.

Flower / chandelier prints

Flower print on the cards is not something very new concept but definitely a romantic and unique one. Till now we have seen a solid coloured piece of paper on which a message is written in golden inviting people over a wedding. But the concepts become quite old, these days having flower prints or chandelier style prints on the cards are setting new trends.

Luxurious Envelops

As mentioned that people first see envelop then they look for the wedding card inside. If you have little more budgets then you can easily choose luxurious envelops for the wedding cards. You can choose any of the textures such as velvet, metal, satin cover, sand paper and such instead of conventional paper covers. This will look brighter, unique and of course more classy than just traditional look.

Graphic Design

Graphic or geometric design on your cards is another latest trend in invitation card design. Instead of having plain and simple message card you can use graphic designs, geometrical shapes with polka dots and other prints using contrast and bright colours to make the card more attractive. The card must not look clumsy but classy. So instead of using clumsy things you can simply go for short message and attractive graphic designs in it.

Antique Scroll

In earlier times Kings used to exchange scrolls to send messages to each other. The way is not only antique but also royal. It used to written on satin piece of cloths that were scrolled and placed in a cylindrical box to send messages to the kings. Considering that antique style you can also make a scroll to invite your folks and friends to your wedding by sending them the scrolled cards. These are unique, latest and of course carry royal style.

Cards with models

Some of the Indian communities have the ritual to send a box of sweets along with the invitation card. Instead of sending a separate box why don’t you have a box attached with the card itself? Attaching a model like King and Queen, Palanquin, Horse carrying the bride and the groom or a sweet box with your wedding card will definitely be a unique idea. You can take a palanquin model and attach a scroll message inside it. You can also take a customised sweet box and attach a two pages invitation card with it. The idea is not only unique but also trendy.

Short and Simple

Sometimes stick with simplicity makes things way lot better than expected. Simple things like short hand written message on the card or a short story about how you guys met and decided to tie the knot can make a lot difference to your cards. More of a formal wedding card you can give a personal touch by printing short quotes and messages along with invitation text. Make it shorter so that people can enjoy the text and also keep it simple which will definitely be a unique thing.

Customised cards

In case of customised card you can do a lot more than the usual things. Like I mentioned you can add a short story, hand written message, a simple drawing or poetry in your wedding invitation card. If you want to send something unique to your friends then you can always add something more to your card, something funny, witty and humorous to your invites. For the elderly family members add some two liners and send them. They will definitely love the personal touch that you have given. Make them feel special and tell them how much you want them to stand beside you on your very special day of your life.

3D cards

We often find 3D images of Gods or Kings or Queens on the invitation cards. So you can say that having 3D image on the card is not a unique or latest idea but have you ever thought of having a message in 3D print on your card? Well we are helping you here. Like the 3D images, you can print your wedding invitation message in a 3D image and use it as your wedding card. You can also add your photos, make a 3D photo collage along with your message and send it to people.

Wedding invitation card designs – things to remember

Make sure to have a unique card design Don’t over crowd the card
Use bright colours for the cards Don’t use dull colours, if you’re using it, add bright text colour for contrast look
Use short and simple language Don’t mess it up with so many pictures and prints
Choose photos (photo collage cards) carefully, it shouldn’t look vulgar Give it a personal touch instead of formal look

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